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TamModized by Tamaized

Library mod for all of Tamaized's mods

Open Scriptie by Pythonic_Rainbow

Adds realistic computer mechanics into Minecraft

Super Snowball Fight Ultra by Mr_Alpha, MCreator

Snowball fun for everyone!


This is an example mod

Sharplay Protection by BaluMonster

Server protection

mod_Emarosia by MrIlelee, MCreator

Elves ??! Dwarf ??! :O


This mod will add a cool melee weapons in the game!

Switches by Myrathi

Switches provides alternative switch designs and lever/switch piston-activation.

Additional Loot Tables by DrCyano

Adds a config folder for other mods to easily add to the default Minecraft loot tables


This is an example mod

Weapon Levels by kenijey

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

Anti-Toxicity by Reflxction

A mod which closes the chat box when any swear is entered, in order to reduce toxicity.

Custom Nausea by C4

Allows modifying the strength of the Nausea screen effect, plus additional options.

The Miners Friend by Eurymachus

Assisting your Mining since 2013

InventoryKeeper by DefineEvil


Mod with many things from The Witcher Games

Don't Pick Up by superckl

Adds only one item, the Excludifier!

The Star Wars Mod by JavaBuckets



This is an example mod

YDTVHead by LazyGom

The Camping Mod 2.0 by RikMuld

This mod adds a some camping elements to minecraft

PlayerSeen by Pixtar

Displays the last time a player was seen.

Warded Man by Gomer3261

Tattoo yourself with powerful symbols and fight your way through the night!

Wild Animals Plus by jabelar

It's a zoo out there!

Chisel Rods by Akzyra

Chisel end rods

The Narrow Gate by Noobanidus

Allow horses to pass through the narrow gate to salvation.

Effortless Building by Requios

Makes building easier by providing tools like mirrors, arrays, quickreplace and a block randomizer.



Dynamic Trees by Ferreus Veritas

Trees that grow.. forests that spread

pupmod_for_kirchners by by plopp (Germany)


Project Lambda by Melonslise

Project Lambda is an ambitious project aiming to re-create the classic shooter masterpiece, Half-Life, often debated to be the best game of all time that revolutionized its genre, in Minecraft.

Embers by Elucent, AlexisMachina, ShadowGamerXY, werty1124

Dwarven-style Magitech Mod

Ghost's Explosives Mod by GhostGaming_HD

Adds various different & new TNTs to Minecraft!

Rich Undergrounds by Hayazo, MCreator

Weapons, Armors, Tools. Great Ores. Mineheaven.

Inventory Management Mod by DaComputerNerd

A simple mod to allow better control over inventories in 1.7.10.