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JinRyuu's Better Render Addon

A Better Render Addon for all of my mods. Cause We Want More

§5Dancing Raisins by §bfinnthehuman37

§5Have you ever thought raisins should be in Minecraft? Well I did :D This mod adds in raisins, anywhere to the Dancing Raisin mob. Enjoy, and thanks for downloading! This is my first mod, and expect more! I am working on my second mod... Stay tuned!


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Youtuber Structures

Generates structures of famous youtubers!

Forbidden Books of Sorcery by F(Twitter:@plusplus_san)


Reskillable PSI Compat by Kamefrede

Compatability between PSI and Reskillable!

Croparia by DeFacto34

1.1 : Botania Compatibility

Project Automation by TrenTech

Create commands using signs, buttons, schedulers etc...


First Person Real Time Tactics for Minecraft, adapted from the RTT game Kernel Panic. See for instructions!

Suggestion by OBCLetter

Implements chosen suggestions from the minecraft forums

Zelda Sword Skills Addon by willer111

This is a ZeldaSwordSkills Addon, which adds some items ZSS didn't.

Mining Worlds by Zarkov

Adds new player created dimensions suitable for (automated) mining.

TerraFirmaPumpkins by Peffern

This mod adds growable pumpkin plants to TerraFirmaCraft.

OpenEntity by ben-mkiv

Addon which allows to manipulate entities


CCLights add amazing RGB Lights and Light Grids to ComputerCraft.

Useful Small Craft

It's a small, but very useful and needed mod that will add a quick crafting the items that you often use.

BiblioWoods Forestry Edition by Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

Adds support for 24 varietys of wood from Forestry for 8 of the wooden block in BiblioCraft.


Craftable End Portal by Navybofus

Allows players to craft End Portal Frames to place an End Portal anywhere they want!

CC's house furnishing by CrazyCraft

CrazyCraft's mods-House Furnishing.

The Offhanded Gamers by GoodieBag, MCreator



This is a food mod

Extra Craft by SlimeNamedJerry (SNJ)

Heres Some Extra Tools And Handy Gadgets To Make This Already Cool Game Interesting! If Your Reading This You Probably Have Downloaded The Mod, I Hope You Like It, And Thanks For The Support. Leave A Comment On The Forums!

IT Difficult by last2424

IT Difficult this mod which completely complicates the usual, industrial and magical world, moreover, he unites them.


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