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This is an example mod

Thaumic Dyes by EtsyTheDragon, KryptonCaptain, Amerem

This mod adds in upgrades of thaumcraft armor!

PedoEden by TheElephant

This Mod Will Guide You Through The Darkest Places In Eden's Mind

Oblivion Fields II

Adds a humid, cold sky dimension with colourful trees, islands floating on clouds, portal beacons and more!

RebornCore by modmuss50, Gigabit101

RebornCore, A core set of classes.


Let Minecraft very interesting!


This is an example mod

Plethora Core by SquidDev

Peripheral provider for ComputerCraft


This is mod

[Genuine] BattleText by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] BattleText displays damage and healing as floating combat text.

Forge Your World Armory by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Welcome to the battlefield.

mod_obsidentoolsmod by , MCreator


This is a crafting recipe mod

Craft My Mod

Create your own mod easily

Uncle Jeff's Paintings Mod by Jeffry Fisher

16 whole sets of paintings separated by metadata


Aggiunge nuovi tools di Birch!

InsLib by insert

Shared code and classes for my mods.

Item Editor GUI by Franckyi

Edit item's enchants, display name/lore and more !

Magic Arsenal by Falkreon

Creative Industrial Automation


Build By NovyYT

Family C

Ever wanted a family? This mod also has Gender system (Female model) ^^

NonHeatedUtil-1.12.2 by defeatedcrow

Jaffas and more! by monnef, Tiartyos

Adding famous Jaffa Cakes and a lot more into Minecraft (recipes are quite complex).

Immortal Object Tip by danny50610

Show "Immortal Object" Tip

Survivalist Lighting by Wolfie_Waffle

Makes light more of a limited resource.


Special armor mod

Better Biomes by SMEZ1234

Adds new biomes and world types

AntiCheat Mod 4 by Izzel_Aliz

AntiCheat Mod 4 - MD5 Client Mods Verification

Loot Slash Conquer by TheXFactor117

A Hack/Mine like mod, updated for newer version of Minecraft.

Tinkers' Addons by oitsjustjose

Adding back old modifiers to Tinkers' Construct 2.0

MyTown by AlphAest, Legobear154

Adds the possibility to create towns in Minecraft server that protect the players and the player builds.

mod_HolyTools by thisISNOTalex26, MCreator

Power Of The Gods

Ice Shard by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here


Blades of honor


This mod adds in a new food that will give you a sweet tooth

Plant Growth Accelerator by UntouchedWagons

Accelerates plant growth by sending random ticks upwards.

CD4017BE_lib by CD4017BE

Large collection of classes needed by my other mods

Breakable Tables by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Crafting tables with limited uses