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R0b0ts by PaleoCrafter, Din

Bringing modular robots to Minecraft!

meinmod by Philipp

Philipps erste Minecraft Mod (für Forge)

Hero by KarlCraftHero, MCreator

Meine Erste Mod


Eat your own cooked flesh and make leather out of it!

SighCraft by Necrogami


Magispire by Yarwoo, MCreator

Expensive Explosive Spire

Remember Me

A mod based on the Remember Me game.

Thaumic Horizons

Pushing the boundaries of magic

SBM-Punt-Animal by LotuxPunk

Push animals without causing damage

Open Terrain Generator

Team OTG: PeeGee85 (code) MCPitman & LordSmellyPants (graphics, web, community) This mod is a fork of TerrainControl by Khorn, RutgerKok and Timethor. - Generate anything! -

Prodigy Tech by Lykrast

A tech mod that goes through various concepts.

Burger Mod by MintyPlays

The Minecraft mod made by MintyPlays to add burgers into Minecraft.

Rainbow Oak Trees by csb987

A standalone implementation of the Twilight Forest Rainbow Oak Tree


mod de semi magia

Trade Booth Mod by aeroc

The Trade Booth Mod is two interactive blocks that facilitate 24 hour offline/away player trading, especially useful for servers



This is an example mod

NetherStuffs by BStramke

Extending the Nether and adding Hellish stuff

§d Project: Velocity Mod™ by Wysssy

Project Velocity adds a racing mechanic with over 15 different cars.

Milksnake by Pyrofab, RiverLeviathan

A wrapper for LadyLib and ModWinder, featuring a fancy menu retexture.


This is an example mod



Redstone Distortion by UniversalRed

A mod that adds more equipment to BuildCraft

Stackable by MrRiegel

Stack ingots in the world

EIORecipesTEInductionSmelter by XFactHD

This mod/addon adds the ability to create EIO alloys in the TE Induction Smelter.

FlameLib by CursedFlames

Generic library mod for CursedFlames's mods

Extra Armor by Aegous

Extra armor mod originally made for the Dragonforce server

Deathways by Darkrising

What lurks in the darkness?

BC Ore Processing by Face_of_Cat

Ore processing... BC style!

SweetHomeMod by defeatedcrow

Home Sweet Home.

ShoulderSurfing by Joshua Powers

Changes the vanilla third person camera to an over-the-shoulder camera, as made popular by Capcom's "Resident Evil 4". Includes keybindings for adjusting the camera, along with various settings in the config file. Must be installed as a Forge coremod. Code injection may fail if using mods that mess with the base files. Update to 1.7.10 by LaysDragon

DungeonDQ by Guriguri

It is MOD to add about 90 large, medium and small dungeons, streets and other buildings.