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XXL Solar Panels by Kreatifchk

Adds even more powerful solar panels to the mod ic2.

GottschCore by gottsch

Base API for all my mods.


This is a mod that adds a new plant, bucket and foods to minecraft

Theomachy by Xero

Theomachy server mod

Visualize by Jaredlll08

Syncs video settings between packs.

Scorched World by Cerulan

Adds a "Scorched" world type, which is completely free of natural resources and bounded by lava.



Voxels by A_villager, Purplicious_Cow

Voxels are a new in-game currency used by sentient Creepers, who live in highly socialized Creeper Villages and specialize in trading, economics, and explosives

BREAD-Sponge by Sunbread

Block Redstone Event Analyse and Diagnose


This is an example mod


The cookies are well-baked.


This Is A Very Productive Mod


Adds 2 Recipes Nether Star And NetherOre And Etc...

Death Teleporter by ZettaSword, MCreator

A simple mod that give you Death Teleporter when you die!

AJGaming Anti-Cheat by Phoenixx

Mod Created by Phoenixx. Discord: Phoenix#5518 All rights reserved. Copyright(2018)


The UFO mod for minecraft

Hammer Metals by APengu

Adds common & not so common metals / alloys

RedPower by Eloraam

Power your world, comrade!

Soup Mod

Extending Minecraft with lots more soup!

DamageMark by Giccqer, Applecat1208GXR

When you hit someone,this mod will tell your damage.

GoupilCoin by emeric75

Mod adding money to the game

Brick-a-Brac by Saikou

A small mod that adds some decorative blocks to Minecraft. For now, just metal bricks, but there's more on the way soon!

StoreableLevel by f04041


DexUtils by Furt

A utility mod for Dextopia modpacks

§4More Fuels Mod by §6B§4o§6r§4e§6d

§4§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel as well as adds some fuel storage items and blocks.


The end is near...

Dynamite Mod by xTheGamingLordx

A mod that adds dynamite.

Enhanced Biomes

Adds nearly 100 new biomes, new stone and wood, and new village options


This mod add new ore armor and tool

Mystical Trinkets

Adds Amulets, Belts and Rings that give you special effects.


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man forged wings

Dat Modding API by Dem Modders

An API containing useful java stuff for Dem Modders

Shulker Drops Two by Rick South

A minimalistic configurable mod that allows shulkers to drop two or more shells and ignore their default drop chance.

Fruit Charcoal by MinecraftDevin11

Quote: burn everything into fuel. Parcel31u (maker of ME^3,4,-1) wanted this mod. So here you go, Parcel.

BananaTools 1.2.6 by one73, MCreator

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