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Mod Manager by Mimus

Simple manager de Mod

Surface Quartz

Adds quartz ore to the overworld, useful for when you don't have access to the Nether.

Ckae by Tuomas, MCreator

Enter short description here

MineC EndlessOcean Mod by DiegoSteve, liam, Carl

A HongKoners create the mod using Minecraft Forge

Wizards of Lua by Michael Karneim, Adrian Uffmann

The Art of Spell Crafting

Weather and Tornadoes

Wind! Leaves! WAVES! More intense storms! Tornadoes!

InfinityLib by InfinityRaider

Library mod for InfinityRaider's mods


Adds shipwrecks to ocean and beach world generation. New in this version, Piranhas, Diving Suits, and the Waverunner shipwreck!


No support for 1.7


this is a mod that values cakes

Actually Additions by Ellpeck

A bunch of random stuff added to your Game to make it even more fun, exciting and add some more variety!

Minecraft Solder by admiral0, 19daniel82

Implementation of solder API as a Mod

Evolved Enderman... Please! by WarWizardM

A mod to simply change the spawning logic of Evolved Enderman back to the one used by vanilla Enderman, so that they never ever spawn on a properly lit area.


Cool Sails for the Ships Mod


adds new metals and tools

SculpyCraft by HundredsAnd100s

Design and use your own blocks inside Minecraft. Make everything awesome!

SweetAliveMod by SweetHeart

Cooking and Survival.

ccDB - Database peripheral for ComputerCraft by Espen

Connect to (multiple) databases of various DBMS via JDBC drivers and issue commands/queries on them.


Forrest and Plains module for LotsOMobs

MoreDefaultOptions by BinaryCrafter

Allows any number of default configuration option files to be generated, without overwriting existing files

AgriCraft by InfinityRaider

Agricultural farming extended

MagiBridge by Eufranio

A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin

AutoPlanter by Kotori316

Add automatically planting dirt.

superhuman mod final update by Dominator101, MCreator

Enter short description here


This just adds a wireless energy transfer method to the game. (For IC2 Energy ofc.)


This is a Mod that adds some Epic PowerUps

LoaderList by Tombenpotter, TehNut

Logs chunk forcing and unforcing activity.

AerasFood by AerasMan2000

Adds Mayonnaise, Salt, Egg (cracked), Salt Ore, Caviar, Iron Knife, lots of chocolate items.

RotaryCraft by Reika

RotaryCraft is a large 'industrial-style' mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, ThermalExpansion, and Minefactory Reloaded.

The Gauss Gun Mod by TheUltimateHose

A mod that adds a Gauss gun to your Minecraft. I recommend having something like Thermal Foundation installed because you will need a RF-source, copper ingots and tin nuggets

Transmutation by Thelazycow1120

A Mod That Lets You transmutate Items Into Other Items.

TDK by NicosaurusRex99, MCreator

Thousand Degree Knife Mod

GitWeb by GradedWarrior (Web Browser Programming), itay2805 (Creating BlueJ source)

Visit WebSites in minecraft!

DimensionalControl by Blargerist

A mod for dimension configuration

Rationcraft by Squeekblach

Military style rations, canning and preservation