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MonsterApocalypse by minaduki

Monster of the Dead

Applied Thermodynamics by tgame14

An Addon to AE that Adds a new Mechanic to ME Networks, HEAT!, also melts Yo S***

AIRI by Ri5ux


Diamond In The Rough by Aardvark

DITR provides a valuable use for vanilla flint.

Energy Meters by Quintinity

Adds energy meters for measuring and limiting the throughput of, FE, RF, MJ, EU, and more.

Soda n Stuff by Bam300, MCreator

A mod that ads Soda and Candy

Dynasty Craft by Athex, Eutix, EPICMANGOWAFFLEZ

This mod adds many different tools and items.

InGameInfoXML Blood Magic Integration by smbarbour

Adds tags for Blood Magic data

Manual generators by Vovan932

This mod adds manual generators.

Eldritch Empires by Sea-Bass

Eldritch Empires - Minecraft base defense.


This is an example mod

Null Player Exception by AtomicBlom

Corrupts and hides players for the purpose of storytelling

DjsCore by Dj

Example placeholder mod.

Coronavirus infection Mod by ALEXYSSSJ4, MCreator

Coronavirus in Minecraft 1.12.2 !!!

Dota 2 items by Hunternif

Still a work in progress, this mod aims to recreate items from Dota 2 in Minecraft, keeping as much of their original look-and-feel as possible.

Better Switch by MoeHero

Switches for MC1.10.2

Tainted Magic by John Yorke

A thaumcraft addon in which you will use the evil magics such as flux and warp to your advantage...

Champion Glove by alice

You can kill a mob at once!

Generators by JRGlitches, MCreator

Enter short description here

Hypersomnia by 456Xander, Flockenberger

Adding a bed to sleep during the day.


Enter short description here

Aether Additions by VirtualEsence

bruh. (Aether Extensions)

Ambient Events by Daedalus1400

A mod to give pack makers access to events triggered by player and time conditionals.


This is an example mod

Tweak Mod by Ali


Dynamic Trees by Ferreus Veritas

Trees that grow.. forests that spread


Add pixyte in your world !

Cashier Mod by ExampleDude

To Add Cashier.

Overreacted's Horse Breeding Fix by Overreactedosbol

A simple mod that makes breeding horses more efficient by adding an extra 5 - 10% bonus to each attribute of the newborn horse.

Valiux by VeyzeD, MCreator

Adventures & Ores !

LoveMod by Turtle

This is a love mod made for my girlfriend!


This is an example mod

HotKey Mod by ConsumerJunk

Allows HotKey implementation into Minecraft

Lil Critters Mod by Mnesikos

A ZAWA mod addon, aiming to add some ambiance with little critters.

Extreme Energy by Minebot

Extreme Energy adds implants, many machines, new resources and energy in chunks