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Ore Crops by iC4Motorbiker

The SkyBlock companion for all your ore needs.


AHO - Adventure Humans Online


Who you gonna call? With this mod, you can not only becone one of the Ghost-Busting crew but also relive their greatest adventure as you hunt ghosts throughout your world and even fight the infamous Gozer the Gozerian and Mr. Stay Puft!


This is a mod made by FabrÌcio Milit„o Teixeira Evangelista for the fans of AuthenticGames.


adds a machine injuring mobs, and a slingshot

Industia by SixD, EndFrost, Tvhgaming

A minecraft mod.

Whitelist Sync 2.0 by PotatoSauceVFX

Server side mod to sync whitelists and op lists to a database.

Different Utilities by Xsawor

Adds many Different Utilities.

Bouncing Balls by Rexbas, Asterions/TrezionTvS

Jump around the world with Bouncing Balls!

Compactify by IceMetalPunk

Adds Compactors and Extractors, to compress items into storage blocks and expand storage blocks into items.


This plugin adds towns, which users can create and use to work together.

NVLBlocks by NVL

Adds Tools and Machines

Minerals by Feronzed

Minerals mod adds custom new ores and materials to your world. With completely customised tools & weapoms, you will enjoy Minecraft like never before... Have fun!

The Void Expansion by GGCrosby, MCreator

A small expansion to Minecraft.

Prefab by WuestMan

Provides ways of making pre-fabricated houses and other structures.


I believe I can fly!


Non-OP recipe for torcherino

RbyChest by Famil, MCreator


Projectile Balancer by SM9

Balacing Projectiles


Welcome to the grid!

Particle Accelerator by Yuyuyzl

Accelerate something to get UU matter!

mod_InFAMOUS3v102 by kenkojuko, some texturers, crazen_raven, MCreator

InFAMOUS 3 in Minecraft

Fence Overhaul by The_WeatherPony

Adds improved fences to Minecraft

BaM's Grave

Instead of dropping your inventory on death, a grave will be dug in which a buried chest with your inventory and experience lies. The grave will be inscribed with your name and time of death. This helps to keep your things from getting lost or despawning.

Aurangine's Tweaks by sky1362, MCreator

Aurangine's Tweaks is a mod for Aurangine's Skyblocks

Extra Utilities by RWTema

Just a bunch of fairly useful things

random tech

Mod Downloader by KewaiiGamer

This most will create a config where you can write the url for the mods you want to download when the game starts