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TooMuchArmor by avocadojoe

ever feel like there is not enough armor in minecaft? this mod allows you to craft armor out of lots of materials from vanilla minecraft!

Valued Decor

Decoration blocks and interesting new world gen

Simply Bedrock by SHsuperCM

Simply Bedrock is a mod aimed to make players regain control over bedrock

SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame

LearnToMod by Sarah Guthals

This Forge mod allows LearnToMod users to load in the mods that they wrote on LearnToMod into Minecraft.

Base Minerals by cyb3rkat

Base Minerals Addon

Shops and Stuff by TheRedMajora

Adds shop blocks, etc.

Redstone Mobs by EleC0TroN

Decorative mod about the redstoned mobs

CoralReef Mod by q3hardcore

A continuation of Nandonalt's CoralMod.

Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space by MonkeyBoy23 and xXCaptainSoilXx.

Because they are awesome!


Cookie Mod: the sequel

TOP Addons by DrManganese

TheOneProbe support for some mods.

Mineral Essentials by ME-Corp

Mineral Essentials is essential for any Minecraft modpack

Banana Craft

Adding Bananas, Banana related things, and other non-banana related things

Elemite Mod by LatvianModder, ETE

Some more advanced and pretty machines in IC2

Dropt by codetaylor

Configurable block drop rules.

CherryPig by Othlon

Dem Piggies

Rat Mod by ExpensiveKoala

Adds rats which drop loot bags.

Glowstone Wire by GrygrFlzr

Adds aesthetic placeable glowstone wire.


This mod adds to the game mayonnaise,slices of bread,mayonnaise sandwich and a disposable knife. Version:1.0.

Matt's Mod Tray by Matthew Smeets

This mod is a working concept to see all current activated mods from your status bar.

Hive365 by JCBJoe, Electromuis

Listen to Hive365 within minecraft! Commands: /choon, /poon, /djftw, /request, /shoutout, /hive365, /tune


Con este Mod te sentiras como un verdadero rey del parkour muy manco cojo y chachipistachi xD

Davinci's Vessels

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!


This is a mod only for mods-pack IR

Applied Thermodynamics by tgame14

An Addon to AE that Adds a new Mechanic to ME Networks, HEAT!, also melts Yo S***

Locked Drop by AustereTony

Customize items that will not drop at player death.

SAO Crystals Mod by Redn_oll

Fancy Fish by Colin Vella

Fancy Fish introduces a number of exotic fish mobs, marine features and craftable items including fish food, bowls, tanks and a fishing net to keep them as pets. Forge MDK build: 1.8.9-

Obsdian Arcane Patch by Xesar_Zk

More uses for the Obsidian.

Poisoned Arrows Mod by gegy1000

The Poisoned Arrows Mod adds the ability to add potion effects to your arrows.