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GuildCraft Mod Assist by short1der

Mod created by short1der for GC staff members.

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow


Adds Titanium into your game!

Pirate Route by GLizxc2


Basic Pickaxes

A few pickaxes to stop waisting diamonds!

Telex by andrenoel

Teleport X allows very fast chat commands to teleport to 11 different positions. Intended to jump between a work location(x) and up to 10 other locations(0-9). User specific teleport points that also preserve your view angles. /x to go and /xx to set location.


adds mo things!

FireSquared Core

A required library for all FireSquared Mods, providing rich, dynamic, skinable GUIs, smoother handling of art assets, and assorted boilerplate code.

DimensionalControl by Blargerist

A mod for dimension configuration

Mod Power Game by Folgansky

Only created for Power Game

PizzaMod by xanplayzgamez and MinecraftWero

A mod that adds edible pizza.

The Daventure Mod by DaveTheModder/CodingCrusader

A mod that has dungeons, blocks, items, and stuff. (Do you get the title? Dave(my name) + adventure = daventure? Q_Q)

Agriculcraft-L'agriculture Minecraftienne ! by Yann BLANC

Vous en avez marre de ces minimales capacités d'agriculture ? Essayez-donc ce mod !


The Philosophers Stone From ProjectE But StandAlone Version For Resource translations...


Adds some essential crafting recipes

Friendly Friends by Gamer43251, MCreator

Enter short description here

Pixelmon Trainer Commands by Rhonim

Trainer commands in Pixelmon!

Regal Mod by Cixal, dwultachill

A mod that adds regal related things.

Rideable Mobs Mod by SuperDude1000

This mod adds in some new mobs that you can ride and play around with in your world!

ChatControl by Giselbaer

Helps to keep track of chat channels - which one exist, which one you're in - and allows switching them while still typing

AlternativeRecipes by TheIronMiners

A Mod that adds new recipes to Vanilla Items

EZHud by KodingKing1

A mod that will let you render custom text to the screen!

Water Strainer by Ruuubi

Adds water strainers to filter water for common resources.

Better Tools Mod by Neuro

Ever dread the thought of having to dig out a large quarry with your measly, flimsy pickaxe? Well dread no more! With more tools to choose from with greater durability and speed, any project is never too big.


By Mojang Tnx For Download


More recipes!

Crafting EX by kegare

Crafting Table will be to support crafting of duplicated recipes.

UltimateMod by RapidEv



Mod du server FanaCraft

Morph-o-Tool by Vazkii

The wrench to end all wrenches.

Spawn by StarTux

Teleport to spawn