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Extra Golems Waila Addon by sky01

Adds golem tooltip descriptions for Waila compatibility

mod_CPC by Phuck_Yu_Too

This is an extension os the CPCraft mod.

Alpha Dagger Mod by TheSparkMods, TheSparkGames

A mod about daggers

It's All About the Money by Freakin_Sweet (Minecraft Userame)

Do you like money? Do you want to do stuff with the money you get? Well this is the mod for you!

Factory0 - Resources by V0idWa1k3r

Adding resources to the deep core of the world extractable with special machinery starting... now!

Jadeds Shinies by boni

Adds things for Jadedcats modpacks.

Runic Dust Mod- Testing Pack by zombiepig333

The latest, in development runes from the Runic Dust Mod. Contains bugs!!!

Pay2Spawn by Dries007, CCM team

Screw or help your favorite streamer!

Dab Mod by Mariaum

I am the one!

Multiplayer Profiles

Organize your servers by group, and have the profiles update automatically.

Mike Addon by mike_ultimate2

its an addon for kagic mod.

Rail Roads by mallrat208

Ride the Rails. With your feet!


This is the dimensions side of the mod, I made them seperate because I didn't want my workspace to be messy!

§3More Fuels Mod Light by §3B§bo§3r§be§3d

§b§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

PFAA tweaks by wormzjl, SNIPER722

Tweaking mod for project PFAA

The Evil Dead Mod by LiamR99

This mod is based on the horror franchise The Evil Dead

DumpItemData by Okkapel683

/dumpitemdata to print info about the held item to the server log. /dumpblockdata for blocks: run the command and right-click on the block.

ZMoreRessources by Zilkoniss

This mod adds a new possibilities to obtain resources, BackPack, more craft , more food and others...

Tool Asisted Speedrun Mod by tr7zw

Enables to play prerecorded frameperfect inputs

Gases Framework

Gases Framework is a lightweight API that makes it possible to create gases in minecraft. Originally created for Glenn's Gases, other mods can expand upon the framework.

InGameInfoXML Tough As Nails by smbarbour

Adds tags for Tough As Nails


This is an example mod

StackerFix by williewillus

Fixes a strange stacking issue in williewillus's modpack

InfinityBound by xlash123

Where infinity is the limit.

Valkyrie Lib by ValkyrieofNight

More Layers by MCrafterzz

Adds more layers

Real Survivor by noung

This is mod for hard suvivor dude.

Prodigy Tech by Lykrast

A tech mod that goes through various concepts.


Build By NovyYT


Husiek Mod (0.0.7) [1.7.10]

Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic

Adds hopper ducts, which are item transport blocks functionally similar to hoppers, but capable of sending items in any direction.

Trumpet Skeleton by JamiesWhiteShirt

The sound of trumpets echoes through the night...

DuckCraft by ThunderBadge

This mod added ducks and duck related things!