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Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod by airbreather, skidznet

Adds recipes to allow smelting Rotten Flesh to Leather. It's been done before, I just haven't seen it for 1.6.4. Idea taken from EpicBlargh's Rotten Flesh to Leather mod. Patchwork Flesh icon by skidznet.

Counter Guns by Intektor

A mod about guns from CS:GO

TerraCore by Terrails

Library for Terrails' mods

Karmaland 3 Mod

Mod creado por MorelPlay y basado en la serie de Youtuber Karmaland 3, formada por los Youtubers Vegetta777, TheWiilyrex, StaXxCraft y Alexby11

Master Blocks Mod Forestry by leplopp


Pirates Mod by Spectre0987

Mod adding pirates.




This mod adds a glowing flower!

Binnie Fix by SamRaven2

A Quick Hack to fix crashes caused by Binnie's Mods in The Fox Den Modpack


Enter short description here



Spicy Coal by NyanMC, MCreator

Ever thought regular coal wasn't enough? Ever needed blaze rods fast? Look no further!


An economy plugin for Sponge.

All The Ores

Adds ores to the game.

GrowthCraft Core: Booze

Shared files within GrowthCraft

Better Auto Jump by oldjunyi

A mod provides a better configuration for the auto-jump behavior.

LoK: Soul Reaver by KnightDemon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver mod designed to bring a great franchise into Minecraft.

Quick Stack by Vorquel

Now you can quick stack to chests like Terraria!

TsaleCraft by Hossam Mohsen, Reem Mohsen

This mod adds all king of new stuff like foods, machines, trees and more coming soon!


Enter short description here

Ender Tanks by ShetiPhian

EnderTanks will share storage with all other EnderTanks on the same network with the same color code.



Applied Fluidics by Thiakil

Fluid handling for AE2

Casse by Rhodonite

Rhodo's addon that adds some gems that do stuff and are cute too :3

Aerial Affinity by Tfarcemin

A mod that adds an enchantment that removes the mining speed penalty while flying.

Dooglamoo Worlds by Dooglamoo

Travel to different worlds using a gate system.

Edible Bugs Mod by Eractnod

Expanding your culinary experience

Garbage Bins by LizNet

Simple trashcans for items and fluids.


This is an example mod

Sk1er Fullscreen by Sk1er

A good windowed fullscreen mod.

mod_ArianaGrandeCraft by Drock34000, MCreator

Do U love Ariana Grande well this mod is for u