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FlatBedrock by gigabit101

Bedrock Is Flat



No crafting recipe! :(

CubeEngine - Spawner by CubeEngine Team

Lets you move spawners

Real Survivor by noung

This is mod for hard suvivor dude.

Perfect Spawn by lumien

A mod that allows you to specify the exact player spawn.

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry by WayofTime

Rituals, spells, and more!

NoteBot by Victormeriqui

An automatic noteblock player

TCPNoDelay by prplz

Cj Lamps by CjMS2103

New Lamps for your Minecraft.


§e§oDer erste gute und oeffentliche Schaftimer fuer CW Spieler!

Named Heads by 14mRh4X0r

Shows names above heads when they're aimed at


This is an example mod

Secret Bookshelf

Adding bookshelves acting as levers and rotating blocks around when activated.

Rope Ladders by Selim_042

Adds rope ladders that can be dropped from above.

BigTrees by Karob

Generates various large trees, giving Minecraft a more dimensional atmosphere.


Easily destroy the items in your inventory with this handy mod!

Nether Chest by mangoose

A counterpart to the ender chest, useful for mass storage

Guntopia Legend of the Guns by Imel

RPG Shooter with guns and armor that support additional effects. With over 30 effects and 9 individual styles guns and armor can be customized thousands of ways. Realistic sounds, actions, and environment effecting bullets, makes the weapons in this mod unique and exciting to play.

Biome Compass by Drazisil

Helps in locating biomes

Portable Radio by AnthonySan95

A portable radio based on the Tuned Crystals by OpenBlocks

Integrated REST by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Expose Integrated Dynamics networks as a REST API

OrechidEndium by TheRealp455w0rd

A Botania addons that adds a end-variant functional flower akin to the Orechid Ignem


This is an example mod

Metallic Crops by knoxhack

Metallic Crops