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ContainerFix by Tschipp

Fixes Containers not closing properly when TileEntities are destroyed

NameChecker by SiroQ

In Game player name checker for 1.9.4

ACAddonIngotPlus by GluckLeute

The BackWoods by Chaka15205, Christophernjsp

All The Comforts Of The Outdoors in One Little .jar!

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.

Lazy Lazuli Pipes by LazyLazuli

Simple piping mod. Cheaper alternative for moving items than hopper arrays.


Duland Armor

mod_ChocolatesMod by DoMin0o your website:, MCreator

This is small plugin. Created by DoMin0o.

Glove by shadowfacts

A glove/empty-hand mod

Stones & Bricks by KreatorB, MCreator

Stones & Bricks - The Missing Vanilla Blocks

EetlesReborn by Judacraz, MCreator

What are elytra made from?

Persona Craft by NightOwl355

A mod that adds items, weapons, and mobs from the game series Persona


more to come, but lots now!

Thaumic Additions by

An addon for Thaumcraft. Makes life a lot easier with this mod

Gadgetry: Transmission by Elucent

Transmission module for Gadgetry.

Good Night's Sleep by KingPhygieBoo

The Good Night's Sleep mod adds two new dimensions, the good dream and the nightmare. Each dream land is accessed through sleeping in its corresponding bed, rather than stepping through a portal.

Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod by airbreather, skidznet

Adds recipes to allow smelting Rotten Flesh to Leather. It's been done before, I just haven't seen it for 1.6.4. Idea taken from EpicBlargh's Rotten Flesh to Leather mod. Patchwork Flesh icon by skidznet.

Spell Checker by Mrbysco

Need your spelling checked?

AntiSnipe Mod by WaningMatrix

Minecraft Mod to prevent getting sniped on Multiplayer Servers. Do /sniper for help.

DeckTech by Deckee_The_Dead

A Tech mod.

Les accessoires de SCAREX by SCAREX

Les accessoires fournis par SCAREX


Enter short description here


A Dinosaur Mod Unlike the Rest!