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This is an example mod


Flowstone Mod!

Cyber Reboot by SkyNetCloud

A small and fun mod with a lot of cool blocks

compatlayer by McJty

Compatibility layer to make migrating between different vanilla/forge versions easier

Better Breeds by Fir3will

Giving players a more realistic experience about farming with animals. Introduces genders, the animal's mood, health, and even tons of different textures!

Defender Mod by Beardielover

Adds Defenders

Donut Mod

Modification that adds plenty of delicious donut's into Minecraft, for you to indulge yourself into, and to savour when they fill your hunger points.

BMExtras by bonin888

Adds some machines and more

ImprovedHoes by Furgl

Improved Hoes makes farming with hoes much quicker and easier. Each type of hoe has a specific range of blocks that it can work with. Within this range, the hoe can till land, harvest crops, or harvest and replant crops. Shifting while using the hoe will operate the hoe normally.

Draconic Patcher by UvMidnight

Culls unnecessary gl calls for greater compatability

Stone Tool by CHIBAKENMA!

Nothing by F1repl4ce

Mod of Nothing

Kerberos's MOD Core by Kerberos

This MOD is Kerberos's MODs core module., This MOD does not add a Block!

G2Win by G2Win, Jester

Mod do site

Bryte Mod by SuperGezellig

Superdikke Mod.


This Mod Allows You To Craft a Block Which You Right Click And Gives You a House So You Can Survive You First Night In Minecraft!

McDowellCraft by zeebits

My humble experiment, definately WiP.

Reinforced Doors Mod by Crazy

Reinforced Doors, Iron Doors and Trap Doors! Idea: Crazy - Programmer: MCE626

Squash by ochotonida

Anvils squash things!

MOAR Stone Tools by Porkchop

Tools made of (MOAR) stone.

HarvestReader by Jaredlll08

Gives information about Harvset Festival Crops!


This is an example mod

Mythril mod

End game tools from Mithril

AkutoEngine by akuto2

Akuto`s Engine


Lememayed Mods

Core Mods by tmux

The 1.8.9 core modifications package used by tmux.

InstaTower by m27315

Jump start exploration with InstaTower.

Advaced tools by kemo_gameing, MCreator

Hope you like the mod


Adds new weapons.


This is an example mod

OPPackTweaks by jmanpenilla


The Zedaph Mod by Unlocked

A mod that has stuff that Zedaph has asked for at some point.


ToggleSneak v2.3 - Now with ToggleSprint and Forge support!

Mad Science

A modification for Minecraft created using Minecraft Forge and Universal Electricity. It adds machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory! Remember kids, science has no limits… and no bounds…


A minecraft mod that allows advanced screenshot management

Dark Souls: Orange Soapstone by Honya

Implementing the Orange Soapstone item from the Dark Souls series.

Flora & Fauna by WenXin2, MCreator

A mod that will add plants and animals

mod_PortableCraftingTable by Enthoro, MCreator

Portable Crafting Table Mod