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No World Gen 5 You by Darkhax

Allows various structures to be disabled.

AsgardShield by Jade Knightblazer

Sword -N- Board Action, Introduces new guarding mechanics to Minecraft!

EZHud by KodingKing1

A mod that will let you render custom text to the screen!

Jelly Mod by Ldezian, MCreator

Photoptics by Abastro

Mod about Optics.

Improved Soil by _Socol_

Simply Transmogrification by smbarbour

Transmutation without everything else

AutoClassLoader by makeo

Loads classes on fml start.

RedCliffe Republic Vehicles

RedCliffe Republic Pack for Minecraft Transport Simulator

mod_thelastattempt by , MCreator

Emergency Command by ElNounch

Send a chat command as soon as possible when connecting to server. Might let you ask a teleportation before getting disconnected due to corrupted chunks. Configurable in-game (<<< Config button on the left). Disactivate itself after use.


This is an example mod

Trade Bars by Rairai, MCreator

Currency in the form of metal bars!

Disruptor Mod by Olhcim

Adds a simple block that disrupts Endermen and stops them from teleporting.


Secure Contain Protect themed mod

Maid Protector by skydark

Longlive the maids!

TerraCart by Lime

Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time!

Coinz by wyatt, MCreator


This mod adds gems that give you tp for the DBC mod



Fire Peripherals by FireHead996

Various peripherals for ComputerCraft.


Can explode if you are stupid !!!!

Camo Craft by supermj767, MCreator


This is an example mod

Mermaid Tail by pau101

Adds mermaid tails for underwater swimming


A use for Rotten Flesh!

Mouse Bind Fix by Sk1er, FalseHonesty

Fixes mouse keybinds in inventories.

Achievement Get by killjoy1221

So many achievements


Automatically make broadcasts to your server.

Document Your Mod Mod by aaronhowser1, TheSilkMiner

Adds JEI Information tabs to things that need it.

PowerCrops by SoniEx2


Hive365 by JCBJoe, Electromuis

Listen to Hive365 within minecraft! Commands: /choon, /poon, /djftw, /request, /shoutout, /hive365, /tune