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OC-Minecart by feldim2425

Adds Computer in a Minecart and more.

Steves Inferno 2 by martinbv95, MCreator

Go to hell!

Smaller Nether Portals by Rick South

Allows the creation of smaller nether portals, specifically 1x2, 1x3 and 2x2.

Infinity Core by Jason_McRay

Core mod for InfiTech modpack


With this mod you can create cactus tools and armor.

Reap Mod by Max Henkel

More Lanterns by StealthLava

This mod adds more craftable lanterns to Minecraft.

The Framework by austinv11, rolandoislas

A Minecraft Mod Framework

Prometheus by Ri5ux

Soon to be part of AvP Universe, this mod currently adds in a new dimension similar to the planet from the movie Prometheus (prequel to Aliens).

Mechanical Soldiers by The_Fireplace

Adds mechanical soldiers to Overlord


made by Bakobgaming

MineHelper by Anton

Mine Helper.

Crazybombs by TheGhastModding (89_Mods)



add a FlyingWinner U cant Belive It

WaterVideo by Takaranoao


Explosives++ by minerguy31

Wanted to play Explosives+, but couldn't because it isn't being updated? Or just want to cause havoc? Well this is the mod for you! Adds a lot of stuff that explodes, both from the original mod, and new stuff too! IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod runs off a canned version of MinerCore (v1.1a_src). Future versions of this mod may require a seperate copy of MinerCore installed, so have one installed just in case.

Fancy Fluid Storage by Lordmau5, maxpowa

A simple fluid storage mod that's gonna fancy up your world!

Spice of Life: Carrot Edition by Cazsius, Talonos

A food mod similar to spice of life, but uses the carrot instead of the stick!

MystHeroes Aditions Mod by Mystery2099, MCreator

This is a mod to add items, blocks, ores, and more to minecraft for my lucraft addon pack.

Emerald N Quartz

Adds emerald and quartz tools and armor. It may be cliche, but I plan to add integration with other mods.

Twisted Tweaks by artdude543, MindlessPuppetz, Funwayguy

Twisted Tweaks making the game ever more twisted.

Pokecube Alternative by Thutmose, Karagra

Restricts the player to having 6 Pokemobs, for a more Pokemon Game like feel.


overpowerd potatos


have you ever wanted to strike lightning or use riptide


kick Draugr in their skele-balls!

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban by MrAmericanMike

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban

Giacomo’s Travelogue by Zacomat

Keep track of explored biomes in your travelogue.

Incredible Craftsmanship by touro games, MCreator

Enter short description here

Pixel's Fake Blocks by Gabriel, MCreator

Blocks you can walk through? Got you covered.

PrecisionMiner by Gods