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Cobblerock by d4rkstar00

A simple mod that adds different dense cobblestone blocks that can be used to make bedrock and a hammer to remove bedrock with.


And another Alpha before release XD

CobbleWorks by DarkTemplarX AKA Curtis

Adds a single block with a single mission: To generate all the (basic) things!



Nice by McJty, xVipstarx

Nice Innovative Creative Enhancements

Harmony by IntFox

Obtain Mob drops through alternate means

Mo' Beds Mod by JamDoggie

This mod adds different varients of beds to minecraft.

Meme in a bottle by Mrbysco

Adding Memes to Minecraft since 2016


Ulti's Mod

Silicio by LatvianModder

Little Stuff by karakufire

Add usual stuff.

Combat Tagged! by Laike_Endaril

Consequences for combat logging/pvp logging!

§bMore Blocks Mod by '§bMCE626§f' §bSteve§f

Adds more blocks and items!

Hardcore Alchemy by asanetargoss

Powering the Hardcore Alchemy Modpack.

mod_TheCreepyMod by Alejandro Aguado 3DJuegos: GamerGameplayer, MCreator

Mod con cosas de terror, especialmente creepypastas.

Tim3Game's European Signs Pack

Tim3Game's European Signs Pack (originally Tim3Game's Slovak Signs Pack) for MTS (Minecraft Transport Simulator)

Simulated Nights by Phylogeny

Simulates the passage of time when sleeping through the night by ticking tile entities and randomly ticking blocks proportional to the amount of time skipped. Also adds a command to simulate (and optionally set/add) time.

Backlytra by Aesen 'unascribed' Vismea

Elytra for 1.8.9.

Futurepack Forestry Addon by TheRealM18

Adds Futurepack bees to forestry


This mod adds a new ore that can be used to make powerful tools and weapons, also adds a rotten flesh to leather recipe.

Expanded Plates by DimensionsInTime

Adds more Pressure Plates


Chemistry in Minecraft

Rice by KewaiiGamer, TheBritishBrotherhood, vincentmet

A 9x9 crafting table for all your hardcore needs.

mod_darkmatter by , MCreator

Caveworld 2 by kegare

Adds more new cave dimensions. There's no surface there.


Add new Explosives!!

Bunny Tweaks by zfb

Various neat tweaks to spice up minecraft

FTBUtilities by LatvianModder


Bottled Milk by Ferrettomato

Put your milk into easy-to-carry bottles. Drink them yourself or toss them!

Precursor Blockacy by KnightDemon

Fan made Jak and Daxter mod for Minecraft. I must say it's about time there was one, now go out and enjoy this mod but I would love feedback on it if you can.

AE2 Tech Add-On by FireBall1725

Machine Add-On Mod for AE2

Journey To Gensokyo by Katrix

Bridge mod of the RTY modpack


This is an inspector gadget mod