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Liquid Blocks by Mrbysco

Need to fill spots fast?

NewGameRules Mod by wwrpg

Adds new configurable gamerules: pickupMonsterArrows (grab those skeleton arrows), dropFullExpOnDeath (replaces current exp drop of player from 40% to 100%), respawnHungry (if you're hungry when you die, your hungry when you respawn), and betterMobDrops (bats drop bones, Ghasts can drop up to 2 tears, Giant zombies can drop diamonds or emeralds, Whither Skeletons drop skulls more often if hit with looting. Level 1 = 1/90, 2 = 1/60, 3 = 1/30).

Pan by kousuke, MCreator


Novamenu by voidzm

A GUI mod that overhauls the Minecraft default GUI for a cleaner, more transparent look.

Forever Enough Items by Elix_x

FEI === NEI for 1.9 === JEI + Chunk Edge Indicator + Light Level Overlay Reloaded + More

Simple FPS by Aycy

A standalone fps display.

Mineralogy Golems by sky01

Adds Extra Golems made from Mineralogy materials


This is an example mod

AwesomePonyLovesPoop by tacticalbacon987, MCreator

Adds a very fun and delisous in the brewing section of the creative inventory

FoxBlade Extra by LT_lrsoft

ExtraMod for SlashBlade


Add basalt for rp2

Collective Framework by austinv11

A common library between all of austinv11's mods

Highway Bot by Riga

A bot that digs a 3x4 tunnel and places obsidian in the floor.

Overmine by Darkley, MCreator

Overwatch mod

MedievalWeaponsMod by Tornado14, MCreator

Bloodlust Guild Mod by Squag

All purpose mod exclusively made for Bloodlust guild members. help pay for my hrt:


Adds a bunch of things made from glass.


This is an example mod

Rmod by ����, MCreator

Futuristic Robotics 1.12.2 by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Enter short description here

Pala_mod_tool_2 by AG, MCreator

Enter short description here

Player Badges by Juloass

Player badgesU Mod.

GM Lore by xunto

Create hidden lore record for items.

dalek mod ex by Username, MCreator

Prospectus by cam72cam

Adds prospecting mechanic to the game



lianximod by Administrator, MCreator

ADDSynth Energy by ADDSynth

Library by ADDSynth for ADDSynth's mods. This adds Energy Wire, a Generator, an Energy Storage Block, and the Universal Energy Interface.

Pyromancy by RaolTheBest, MCreator

A mod about the Nether, Red Mana and ruling the world


This is an example mod

EU - RF Crossover by tloader11, mijmezelfenik

Finally, the long awaited crossover mod by the PowerMon team!