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Thats a Mod to Troll your Friends ;D

MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4 by DinoGames0039, MCreator

Dinosaurs AND prehistoric creatures!



Pet Bat by AtomicStryker

PetBat mod allows you to tame a bat that will accompany you and help you fighting mobs.

mobs survival opensource


lots of ores

Вращение Земли Майнкрафтская

Customise the time length of Minecraft days.


This is an example mod

Better Stones by FMC

Brings back memories that aren't crafted yet

Wither Enhancement by Squirtle8459

This mod enhances the Wither fighting experience!

The Great Pigoku Mod by ViolentLight

=This mod adds The Great Pigoku to the game.

Enderfragments by Janek

The Enderfragments Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Ender fragments. It adds two new tiers of tools, the Ender Tools and the Ultimate Ender Tools. Ender Tools are as good as Diamond Tools, but have much less durability. They are crafted using Ender fragments. Ultimate Ender Tools are double as fast as Diamond Tools and deal more damage, but are also really expensive.

Miner and Soul

The new version of DIMplus.

SkyfactoryManager by xAdler

Managed alles um Skyfactory

Archmagus by Agadar

Archmagus is a Minecraft mod which adds a variety of obtainable spell books to the game.


This mod adds cool elements [changelog: added black Diamond -craftable and smetable but no ore for it YET, added ruby and ore too, fixed bug where old textures were implemented.] GOT SUPPORT ON SOME OF THE NEW TEXTURES AND ITEMS FROM ethonet, he is a new developer on the team! Possible features for Next Update Black Diamond tools, weapons- confirmed Cloud Block- possible Day and Night Changer GUI With block- wouldn’t count on it, pretty unlikely Emerald tools, weapons and tools- Certainly Possible, I don’t see why not Bubblegum- 50%

Console HUD by Fuzs

Bringing over HUD features from Console Edition.


This is an example mod

KJ Lib by kjmaster1

Lib mod for KJ's other mods

Just Enough Calculation by Towdium

A simple mod to help you with recipe calculation.


this mod adds a little bit more food in the game : slices of bread,nutella etc.

FoxGuard by gravityfox

A world protection plugin built for SpongeAPI. Requires FoxCore.

SkyLandsForge by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

Useful Eggs by Jbonnick

Add more functions for eggs including Omelettes, Fish Omelettes and Meat Omelettes.




mod dodaje nowe kolorowe bloki.

Repair Gem by David Ma

A Repair Gem that repairs items in the player's inventory


Fun and a Awesome way to have Stacy in your world.

Project Arcane

Adds armor, tools, energy, blocks, and much more!

Exact Spawn by Gaz492

Spawns the player in the exact location of the world spawn

Block Drops Tweaker by TheAwesomeGem

Allows you to tweak Block Drops for any blocks.

XDefense by Xghost101, MCreator

Defense items and explosives

BetterBlockExchanger by TotalHamman

Creating a Better Vanillay Block Exchanger for 1.10.2

sev_tweaks_npc by vadis365, Shinoow


MoreArticlesMod by WM

MoreArticlesMod is good mod!! Enjoy :D

ShoulderSurfing by Joshua Powers

Changes the vanilla third person camera to an over-the-shoulder camera, as made popular by Capcom's "Resident Evil 4". Includes keybindings for adjusting the camera, along with various settings in the config file. Must be installed as a Forge coremod. Code injection may fail if using mods that mess with the base files. Update to 1.7.10 by LaysDragon