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CustomLAN Reborn by Sqeegie

A remake of the CustomLAN mod by CptHunter.


A Food Mod


this mod add extra apple and other items

Hey I Saved Your Stuff

Hey I Saved Your Stuff is a plugin which allows players to much more easily recover their items on death by spawning a chest containing their items when they die

ShopHistoryMod Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welcher den Shopverlauf in eine Datei schreibt.

Cookies And Cream

Adds a few tool types and materials. Also adds a super sword. Has a few instant structure blocks and easter eggs, too. Might update. It is called cookies and cream because of an analogy. Vanilla is to unmodded as Chocolate is to modded. See if you can figure it out!:)

No Nether Needed by KakesRevenge

You dont need to go to nether with this mod !

AARandomLensBlocker by BloodWorkXGaming

Mod that blocks the Disc 11 EasterEgg for the disruption lens

Chikachi's Discord Mod by Chikachi

MC <=> Discord communication

Mod Survivant by elx9000

Le mod ultime de la survie

Item Transform Helper by TGG

Interactively change the position, scale, and rotation of an item

Redstone PCB by BordListian

adds a simple way to control redstone connection

Magical Smither by ACE_Gaming123, MCreator

The first release of Magical Smithery!

Wither Mod by ninja_shatter

This mod adds WitherOre to the Nether, plus WitherIngots, WitherDust, wither tools and weapons with wither effect

Sandro's Core by Sandro

Provides a common library of methods my other mod use for simplicity. Required for any of my mods to work.

Lapis Stays in the Enchanting Table by crazysnailboy

Makes the lapis slot on the enchanting table persistent, so your lapis stays put!

HorseAccessories by MorpheusZero

Adds recipes for horse armor, saddles, and nametags. Also spawns horses in more biomes.

MaggiCraft's Instant Structures Mod

MaggiCraft's Instant Structures Mod

Emerald Items by Enderite1089, MCreator

A mod that makes emeralds able to be crafted into tools!

DupleCraft - Duple your World!

This awesome mod lets you duple, or double, items!

HosCore by Hossam Mohsen

A required mod for all Hossam Mohsen (HosCraft-7osCraft) mods!

EnhancedPortals 2 by Alz454

Create any size and shape portals you want!


This is an example mod

Potato knishes by LoneDev

Based on Ratboy Genius dreams Minecraft

Plethora Core by SquidDev

Peripheral provider for ComputerCraft

Advanced Fishing by NightKosh



Nintendo Mod by Spripri15, Link1234Gamer

Add few Nintendo Consoles

CosmeticArmorReworked by zlainsama

This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function. You can also hide armor for your skin. For PVP, you can stop the mod from functioning on your client side.


All you can eat!

Hypixel Stars Mod by Sk1er

Added /stars to show the stars of a player in UHC!

Butterfly Mania

Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies! Also Encyclopedias!


Realistic, balanced, and high-tech security mod.

ShootIt by andreid278