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Kabore's Discord Application by BetaKabore

Chat with friends like in discord but in minecraft!.


Workbenches, bricks, and slabs, oh my~ Furnaces thrown in for good measure

Mega mod by filip, MCreator

VoidCraft by Tamaized

Explore the Void

obsidian 0,3 by bas1874, MCreator


FluidTransformTweaker by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Crafttweaker integration that lets you add Fluid in-world trasformations.

Hackery for Minecraft by KJ4IPS

A mod about exploiting bugs from within the game

opensource modjam

Herbal Craft by ScottishCrafter

Adding Herbal Healing and other benifits to your Minecraft world.

Universal Weapons by Darty11

A weapons mod that adds weapons for modded materials!

Forge Microblocks by ChickenBones

Microblocks for Forge Multipart.


ViesCraft Tweaker by GoryMoon

A mod that adds CraftTweaker functionality and modifies some things to ViesCraft

Vocaloid Mod by WORMSTweaker

Add your favorite Virtual Singer in your favorite blocky world! (Be careful, §bMiku§r has leeks) §rThe musics do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp.

mod_FoodOre by marcusstein, MCreator

Food Ores

Caveworld by kegare

Adding the Caveworld dimension.

Mob Blacklister by Gareth Jones

Lets you blacklist mobs so they never spawn

Simply Paths by momnop

Simply Paths is a mod which adds many types of paths to Minecraft based on both Custom and Vanilla blocks.

Mushroom Adventure by Voidaloz, MCreator

Ready for Mushroom World!!

Transformers G1 Mod by BJ Rafferty

A Transformers G1 Mod!

Homecraft Mineware by AtomicBlom, Rorax

Edible Tools by NotTooManyItems

Adds crafting of edible Minecraft tools


Holographic inventory screens!

PlusTiC by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Integrate various mods with Tinker's Construct

Influence by ExampleDude

Mod Api.

Coper's Menu Mod by Coper

Changes main menu and ingame menu.

More Village Biomes+ by MG001Maya

More types of villages for many biomes MOD for Forge.


Contextual server profiler


An mod for SkyAcademy

The Next Leap Mod by Kane_Hart

Mod created for The Next Leap Modpack

WallJump by NukeDuck

Allows you to bounce off of walls to scale caverns and mountains; you can wall jump just like Mario! §l§4T§ch§6a§en§ak §2y§3o§1u §rfor downloading!

Project Lambda by Melonslise

Project Lambda is an ambitious project aiming to re-create the classic shooter masterpiece, Half-Life, often debated to be the best game of all time that revolutionized its genre, in Minecraft.

More Dungeons and Structures by Creares (lElChiel)

add in more dungeons and structures for you to explore!


Combine any Sword with the matching Ore and Upgrade it.

RPG stuff by redxj1234, MCreator