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mod_OrePlus by Balla, MCreator

Swapper by Trcx

A mod that provides an auto tool swapper.

Thirst Mod by tarun1998

Thirst in Minecraft.

Emotional Mod by 314owen

Minecraft has feelings too!

Poop Mod by Tominator1

This is a mod where You can tak a ****.

Chunk Edge Indicator

Shows the chunk boundaries as per Chickenbones' NEI feature.

FTB Utilities by LatvianModder


SkyLandsForge by Asd1995sse

Asd1995sse mod, specially for World of MinmaX

Natsumod by Natsu

Natsu's mod.

Bouncing Block Mod by TechnicalParadox, Gim949

Adds new blocks to the game that enable even more possibilites!.

Current Weather by KeBiN




Monster Spawn Highlighter by Lunatrius

Highlight all blocks where monsters can spawn.

Underwater Chest Bubbles by Squirtle8459

Upon opening chests underwater.. creates bubbles..

Road Blocks by GreenConsole

Adds blocks with a speed boost. Boosts NPCs and players

§eCustomized Dungeon Loot by §6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new vanilla dungeon loot with special abilities, like enchantments, custom names, attributes, effects and more to the game!

The Crystallia by Sporadic Splash/Winter_Flame/EntityCat, MCreator

Grab your camquats we're going on an adventure!

Frozen Mod

This mod brings Frozen the Movie to Minecraft!


В этом моде добавлена измерение 145.

IncreaseMobs by kegare

Mobs can be increased.

Just Another Spawner

Just Another Spawner (JAS) is a Minecraft Mod aimed at providing an alternative entity spawning system for Minecraft.


J&A Mod by aik

Deko Items für J&A Modded Minecraft

Entity Id Checker by Nforce Unil Makto

Asigne to Void entity , id who crash the game

Colossal Chests by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

For when regular chests are too small


FireBallsForPlayers Makes It Easier To Take Down Flying Mobs Like For A Example: Ghasts, Blazes, Bats, ETC.

Chemica by noogenesis

A realistic chemical model for Minecraft, manifested in the game through vanilla-like mechanics and a distinct lack of GUIs

[Genuine] Screen Size by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] Screen Size is a client mod that allows you to change the game size both windowed and fullscreen.