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Food Expansion by Lellson

This simple Mod adds new food into the game

Big Battery by NoelFlantier

Multi-block battery.

JEI Integration by SnowShock35

JEI Integrations is the predecessor to NEI Integrations created by Tonius for Minecraft 1.7.10. It adds various tooltips, additional support for recipe handlers in Just Enough Items (JEI) and some various other features (Coming Soon...)

Survival Industry: Flint Chisel by jeffpeng

Adds a chisel to the game that is made of flintstone.


This is an epansive Tnt's mod which adds 12 new tnt's to play around witht so have fun exploading and lets mayhem rain down in your worlds you may regret it in the end though

Cicil's Weapons Mod by JayGhoul, and CicilStory

Cicil's Weapons Mod adds in hundreds of new weapons skins

UUIDOffline by TehSomeLuigi

Workaround for the UUID system for offline servers

Universal Remote by Clayborn

Ever want a wireless... crafting grid? chest? any block in the game? Now you can! Use Universal Remote to access all the things from anywhere.


This mod adds in a bunch of more dirt uses as the title says!

Creeper Queen Revived by Hawktalon

This mod adds the Creeper Queen, a giant creeper boss who spawns in creepers to defend herself.

Dungeon Tools by Letiu

Adds helpful things for dungeons.

chillerturtle by snooozer

I like Turtelz!


Emeralds are awesome!

Random Stuff by MCDaniel89

The name of the mod says everything!

Biomes Tweaker by Zehir

Example placeholder mod.

mod_FoodPlus by sdvn, MCreator


Simple Firework by UnRealDinnerbone

Beer Brewing Simulator by rafacost3d

Simulate before you brew

Essential Additions by spikespaz, thvardhan

A mod that adds what Mojang forgot. Essential Additions is a Minecraft mod that adds what many people think should have been in the Vanilla game. Credits: Jacob "Dasepos" Dachenhaus (AKA Invisibru) for the logo, Perry Berman for rewriting tool classes. Special thanks to Thvardhan for all his contributions. The mod probably wouldn't work without him.

Darko Tweaks by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Various totally-not-evil tweaks to Minecraft for Darkosto's modpacks

Blue Magic by LTLightning

Harness the power of blue magic, and destroy all!.

Hackery for Minecraft by KJ4IPS

A mod about exploiting bugs from within the game

opensource modjam

Crafting Harmonics by TarynWinterblade

Mod for managing crafting recipes.


No Focus Mod . Copy of Hyper Mod

PanCraft by XPandaPalX, MCreator

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