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Traveler Mod by JX

Gets you everywhere.

Custom Tinkerer by Stacra

Adds a variety of new modifiers to Tinkers' Construct.


CAJlOsRealism mod made by CAJlO with Zlobniy_seledka

mod_Hello by Nassbrock, MCreator

Paragonia by The Fabulous Cube

Mod pack designed to supplement Paragonia Texture pack

ExperienceApple by Otamusan

Magic MOD!

Way More Ores Mod by user, MCreator

Enter short description here

PEpakHelper by ArdiMaster

Does little things to enhance PEpak experience.


Sends commands from inside the Sponge server back to the Minecraft Remote Toolkit Wrapper


This is an example mod

JAM by Vigaro

Just Another Mod

Steve's Carts 2

Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to let you experience the minecart system to its max


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is an example mod




This is an example mod

StargateTech 2 by LordFokas

Adds Stargate-themed technology to minecraft!


Alch Mod by Gotoss

A mod which simply adds Admin Tool in Minecraft.

Itembuy by Cepera

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Mega Quarry by ThexXTURBOXx

Adds a quarry... What did you expect?

Nincraft Lib by Nincodedo

Helper library mod for Nincraft modpacks

Better With Lib by primetoxinz

Oh no a core mod

Electronic Measurements by JustPingo

Mesure things with cmputers!

MS Utilities

underground shelters and starter kits

NeoTech by Dyonovan, pauljoda

Ore Processing

YFWBans by Kayaba

Mess with the best, DIE LIKE THE REST!

Olympus gear by amazing_zombie

The gear of the gods

AtomicStryker Update Check Mod by AtomicStryker

Minimalistic Update Checker for all AtomicStryker mods

Inventory X by Jagm

Adds a little clickable x to the top right of inventories like in the Windows 10 edition.

Component Equipment by spacechase0

A mod similar to Tinker's Construct, but simpler.