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SuperFlatCustomizer by [TxM] WARDOG

A mod that allows you to customize your SuperFlat type with ease.

LOVECraft by su226

Add LOVE(Level of ViolencE) and EXP(EXecution Point) from Undertale to Minecraft.

mod_DirtCraftsDiamondsMod by StanLeonard, MCreator

Why go down those caves just to not find diamonds? And when you do find it, You have to smelt it, and first you have to risk your life near lava and climb up and things. Well turn that useless brown dirt into usefull diamond gems!


This is an example mod


MMM's Library.


This is an example mod

No Caves! by Tage

No Caves! is a mod that gives you control over Terrain generation events by either canceling or letting them run

QuackLib by the_real_farfetchd

Utilities to make a modder's tasks easier.

Inventory Vehicles by Antikore, MCreator

Vehicles you can carry in your inventory and use them with fuel to do some work easier, mainly traveling from one place to another

Trumpet Skeleton by JamiesWhiteShirt

The sound of trumpets echoes through the night...

Pirate Route by GLizxc2


MineTogetherServer by Cloudhunter

Companion server side mod to allow you to pregen chunks, and to allow listed on public server list.

Lost Arcana by Fingersome

A little bit of history

Rough Tweaks by Lellson

Adds a bit of extra difficulty

JustAnotherTFCAddon by Wiggles

Does stuff

FriendCategories Mod by RankTW

FriendCategories mod.

Mountain Generator by Maxx1101

A mod that generates a mountain based on a height map image file.

Teleportation Works by WilliHay

Adds new teleportation possiblities to your world using wands, beacons, potions, and arrows!

Arcane Ascension 2 by calebmanley

This is an official update to the Arcane Ascension mod, originally by:Murayama (MTG artist Dan Scott)AreusPheenixm and dgary. The main feature of the mod is the mystical floating islands.

worldgen survival tools

DungeonPack by Stuuupiiid

DungeonPack adds a lot of new dungeons.


This is an example mod


NVL's Industrial Craft 2 Machines

Modinstaller Mod by ItsAMysterious

This is the automaticly installed MC-Modinstaller Support Mod.

Inventory Tweaks FP by Jimeo Wan, Kobata, Flerpharos

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use.

ExtraDiamonds by Created by Destroy

A little element to the diamond.


This is an addon for PixelmonMod

Lattice Mod by FyberOptic

Adds lattice blocks.