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This is my first mod and i made it because i love Jaffa Cakes ;)

Xadrix's Chips Mod by XADRIX, MCreator

this is mod that adds in a new food to minecraft, Chips.

Backpacks! by Brad16840

Adds backpacks and quantum backpacks

Coloured Tooltips by Darkhax

Allows tooltip colour to be configured.

PlayerSeen by Pixtar

Displays the last time a player was seen.

Bard Mania by Aeronica

Play musical instruments and annoy your friends

Bouncing Block Mod by TechnicalParadox, Gim949

Adds new blocks to the game that enable even more possibilites!.

Quick cheat mod by RolerGames, MCreator

Cheat quickly!

MaidVillagerExpantion_01 by MMM


Surface Quartz

Adds quartz ore to the overworld, useful for when you don't have access to the Nether.

Furnace Minecart Inventory Mod by _Bedrock_Miner_

Working Time: about 5 hours Supported Languages: de_DE, en_US

Adobe Blocks 2 by The_Fireplace

Adds adobe blocks and other stuff of adobe

Shock Metal by vNemesis_HD, Shockwave Interactive

Adds a new metal with at a level higher than diamond, Can be found in the nether but is rare.

Useful Ls by GentleGravel

Useful #Hypixelthings.

VexMusic by gdenga


Mushroom Adventure by Voidaloz, MCreator

Ready for Mushroom World!!

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow

Copy Folders in new Worlds by Filloax

Allows to automatically copy certain folders in new worlds.



Craft Groovy by BloodWorkXGaming

Mod for various debugging.

Tomato Mod by ExampleDude


Just an other Utilitymod by siiikooo0743

Add useful things like Buildingblocks!

Mystcraft Exacting Research by theorbtwo

This mod attempts to add two things to your mystcraft experince: symbols to let you more exactly specify the attributes of your age, and devices to allow you to get symbols via careful research, rather then by luck


This is an example mod

Tim's Expansion Mod by Winnetrie

Adds new blocks, items, world generation and more

OpenComponents by Florian 'Sangar' Nücke, Johannes 'Lord Joda' Lohrer

This mod is an addon for OpenComputers that adds a bunch of drivers.


Continous Music by Frinn

A mod to listen what music you want

Mo' Glowstone Mod by §aKaden

Like glowstone, but with rainbows!

Precious Shot by Nokiyen

Precious Shot strongly supports screen shots.