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mod_UsefulJunk by TheFyox, MCreator

DiamondSwordHandBlender by Iunius118

Adds Diamond Sword Hand Blender.

RealCore by Zoomiti, ytrl

Core mod for RealMods

Discord Rich Presence by Alwyn974

This is a Discord Rich Presence for Minecraft

Red Controls by empiricist

Controls for redstone


A plethora of new enchantments! UPDATED TO 1.7


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Tickrate Changer by Guichaguri

Let you change the client/server tickrate

Neuro Control by Gem2578

Use your brainwaves in Minecraft.


This is an example mod


Segunda generacion del Motwi Mod


This mod adds 125 completly and utterly random mobs to minecraft


Dimensional Resources

Ascribe by Aesen

General fixes and tweaks for vanilla.

AllThatFood Mod by LinkPlayzFTW

|SPOILER| NEXT UPDATE WILL BE THE PLANT UPDATE! This Mod adds in various kinds of food from snack food to other kinds of food! More Food going to be added in! I am working as fast as I can! Thanx!

TeslaLibs by Simon_Flash

A library for plugin developers

Z weapoins by ZeroJak, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is the equel to Dream Mod 1 and 2

faurax by riga

definitely not a cheat

NovaServMod by _Rtinox

Mod pour le serveur Novazia

Minecraft Animated

Developed by WorldSEnder during the making of the Monster Hunter Frontier Craft mod to serve as a basis for animated models.

TattleTail Craft by cubic_control

Welcome to TattleTail in Minecraft.

MTS military Vehicle Pack

Military Vehicles for MTS!

Butter Mod by ExampleDude

I like butter

JJ Races by JdiJack

JJ Races

Archicraft by Alfomega

Archicraft is an automatic building and decoration mod for Minecraft 1.12.2. We build the present. We build the future.

mod_MajorlandsPurgatoryDimension by thebluecrusader, MCreator

A sub mod of Majorlands, Purgatory adds a whole new dimension with mobs, items, weapons, trees, fruit and more!

WarStuff by bbProgrammer, estplayer

Instant tents, bunkers. Camouflage armor, blocks.

AutoBlocks by iconmaster

A cuttable block autodetector like Immibis's Microblocks for Forge Multipart.

Vanilla Utilities Mod by LordDusk

Several little additions to make Minecraft life a little easier.

NVLBlocks by NVL

Adds Tools and Machines