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MMCRestrict by Leelawd93

A simple item restriction plugin

Stew Block by thatgamerblue

Ultimate stew block

Flintngun by Mega_LP4F

Leichteres bekommen von Flint, Gravel und Gunpowder

Usable Magma Block Weaker by Johnskullmaster, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is a mod all about a brand new creepy gem!

ZZZZZ Custom Configs by ganymedes01

Allows for changing several aspects of the game. Create recipes, remove recipes, prevent spawns and several other things

Farm Avdenture by Goldorion, MCreator

Farm Adventure is a mod of farm and adventure. The mod adds several new minerals, their armor, weapons and tools. It also adds various dimensions, as difficult as the others, which allow to recover different structures that allow to recover some plants, objects and others in order to advance in the mod.

InstaPlay for Hypixel by JGSBroadcast

Creates a GUI that allows you to join games instantly on Hypixel.


Adding new items, blocks, weapons, tools, etc.

Power Gems

This mod adds 7 new ores and adds a new use for lapis. Each ore has its own armour,tools,special weapon/tool and Power Gem!

SpotifyMod by Fyu

Spotify integration for Minecraft

More Minecraft! by SwordsMiner, GotoLink


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Hatari - Minecraft Hack by adiantek_ovh

Hatari - Minecraft Hack with custom GUI

Lawnmower by iLexiconn

Lawnmower, that's all you need to know


Is it okay if I can just stay like this?

EnviroMine by Funwayguy, TimbuckTato, GenDeathrow

Adds a little bit more realism to minecraft with environmental effects and physics.

Minecraft Uncovered - 1.8 to 1.7 (OlympicNetwork version) by TheSilkMiner

Would you like to have all the new features of Minecraft 1.8 without losing all your mods? Now you can with the Minecraft Uncovered Mod! Special version only for OlympicNetowrk!

EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida


JustEnoughIDs by Runemoro

Use the 1.13 chunk format in 1.12 to remove block, item, and biome ID limits.

Clogin Client MOD by Herobrine, Xlch, Baleine_2000

Clogin Client MOD, Modified from BeeLogin, But beelogin author is a ⑨.

Dofus's Mobs by Kujaroth, Hugoueng

Read the Title !

minecraftIO by dmf444 hook for minecraft forge

Reliquia by KitsuneAlex

RPG themed mod for Minecraft

XujMod by Francis Pogulis

Best car mod for minecraft and ftb. (Required:IC2 and ImmersiveEngineering). More features and customizations will be added

mod_DiamondApple by By AyMaN-ViRuS, MCreator

Diamond Apple V1.1-Forge-1.6.4

CedKilleur's Apocalypse Mod by CedKilleur, iJevin

CedKilleur's Apocalypse Mod

ExplorerCraft by Zeno410

ExplorerCraft allows aligning maps for display and copying overlapping sections between maps.

DeathMaps by UpcraftLP

when you die, gives you a treasure map that points to your death location