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Codex Core by CodexTeam

Codex Core, Core Mod For All Codex Addons


This is an child mod

AutoPackager by smbarbour

Autocraft recipes made of a single item type

Eco Theory

Eco theory mod.

MrCrayfish's Skateboarding Mod by MrCrayfish

This mod adds skateboarding into Minecraft

Aurum Regum by OriFairyfire, MCreator

The ultimate material

Blocks Mod by Hazzawebb

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Server Side Chunk Loader by MrkrakAK

A chunkloader only needed at the server side of minecraft

iExtras by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

iExtras - Iskallian Extras


This mod adds cool elements to minecraft


Wshycaa's Zero Mod

Supertramp by goldensilver853

Simple trampoline mod.

Project Table/Arcane Worktable Dupe bug fix by Xfel

Fix to make RedPower project tables useable by only one player at a time and denies destruction of arcane worktables if there are items inside.


The Multiverse!

Ender Prospecting by Blir, Talkarcabbage

Craft Eyes of Prospecting and use them to track ores!



This is an example mod

com.behindyou.mod.BehindYou! Mod by ScottehBoeh

Quickly switch perspectives with a Hotkey

Modular Routers by desht

Item routers with pluggable modules to define behaviour

rareores by MasterDeity

Rare Ores is a mod that adds 5 new ores, two of which are located in the Nether

Pixelmon Trainer Commands by Rhonim

Trainer commands in Pixelmon!

Simple Barrels by Workshopcraft

This mod adds Simple Barrels to Minecraft.

Bow Scope by noung, ghost

this mod is scope for bow how to use press num + or num - and press z for use.


Core libs and utilities

Geomastery by Jay Avery

A mod for Minecraft survival mode which makes the early game harder and slower, while improving on the simulation of real-world ancient technology development.

MCMP-1 by ‚Â‚Ä‚Æ (Tsuteto)

A portable music player allows you to dub the music you like and listen with the player in the Minecraft world. Go out and carry around music in the wide Minecraft world.

Command Runner Mod 1.1 by Caleb and Grampy

Runs the command runner ExecuteFile for 1.9 to 1.10