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Compacted Blocks by WillR27

Adds compacted blocks for better storage and building.

Rearview by crikents

Minecraft Rearview Mirror.

SGU BetterGeo by Nicklas Lof, Mathias Lindfeldt, Kaarina Ringstad, Josephine Biro, Jo Uhlback

BetterGeo is a mod that puts more geology into Minecraft by adding more blocks,resources and things to do with your findings.

SuperSlopes - Slopes by MetaDark, Kaevator, Malivil

SuperSlopes is a mod that adds multiple new building blocks into the game so players can create more complex structures. Slopes is a subcategory under SuperSlopes which adds multiple new slope blocks.

Minecraft AutoMap by Brian Pearce

Enables AutoMap to connect to the Minecraft client.


This is an example mod

Offhanded Gamers by GoodieBag, MCreator

ZIP Version, No proper description 4 u

Simple Beetroot by Lothrazar

Beetroot inspired by MCPE.

Extended Hoppers by Axelf123

The extended hoppers mod adds two hoppers that allow you to filter only selected items through the hoppers.

ZenTweaker by Snownee

Tweaker for the modpack: Zengineering.


This is an example mod

Zoo and Wild Animals Mod: Rebuilt by George Kazanjian (SoggyMustache)

Animal Mod

Bedwars Resource Display Mod by Sk1er

Displays resources and items for Hypixel Bedwars


Enter short description here

Useful Glasses by _Socol_

Be on style, be armed.

Neuro Control by Gem2578

Use your brainwaves in Minecraft.

NHAVE's Core Mod by nhave

Core mod for all my mods.


Palm Trees

Horse Upgrade Food by Lothrazar

Carrots that upgrade your horses heath, speed, jump height, change its colour, and can transform it into a zombie or skeleton horse.

Middle-Earth Extras by Sangarin

Extra content for Middle-Earth

ForgeConomy by jamiemac262

Simple Economy mod providing players with Wallets.

The Metal Works by SubZer029

My New Project.


Advanced armour!!!

TCFastTrading by Dazo66 MC_Eden

TC FastTrading mod.

ConstantE by MaxterDesigner, MCreator

Machine Upgrade