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Sealed Glowstone by daPoseidonGuy

This mod adds a glowstone that drops as a block and not dust


An addon for Naturanium - Flight simulator


Fully customizeable decorations!

MCMP-1 by ‚Â‚Ä‚Æ (Tsuteto)

A portable music player allows you to dub the music you like and listen with the player in the Minecraft world. Go out and carry around music in the wide Minecraft world.


Discover new world structures such as Volcanos and Marble caves

Immersive Cables by SanAndreasP

Adds IE-style wires and blocks that integrate with other mods


Adds some refrences to jays stream

More Emerald by Kalicliq

More emerald stuff

PromeMod cbmobs by ExampleDude

More Test Mobs


This is The Second Update of Elemental Staffs V0.1... More info on Mcreator

Weird Mod by TheSparkMods, TheSparkGames

A Weird Mod That Was Made For No reason At All.

Max Potion ID Extender by ZaBi94

Lifts the potion id limit from 256 to 2B


Le mod quenti coins

More Bees by lach_01298

Adds more bees to forestry

Block Placer by MudRaker

A utility mod allowing blocks to placed be on ANY side of an existing block. Just activate BlockPlacer to get a wireframe showing the destination and move it to your desired location.

DiscordIntegration by Chikachi

MC <=> Discord communication

Actually Baubles by Jacky1356400

Baubles capability for Actually Additions rings!

Mob Mash by Akrivus

Mob Mash adds several sophisticated and advanced new mobs to your Minecraft experience.

Nether Core by RenEvo

Adds fun and interesting things to the Nether.

Furnace Shovel by kg6jay

Dig up glass.

CustomDrones by WilliamEze

Add customizable and fully functioning drones into the game

Book Display by Astavie

Displays books while you're playing!



Patchwork by OreCruncher

Adds miscellaneous items

AbyssalCraft Integration by shinoow

A mod that handles AbyssalCraft integrations.

Trade Booth Mod by aeroc

The Trade Booth Mod is two interactive blocks that facilitate 24 hour offline/away player trading, especially useful for servers


Atomic mod v2 by tomdj, MCreator

look mod in curse