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This mod adds incredibly powerfull post-game items, ores, tools, and a boss!

ThingsThatMatta by Ellpeck

A mod that adds things that do stuff

Starter Kit by ValkyrieofNight

Ultra Compression by SamRaven2

Make all the things smaller.

DirectionHUD by bspkrs

DirectionHUD is a client mod that shows a magnetic compass heading at the top of the screen.

clientside HUD opensource

The Metal Works by SubZer029

My New Project.

Craftable Gunpowder by Netglex

Has it always bothered you that only Creepers and Ghasts drop gunpowder? Then, you are at the right place. This mod enables crafting your handmade gunpowder.

MedaCraft by KnightDemon

Medabot based and themed mod.

HatStand by iChun

Addon for Hats, a Hat Stand block to display hats.

Particles of Ores Mod by FoxPlays, MCreator

By means of mod, you from the very beginning of the game will be already developed. You will have an iron pickaxe, a gold sword and a sets of coal!

TODO List by tiffit

This mod allows you to create a TODO list that can store all of the tasks that you wish to do.

Nether Star Mod by DrLuigi

Add new items / blocks.


Custom Crafts!

SweetHomeMod by defeatedcrow

Home Sweet Home.

The Framework by austinv11, rolandoislas

A Minecraft Mod Framework

NeXTech by KingNXT and NeXTech Dev team

A mod that implements real time Tech!


Mod adds a special pic when we right click on a block it's destroys and supplies a drop.

Just Sandwich by Spoocer, MCreator

What? It's Just Sandwich


This is an example mod

Roblox noob boss by kemo_gameing, MCreator

its a roblox noob boss

Kingdom keys by Wehavecookies56

Adds keyblades from the game series Kingdom Hearts with 3D models

ccSCADA by Mr. Byte

A set of peripherals for building factory automation systems.

Tools'N'Weapons by Celtrius

The official Tools'n'Weapons Mod made by Celtrius (PhillessyHD on Curse Forge)! You found a bug? Celtrius#3549 on Discord! This mod adds many cool new tools to your game also some block you maybe always wanted!

ItemCounter Mod by powns

A dank display that shows how much of a certain item you have.

Enderman No Pickup Blocks by Me

Enderman No Pickup Blocks.

Liquid UU-Matter by Narc, FunnyMan3595

It makes UU-Matter a buildcraft liquid. Liquid UU can duplicate some liquids in the refinery, or you can take it back out again using some empty cells. It can also accelerate certain operations (particularly in IC2 electric machines).

WarStuff by bbProgrammer, estplayer

Instant tents, bunkers. Camouflage armor, blocks.

Structures by Aden, MCreator

Maid Protector by skydark

Longlive the maids!