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Bechill TPS by Bechill

Monitor server performance while in game

AdBlock for Hypixel by Kevqn

Block annoying ads and messages on hypixel!

Ambiotic by GraphicH

Scripting engine for adding ambient sounds based on players environment

ColorfulBuildings-beta0.3 by Jordy178, MCreator

Enter short description here

Medieval mobs mod, part of Liege mod by AlekBardzo

mod adds new medieval mobs to the game, with configurable options

Aquatic by UpcraftLP, abused_master, Sekwah41, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Radient_Sora

water based mod, with dimension

Diamond Lamps by blingsect, MCreator

Just a little decorative lamp.

Enchanted Food Mod by tucsok007

This mod gives you a chance to get enchanted food the same way as you get the original one.

R.O.A.R. The Root of All Automation. Really. by 6NGB

Adds the minimum set of machines to automate all that is vanilla Minecraft.


cooked apple mod

Way More ores by TheNewMaker, MCreator

Enter short description here

In-GAMEMods by Lucas_Gamer13

Junte o fórum mais o servidor! veja seus alertas em tempo real!

YABBA by LatvianModder

Yet Another Better Barrel Attempt

Mo' Beds Mod by JamDoggie

This mod adds different varients of beds to minecraft.

Flood Escape 2 Mod by xFrostbitePlayx (Frostbite)

This mod adds in a lot of geometry and platforming features from the popular ROBLOX game Flood Escape 2.

Totem Expansion by Lemons

Adds new totems

Practical Space Fireworks by ExpensiveKoala, gegy1000, tterrag

Space Fireworks but Practical. Makes sense right?

ExplodingTNT Mod 1.12.2 by Adante Pon, MCreator

Enter short description here

Armor Expansion by Cookiehook

Boosting your armor style! (Just don't get hit too hard)



Named Heads by 14mRh4X0r

Shows names above heads when they're aimed at

Amnesia Lights Mod by FLUFFY2

Adds most of the light sources form the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent/A Machines For Pigs and a bit more.

Primitive Crafting by Tschipp

Primitive Crafting adds a new way of crafting items.


This is an update to the Challenge games mod for popularmmos

Barrier Luxxy by SirLuxxy

Mod feito para a NetworkBlasting.

Ancient Trees by ScottKillen, Blorph, Ruyuna

A Minecraft mod that many extinct tree species to the world.

Wilson by MrAmericanMike

Wilson mod.

Infinite Orb by alice



oven mod

Dead Mess by dmf444

Filling the world with blood. Removing all vegitation, that is us!