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The Overpowered Fertilizer Block Mod

Adds a Over-Powered Fertiliser Block...

Lost Aether Content by KingPhygieBoo, JorgeQ

A mod that brings back a lot of scrapped, unused, and even concepted content, from Aether I, and Aether Legacy.


This is the official mod

Incense by Geko_X

Mob spawning with incense sticks!


Try the secret dimension


A Small Mod Adding Realistic Rocks To Spice Up Your Minecraft World N Stuff

Mogball Mod by Daedricbunny, Waterdance

Custom mod for Waterdance's Minecraft server



NEI Recipe Handlers by Crafted_Mods (a.k.a. The_Ranger_Malvegil or just Malvegil)

This Mod adds an extended recipe handler API for NEI


Just some random stuff.


This is an example mod

BicReturns by Tung115, Catpan, MCreator

BicBiomeCraft crappily remade for 1.12.2 specifically for my Asgard Returns modpack.

GM Lore by xunto

Create hidden lore record for items.

magicworldmain by whcy

a beautiful magic world

Simple Ore Processing by dlevack

Adds Machines for ore processing

Infinitely Spreading Water by Techern_Cruz, HoldYourWaffle

Fill up your pools and dams with these creative items

EasyRecipes by Lorant2

Make use of rotten flesh!

Super Backpack by CubeX2

Adds a HUGE backpack.


Tile Accelerators - Overpowering Automation

Embers by Elucent, AlexisMachina, ShadowGamerXY, werty1124

Dwarven-style Magitech Mod

Soot by BordListian

An Embers addon.

FPS Reducer by BRE

Reduce FPS without the player activity.

Tool Progression by tyra314

A small mod, which allows to set harvest levels of tools and blocks

CursorIconChanger by Memequickie

Changes cursor icon to supplied image

DefaultSettings by PT400C, Jomcraft Network

Keep your game's local settings in case of an update to your modpack


Be able to craft the end portal frame after defeating the ender dragon!

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow

Polearms by DerTrueForce

This mod adds various weapons that extend the player's reach

EnviroMine by Funwayguy, TimbuckTato, GenDeathrow

Adds a little bit more realism to minecraft with environmental effects and physics.

LangSwitch by DosMike

A localization service for SpongePowered plugins


this mod is breathed in God cookie then you are as a mod in alpha want to say at the beginning


This is an example mod

Better Sand by GotoLink

Changes sand into a mix of fluid and solid