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TriGems by ToMe25

A simple Mod wich adds Three Gems with armor and Tool sets, a Emerald armor set and a Emerald Tool set.

Thermal Shade by Ferreus Veritas

A small mod that patches the Thermal Dynamics implementation to work with ShadersModCore.

Dice Roller by Anotherpug

Simple Dice Roller.


Best mod ever.

Build Tweaks by Fabian Metzger

Items for crafting in Minecraft Build Modpack

Sky Grid by Funwayguy, Darkosto

A highly configurable sky grid mod for modded Minecraft


This is an example mod

Poisoned Arrows Mod by gegy1000

The Poisoned Arrows Mod adds the ability to add potion effects to your arrows.


Berry mod

あんふぁぼられったーMOD (Twitter Unfav Mod) by つてと (Tsuteto)


RFparts by commandcraft_mc, MCreator

extra RF parts and switches

Watercan by codetaylor

Simple, configurable watercan mod.


Simple Tools, Simple Items, Adv.Power System.

TallGates by Gory_Moon

A mod that adds tall fence gates to the game

MusicCraft by Ktos94852

'Note Blocks? Haha, very funny. I've got real instruments!'

No Creeper Destruction by Ethel173

makes creepers go boom but not destroy anything

warhammer mod by antio789

Condition: Overload by UvMidnight

Tinkers construct addon that brings warframe's respective gameplay element, except with potion effects




Easy to use update checking for Sponge plugins.

Cookie Core by Ephys

Libs for my mods.


This is an example mod

FTB Utilities by LatvianModder


Archie's Loot Bags by archiebaldry

test2 by tatsu, MCreator

Advanced Thaumaturgy

Addon for Thaumcraft 4


TeslaCore by Simon_Flash

Conductor of all things Tesla

Basic Logic by Sterling Mods, CJMinecraft

A simple set of basic redstone logic components.


This is an example mod

Time Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welches verschiedene Zeitintervalle abfängt und nach bestimmten Zeitintervallen Nachrichten anzeigt.

Forbidden & Arcanus by stal111, Xesar_Zorak


WAILA-features by way2muchnoise

Adds some extra features to WAILA