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ButcherCraft by Lance5057

Indepth butchery mod

Dimension Inventorys by lumien

A small mod that allows you to specify which dimension share a player inventory and which have unique ones.

Additional Combustible by IronRabbit

Need more fuel - try this!

PiTweaks by CplPibald

Tweaks Pi made to make minecraft happier..


Russian mod by Shurikman

Vanilla-Inspired Teleporters by DanYeomans, bronsonf1

Teleport with ease!

Bring me the rings! by Zabi94

Extends the number of rings available in baubles!

Carbon Paper by Lothrazar

Carbon paper crafted with charcoal. Copy and paste the contents of Note Blocks and Signs

Thrown Slime by LumberWizard

This mod allows you to throw slime balls to cause slowness to enemies.

BurnedKirby's Turn-Based Minecraft

Puts RPG style turn-based combat into Minecraft!

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft.

Useful Redstone Reborn by _TheCreator_ (ported to 1.12.2 by _Maxmos_), MCreator

With new redstone content, make the game funnier !

DustBox by eyeq


Thaumic Accessories by TimeConqueror

Lenses and... Something specific!

Christmas+ by RolerGames, MCreator

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

TomTom by FusionLord

Gps System based on the World of Warcraft addon, TomTom. Commands: * /tomtom <x> <y> <z> [display text] * /tomtom clear * /tomtom edit Aliases: * way * waypoint

CJBModMinimap by otakux

CJB Minimap MOD

[SBM] Fluid Gun by its_meow

A single block mod adding a fluid gun which allows players to shoot and suck in liquids at a range.

Herbal Craft by ScottishCrafter

Adding Herbal Healing and other benifits to your Minecraft world.

Re-Zombies-V1-Ver-1.12.2 by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod that adds more Zombies to Minecraft

§9AS: §6Extra Resources Add-on by §3XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This is a Advanced Sticks Add-on that adds new mod based sticks, tools, weapons, blocks to the game!

Custom Interaction Sounds by zoonie

Add your own sounds to interactions with blocks, items and players with this intuitive mod.

Fuck Herobrine by oran_ge

Fucking Herobrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stripper mod by Moze_Intel

Crystal Caves by Steelfeathers

Thrive in the infernal realm

Gr33n'sGems by gr33ntimer15, MCreator


A Chunk Loader by CorwinJV

It loads chunks


This is an example mod

FOV Change Away by Pillowkeeper

This mod adds config files to get rid of many of the FOV changes that occur within the game.

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster.

Random Enchantments by Tfarcemin

Adds various miscellaneous enchants and curses to Minecraft.


is my frist mod