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Aeras's Tool Expansion by AerasMan2000

Adds flint, copper, steel, & bronze tools. (Also adds Daggers!)

Strange Zombies Mod by bigboypadilla9, MCreator


Diamond Meter by MCWizard111

Ore meter is a device that, when held in your quick-bar, will indicate if there is any ore based on the fuel you placed in it is near you.


craft gold


Building Generator for URLRP


This mod adds in different and harder mobs to your Minecraft world. Good for use in adventure modpacks.

CJB_XRay by otakux


Diamond Marker

Logs the position of mined ores

CrissCross by oitsjustjose

A highly confused mod!.

BlackThorne Civilian Pack

BlackThorne Civilian Pack for Minecraft Transport Simulator

Right Is The Right For Minecraft by JaRy, BanE, Snooker147


Lan Login by LeonidM/Dasperal

TFC Engineer by Fair

Terra firma craft engineer addon

Super Craft by Iron_Elliot, MCreator

Enter short description here


the incredible bear grills mod

TF2 TeamAddon by pitman-87

TF2 TeamAddon for Teleporter, Sentry and Dispenser... yay!

You're an expert, Harry! by quaternary

The new age of modpacks is here!

CT Watercan by codetaylor

Simple watercan mod.

Runic Dust Mod by billythegoat101

A magical mod designed to give you power over your world through the art of magical runes. Sculpt the land or obliterate your foes all with your new-found magical know-how. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY RUNES OR INSCRIPTIONS. Please install the DustModDefaults for those.

kalimod by Kalicrafty, MCreator

kalimod is a energy mod...


Mod Machette

mod_leathersaddle by Benjamint22

Adds a recipe for crafting Leather Saddles!

mimg's More blocks by ici2cc, szszss


EsdeathMod by cxn

CWBW Szene 2019 extravagant

Mob Stacker by blupilot

An item that lets you stack mobs on top of each other.