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AngerMod - Angry neutral mobs by Namikon

Define blocks/events where friendly/neutral mobs shall become angry


Mod adds characters,food and things that appears in A & O movies,cartoons and comicbooks!

BicReturns by Tung115, Catpan, MCreator

BicBiomeCraft crappily remade for 1.12.2 specifically for my Asgard Returns modpack.

Personalized Recipes by Xandayn

A mod that allows you or your server host to add custom recipes to Minecraft!


Enter short description here


The semi-total conversion that is designed to enhance Minecraft in many aspects


Just adding 1 item to makeinng getting more minerals easyier!


Super Mod for Swords

Beta Terrain Plus by mrburgerUS

Generates Beta Terrain with a modern population method, modern structure rules, and modern Biomes. Check out your favorite seeds!

Twitch Notifier by FireBall1725

Twitch Notification Mod.

Bread Mod by Campbell McCarthy

Adds baking to existing Minecraft foods, and apple pie!

Little Insignificant Things by M4thG33k

Little things can go a long way...

The Derpy Shiz Mod by Wuerfel_21

Adds some random stuff.

NationsSocial by Noppes

Adds multiple functionalities for


Now there are pretty barrier blocks in Minecraft that you can craft, and use to make something look, like its dangerous or noby may go in there!

TelePacks by MattDahEpic

Items that allow teleportation.

Better Animals Mod by Hypeirochus

A mod to improve the vanilla animals in Minecraft.

Plain Blocks by Wavebrother

Just blocks with one color.


SuperVillains in Minecraft!

TESLA by Darkhax

A modern power API

Insectia by Lomeli12

Collect bugs. Use bugs to produce stuff and collect more bugs to produce stuff. THE CYCLE NEVER ENDS! ...also spiders

ExtraTiC by Glassmaker

An Addon-Mod compatibility for Tinker's Construct including Metallurgy

XXX by Unrelentless

Inventory Test Mod

Technical Lights by xalcon

Brings RedPower style lights without the overhead of ProjectRed

Pam's Clay Spawn by MatrexsVigil

This mod adds in clay deposits underground with the frequency and density of iron deposits

MagiTech by Ironhammer354, Xetosphere, Freezzah

MagiTech is a mod that combines Magic and Technology.It is more of a steam-punk mod than anything.


The Fiery armor!


This is an example mod

InfoMod by Outi