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Mystcraft BoP Disabler by TheFloydman

Automatically disables BoP Biomes in Mystcraft Dimensions.

Corrupt Items Mod by HudsonGTV

Corrupt Items Mod

Cooking Unlimited by Janpoizz

Extra food for Minecraft 1.12.2

RFparts by commandcraft_mc, MCreator

extra RF parts and switches


This mod contains totems

OfflineSkins by zlainsama

made it possible to cache your skins/capes for offline use

mod_DirectionHUD by bspkrs

Provides a HUD with your magnetic compass heading.

Equivalent Energistics by Mordenkainen

AE2 autocrafting with EE3 and ProjectE EMC

Dyeable Beds by VozValden

Spruce up your Minecraft bed with some color!

Realistic Energy Systems by MineSpeed200

Realistic Energy Systems is a Mod wich adds a lot of Technology with realistic Energy Calculations and things wich is possible in the Reality

FPS Spoofer Mod by dewgs

Spoofs the FPS display in-game


This is an example mod

SecurityCraft by Geforce

Adds a load of new content to secure your house with.




More People by Grim3212, MrDakotaWood

Adds in a few new Biped that some are nice and some aren't.

Villager Synchronizer by pekorin

for single play only

Animal Bikes

Lets you ride multiple animals

Menu Mobs by superbas11

Gimmick mod for Minecraft that renders the current player and a random mob on the in-game menus. Credits: bspkrs.


adds some religion

SkullsPlus by Joserichi

SkullsPlus adds skulls drop to mobs and new skulls uses.


Want more swords? Here's a mod for you.

Dense Neutron Collectors by Tfarcenim

Adds additional tiers of neutron collectors to Avaritia to ease grind and tps issues

Armor Damage Recalc by theoldone822



Enter short description here

§l§aThe Nitex

The Nitex adds a new biome, dimention, ore, armor, tools, and way more to your world. What are you waiting for? Lets get into this!


This is an example mod


OpenComputers addon, allows for color changing lights.