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Ore Dowsing by Popsnorkle

Dowsing rods to help find ores and other blocks.


This is my first mod I have ever created! This mod adds purple glowing plants and a purple power gun!

Recipes and More by Meldexun

New recipes, items stackable and more.

Description Tag Mod by Nichie

Mod, that adds a label for change describe of item/block.

Archonia by Grand_Opal

Adds many features to you world to become more mystical.

Mystery Gift by Pixelmon Development Team

Mystery Gift


Adds Doctors from Doctor who into your Minecraft

Better Questing Triggerer by MrAmericanMike

Better Questing Triggerer mod.

Ores by Luke Plechaty

TheBoyScoutMod by MrpYA45

TheBoyScoutMod adds: New blocks, woods, fuels, food, bigger container blocks (Boxes), structures, flowers, items, weapons, advancements, bushes, mobs. It's a complete mod with things that will help you to survive in your world with little improvements and additions.

OfflineSkins by zlainsama

made it possible to cache your skins/capes for offline use

DanmakuCraft by Rundll_32

Show Danmaku in Minecraft!

Redstone Wires by the_real_farfetchd

Better than redstone and it sticks to walls and stuff! No more awkward magical floating wires. Unless you want them.

amulet by Meteor

Small ornaments carried by the player for its magical benefit.


Adds things of 1.10 , 1.11 & 1,12, the mod also adds extra things! Thanks to Jay for the textures of Minecraft Story mode!


This is an example mod

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility

Playtime Logger by Tschipp

Keeps track of the time you spent on a world/server

Boku no Hero Academia Mod by Maki325

My Hero Academia mod for Minecraft

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Floocraft! This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.


This is an example mod

Advanced Solar Panels by Icedfire, SeNtiMeL, Chocohead

Advanced solar panels is new generation of using solar power. This is addon for IndustrialCraft 2.

Incredible Craftsmanship by touro games, MCreator

Enter short description here

CreeperChicks by DoctorWiggles

Bread and raise Creeper infused Chickens.

Lattice Mod by FyberOptic

Adds lattice blocks.

Kebab Mod by Hydroxios, Darkteam24

This mod add Kebab !!!

Galacicraft Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game, Flashy-3, TheUnknownPlayer

Galacticraft 2 Add-on That Adds New Galaxy (Pixel Galaxy)

Its Not Long Enough by Kreezxil

Allows time in Minecraft to be just as long and boring as time in the Real World

AGP by AnDwHaT5, Nick, Jay113355, Simon_Flash

Another Gym Plugin