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CJB_Minimap by otakux

CJB Minimap MOD


The cheesecake mod inspired by MrBigCheesecake

Color Blocks by KeeperofMee

Adds glowing blast resistant clean colored blocks which can be used for pixel art.

Time HUD by The_Fireplace

Adds an HUD showing the time and date. Highly configurable.

NoXray by thomas15v


Simply Paths by momnop

Simply Paths is a mod which adds many types of paths to Minecraft based on both Custom and Vanilla blocks.

ShadowCraft by Darva

Shadowcraft adds blocks and items to let you rule the shadows

Pixelmon Go by Jaredlll08

Pokestops and eggs in minecraft.

Last Server Joiner by BONNe1704

Mod that allows to join last server from main menu.

Fancy Fluid Storage by Lordmau5, maxpowa

A simple fluid storage mod that's gonna fancy up your world!

Flat Colored Blocks by AlgorithmX2

A Minecraft mod about building with vast quantities of colored blocks.

Paco's Mod

This is a special modification for your Minecraft!

QuickLeave by CoderPixels

QuickLeave is a mod that makes clicking a bed in a game quicker!

DeathPenalty Reloaded by RHazDev

Withdraw bank account on death


A mod set in a post-apcolipse world

DegradeExplodedBlocks by Joseph C. Sible

Causes blocks that are destroyed by explosions to be degraded instead of dropping as intact items or completely vanishing.

Quantum Coins by Mint

Extremely customizable physical currency mod. Aimed more at server economies then SP use.

FizzyDrinks Mod by mateu9999



its the mod of the kat

minecraft_1.12.2_Black Desert_MOD by PC58994990, MCreator

minecraft_1.12.2_Black Desert_MOD

Amulets by ペコリン


SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC.

Village Box by ckhbox & wilusy

Will add later

Omega Byte Blocks

Alpha Project

Shamanry by Asyncronos

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft

Potion Mixer by TheLoneDevil<The_Lone_Devil>

A way to mix potions

EnderTech by drayshak

Ender themed technological expansion.

HeatAndClimateLib by defeatedcrow




This is an example mod