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Mirage Crops by Mirrg Rian

It provides some strange crops.

Loading Screens by Blargerist

A mod for creating custom loading screens

Dynamic Craft by BrazillianForgers Team, Whyssky_BR

Dynamic Craft mod!


This is an example mod

mod_CraftableChainmail by smashinbedrock, MCreator

adds craftable chainmail to minecraft

Extrabiomes Core by allaryin

Core functionality of all Extrabiomes mods.

Deez Nuts Creeper by Akrivus

Creeper based on the famous 'Deez Nuts' meme from Vine.

§4§lMore Fuels Mod by §4B§6o§4r§6e§4d

§6§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

Angel Mod by StoneDzn

Example placeholder mod.

ToMe Setup by ToMe25

ToMe25(0)'s Setup Mod.

mod_TheMcDonaldsMod by Gaming Masters, MCreator

Adds resturaunts, hamburgers, and more!

Flux Ducts by FyberOptic

Simple RF power transfer ducts.

LandCore by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Core mod for many of Landmaster's mods


This is a Sperm Filled Mod

Solstice by Pahimar

An environmental immersion mod that adds seasons to Minecraft!


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is the dankest mod you will ever see. You might pee a little.



Blacksmith Trash Can by Zarkov

Adds an item trash can that only accepts vanilla weapons and armor.

D3Log by Dries007, Doubledoor team

Logging mod for Forge


This is an example mod


New way to really Custimize yourself but its strong aswell as aesthetic with More to come as I develop the Mod

NoLag by jackyliao123, lolzballs


Personal Mod

Mob Mash by Akrivus

Mob Mash adds several sophisticated and advanced new mobs to your Minecraft experience.

Useful Additions by Heller a.k.a PikaMoo

A simple mod that makes certain processes more convenient and allows compact storage of items

Bio Cristals by Chompzki, Piron

Agriculture with cristaline biotech.


Modyfikacja stworzona specjalnie dla minecraftGPlay'a

The Iron Apples Mod by FleaRex

Adds a variety of effect giving apples.

Ore Dictionary Tool Tips by ericBG, a.k.a. _selfishPersonReborn

Shows tooltips for OreDictionaried items.

OldRemovedFeatures-1.12.2 by SillyMan0108, MCreator

Readds old features

NK Mod by Katho

Example placeholder mod.

Experience Cache by Wazmaster_Jastin

Store your XP in gems!

Tinkers Tool Leveling Bow addon by coldform

Adds tool leveling for bows and crossbows

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban by MrAmericanMike

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban

EkiCraft Server Mod by PsychoMark

LoK: Soul Reaver by KnightDemon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver mod designed to bring a great franchise into Minecraft.

Animated Crosshair by bugfroggy

Customize your crosshair in Minecraft