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Dabraleli Mod by Dabraleli

Fixes by Dabraleli.

Amnesia Lights Mod by FLUFFY2

Adds most of the light sources form the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent/A Machines For Pigs and a bit more.


This is an example mod

Super Hero Core

The Core Mod for the Super Hero series

Dead Cells by Martacus

Dead Cells inspired mod

Golem Tweaks by Rozmir

Golems are now just a bit better.

UborCraft Mod by wati2006, MCreator

Spellbound by WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly

Adds over 40 different spells to the game, ranging from combat spells, to teleportation, and even time control!

Manual generators by Vovan932

This mod adds manual generators.

CloneWarsMod by CloneWarsStarWars

Eine All-in-1-Mod: Das heisst: alles moegliche ist drinn!

Simple Wooden Bucket by reteo

Adds a wooden bucket that can hold water and milk. That's all. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

mod_ChainsawMod by EpicPieSlap, MCreator



Demo (Beta (Comment 6455 for your trophy))


This is an example mod

Oxygen: Groups by AustereTony

The ability to join groups for joint activities.

secretmodnerd by coolj, MCreator

Ore Generator by StevenSeegal

One Mod for generating all ModOres

zone x mod by Catherine Espitia

Groovy Libraries by latibro

Item Borders by Grend

Adds colored borders around items to indicate rarity.

GUI thing by llamaWol

Simple gui thingy for coffee ig

UtilityCraft by CG777, MCreator

This mod adds power and telephone lines

Icy Coal by NyanMinecrafter

Galaxy Additions by AlexSocol, gug2

Extending Horizons! Gas Giants, Modular Armor and more!

GappleCraft by TakoyakiNeko, MCreator

GappleCraft Mod


This is an example mod

Beheaded by MrSourceCoded

Just in case you wanted more Heads in Minecraft

WIMP(What Is My Ping) by SHsuperCM

This mod will show you your ping in-game!

Dynamic Trees for Forbidden & Arcanus by Max Hyper

Adds compatibilities between dynamic trees and Forbidden And Arcanus