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mod_MedievalWeaponsMod by MatusMak, MCreator

Are you bored of normal Minecraft weapons? Then this modification is what you need! It adding weapons, tools, tools & food - everything you need to stay in fight alive. More to come in next updates!

Hunger Overhaul by iguana_man

Hunger mechanics overhauled

Gens by Pyrofab, JamiesWhiteShirt, RiverLeviathan

Modjam 5 submission adding various small pods of human and human like people for a more populated world, without saturating it.

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Shotguns And Glitter by Demoniaque, wiresegal, Daniel Astral

A Modjam mod


Replace target block to another block

Danger MOD by Xx_win10_xX, MCreator




Fruit Phone by Aesen 'unascribed' Vismea

Waila-compatible immersive block information.

mod_Her_Weapons_And_ArmourBV1 by GOG203, MCreator

Depressed Coal by NyanMC, MCreator

joke mod remake because of the people at mcreator doing a big dumb


This is an example mod

HyperDimensionalBag by A.K.

Add HyperDimensional Bags

TheEscapistsMod by cubic_control

This mod adds in items from TheEscapists.


This is a modern tech mod.


Long Lasting Fuel



Quick Homes by its_meow

This mod adds a quick and easy way to set homes with /sethome and /home

Directional Redstone

One block, one vision.

BedFix by Alexander01998

Allows you to sleep in beds whenever you want.

Extronics Mod by ExampleDude

An early version of an electronic based Mod. Along with electronics there is a bit of magic!

Power of the Elements by Prime17

This mod allows you to control the elements of fire, ice, lightning, air, and earth!

Key to TP by circularmoonray

Press key to TP like a compass

Decraft by Wojak006

DeCrafting the too many blocks and items!

ArrowCounter by qlow

A simple arrow-counter by qlow

Computer LandMark by bluefi

Adds a ComputerCraft Peripheral that can be used as Buildcraft Landmark


This mod adds some new Ores, Drills and Tools

Shock Metal by vNemesis_HD, Shockwave Interactive

Adds a new metal with at a level higher than diamond, Can be found in the nether but is rare.

Ballistic Missiles by .start

A mod around fighting, rockets and other cool stuff

Gradient Block Mod by TheGamingBee

This Mod was made to add some cool looking blocks.