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Cock Block Mod by Bommel24

To block the cocks.


This is an example mod

FPSDisplayMod by The_BloodHound

Displays FPS

Blood Magic Wiki by Z_Doctor

A BloodMages Choice Encyclopedia.

ato Three Meals by Ato

Seems to be a mod that alters the way hunger works, including adding debuffs if you get too fat!

Little Opener by Alleluid

A little Minecraft Forge mod to add redstone support to LittleTiles

Emerald N Quartz

Adds emerald and quartz tools and armor. It may be cliche, but I plan to add integration with other mods.

Modular Pipes by LatvianModder

Ore Swords by UberAffe

Adds swords made of Ore for special properties and effects.


This is an example mod

DiamondsEverywhere by egor1654, MCreator

Adds diamond-related things.

Gliby's Physics by Gliby

Early access physics mod.

TerraFirmaPumpkins by Peffern

This mod adds growable pumpkin plants to TerraFirmaCraft.

Super Multi-Drills

Pickaxes are so last era.

More Maps by Draco18s

Adds several map types that do neat things.

Teleportals by Geforce, The_Pastmaster

Adds utility transport portals into Minecraft!

AquaticCraft by SpiN DasH, MCreator

Adds Coral,SeaPickles,Trophies and more!

Defi Skins by Defi

Developer World by FireBall1725

Creates a quick dev world

TIS-3D by Sangar

TIS-100 inspired low-tech computing for Minecraft.

Locked Dimensions by Jhary

A mod that makes entering other dimensions a bit more of a challenge.


discover the dragon dimensions



MultiCMD by Selrahc13

Allows multiple commands in command blocks, expands @p and @dp for mods that don't expand them when used with command blocks. Commands are separated by @@. Syntax is: multicmd <speaker name> <command> [@@ command...]

Cloud Control by Luwin (/u/seneschal_luwin)

Allows you to configure the vertical height of the cloud layer


This mod added white obsidian and other objects.

Drawbridge by MrTroble, HyCraftHD

A nice standalone drawbridge mod

Marble Crafting Table by Sunekaer

Marble Crafting Table


Enter short description here


YT - Wolf_fang77

PalaCrack by NeroZbeub

Crack For Paladium.

WynnPlus by L4w3s

Adds extra features for WynnCraft, such as a leveling buddy which will let you select a mob you wish to grind and it will inform you how many more you need to kill to level up, advised but not required to be used alongside an existing WynnCraft modpack (WynnCraft Enhanced OR SHCM Wynn Mod).

Another Dusts by SetyCz

Early game ore doubling.