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Reality breaker lucky block by Xedroc, MCreator

[Insert text]

Evercraft by NEMESIS13cz

ChatBubbles by MamiyaOtaru

ChatBubbles displays what people say -above their head

Custom Cutscenes by GenDeathrow

Create your own story-line for your mod


ByteCore is a mod for better game functionality.

BOHA by Guichaguri

Blocks connections from hacked accounts

Itemdex by Cepera

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Musical Energy by Trentv4

ModJam 2018 entry. Cast spells using music by playing various instruments and notes!

JAM by Vigaro

Just Another Mod


Adds blocks for your own TARDIS

Checker by Rilai


Oneshot control by SomeAddons

A mod which allows you to configure max % hp you and entities can loose from attacks, thus a certain amount of attacks is required to kill.


Zoom like optifine.


This is an example mod

Mite2Shulker by Lemons

Lets enermites bury into purpur blocks


This is ALPHA BUILD!!!

Ore Dictionary Initializer by TheLMiffy1111

This small mod is designed for modpack makers, which creates ore dictionary entries at the end of the preInit stage.

D3Log by Dries007, Doubledoor team

Logging mod for Forge

Shear Madness by AtomicBlom

That thing you've always wanted to do with a chisel.


This is an example mod

Anti Dupe by joserobjr

Armiger by Aurilux

Gives you slots of three more armor sets which you can switch to through the gui. These sets persist even across death


Googly Eyes!

Running Shoes Mod by Daniel Barnes

A Minecraft Mod that adds running shoes!


A bunch of random things

Truskawkowy questing tool by Sk1er, boomboompower

ulatwia questowanie

mod_MythicalCraftV3 by JakeGaming, MCreator

Golden Bars by Fir3will

Giving players the ability to craft their own golden bars. Similar to Iron Bars but just golden. Purely for aesthetics.