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Somethings by Quentin, MCreator

Happy PVP by ExampleDude

PVP more happy.


This is a Godzilla mod.

Craftable MobeEggs by TupidaMC

With this mod you are able to craft MobEggs. You can find crafting recipes here:


Adds Sapphires and Grapples

MacroKey by Matthew Smeets

This mod enables the use of commands that you can bind to keys. PSA to all admins: This is not a hacked client, nor does this mod add any change in functionality in the player's advantage.

EBXL Redrock+

Adding new blocks based from ExtrabiomesXL Redrock

GitWeb by GradedWarrior (Web Browser Programming), itay2805 (Creating BlueJ source)

Visit WebSites in minecraft!

Emotional Mod by 314owen

Minecraft has feelings too!

GoreaUtilities by goreacraft

Custom Drops and tweaks


This mod add the graboid


This is an example mod

Living Swords by Telorath, Domestic1

Adds swords that level up as you use them and evolve into more powerful weapons.

Grimoire of Gaia 2 by Silentine

Adds mobs, monsters and monster girls.


This is an prototype mod

ToroHealth Damage Indicators by zeriley

Displays damage indicators and health bars for all entities.

Advanced Creative Tab by ATE47

Borried about the old minecraft stuff ? This mod is made for you ! it add new unreal Item in your creative mode

AutoUnify by Fmwo

Automatically OreDictionary unification.


CCLights add amazing RGB Lights and Light Grids to ComputerCraft.


Enter short description here

Showcase by iLexiconn

Showcase your Tabula models

The Dark Revolution by Team_up115

I Win Button by Vazkii

The very best mod ever! There's no need to ever use any other!