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Kamen Rider Craft 2 By Kelco_K22

this mod is based on the Japanese tv show Kamen Ridee.I will be adding all riders. but I what to add most Heisei era main riders first.

Emerald Toolset by Jbonnick

Extremely simple mod that adds emerald tools and armour to the game with configurable attributes. Check the forum thread for updates when Minecraft is updated.

Thingummies by squ1b3r

Things... Thingies... Thingummies...

TimeChanger by Fyu

Slide'em All! by ZigTheHedge

Well, drawbridges rethought



MergeEnchantment by アルゴ

Add recipes that can merge tools enchantments

mod_MinecraftMoreCoal by samppa128, MCreator

adds more powerful coal to minecraft


createve fly mod

Craftble Nether Star by famil, MCreator

for minecraft 1.11.2

Your Records Mod by Arkif

Add your own music to custom records in the game!

InfiniGrowth by Ryan Thompson

Forever and always grow plants.

Maize Blocks - Extended Latin by Maize

Additional Latin-based letters add-on for Maize Blocks - English

NoFOV 1.7.10 by Ytt

Prevents FOV multiplier change when using speed/slowness

RebornCore by modmuss50, Gigabit101

RebornCore, A core set of classes.

Tier System

A configurable tier system, which allows users to block the crafting of certain items and blocks until a certain monster/animal/boss is defeated.

Byte's Tweaks by OneMoreByte

This mod was designed to re-do some other modders work and make things really freaking hard. Just kidding it's a vasemod... Or am I?

Uranium Big Reactor by joserobjr

Adds IC2 support to Extreme Reactors.

Arrow HarvestMod by Lothrazar

Harvest Chorus fruit and more with your arrows.

Civilization Mod

Villager & Civilization AI Expansion

mod_ExtraSwords by , MCreator


YUNG's Better Caves overhauls Vanilla Minecraft's cave generation, making caves much more structurally diverse and exciting!

Kill Effect Mod by crazysnailboy

Spawns iconcrack particles when a player is killed by another player