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Lumpi by Eman_not_ava, Purplicious_Cow

LeKoopa's Lumpi!


Filled ores mod lite version 8

Equivalent Exchange Reborn by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3, MultipleMonomials

Don't you miss EE2? Come on, even a little bit?

GoodTime-Industrial by _JAVA7, liach, Seedking, JAVA0, GoodTime Studio

Dirt to Prismarine by asie

There are 0, I repeat, ZERO mods that let you make prismarine from non-prismarine bases. Your retarded ass cant seem to comprehend that in 1.8.9 you are REQUIRED to find an ocean temple to have prismarine gear. ~ Anonymous

FTB Pax Timer Mod by FireBall1725

Feed the Beast Custom PAX Timer Mod

EZ Storage by zerofall

Storage: Simplified.

Valtiel�s Clothes Armor Mod by Valtiel

Armaduras para Gamer Girls

Peaceful Plus

Adds recipes for hostile mobs items

byg by AOCAWOL, MCreator

A biome and adventure mod

RainbowMods by AlexToolS, MCreator

Herramientas basicas de RainbowMods


keyblades in minecraft

TNTUtils by ljfa

More control over explosions

Actually Additions by Ellpeck

A bunch of random stuff added to your Game to make it even more fun, exciting and add some more variety!

Global GameRules by Gory_Moon

A mod that allows for global gamerules when a world is loaded


A mod based on The Last Of us Game

Alternate Terrain Generation by TTFTCUTS

ATG provides an alternative to vanilla terrain generation.


Tymgus45's More Food by Tymgus 45, MCreator

Still W.I.P.

Alchemy++ by MokonaModoki, jakimfett

Extending Minecraft with new brewing methods, Alchemical ingridients and more!

TechNodeToolsTFC by Bunsan, AnodeCathode

Adding Extra Stuff to TFC for better compatibility.

Nevoka Core by JayJay_1989, JohnAxae

A core mod for easy creation of plugins such as More Refined Storage

ReunionNotchApple Mod by ShuperDark

You can craft Notch Apple!


This mod adds a new C´coffee plant

Bird's Nests by Cleverpanda714

adds a pseudo-random reward event from chopping trees.

Watercan by codetaylor

Simple, configurable watercan mod.

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael, vincentmet.

This mod adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!

Tinkering With Embers by terrapin47

A Tcon and Conarm integration for Embers Rekindled

Galacicraft Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game, Flashy-3, TheUnknownPlayer

Galacticraft 2 Add-on That Adds New Galaxy (Pixel Galaxy)


This is an example mod


This is an example mod