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Emerald Experience Mod by Lucidas

Turn Emeralds to Experience in a balanced and bamboozle-free way.


Inverts a Redstone Signal

Coin of Flight by Broulf,

JumpPad++ by T145

Jump up, jump up, and get down!

Restructured by OreCruncher

Modify your world by adding structures

Jojo's minecraft mod by Gaster_Master, MCreator


More blocks , items and dimensions !

scp_040_jp by Tom kate

このMODは の内容をもとに独自に二次創作した内容です。

Instances by Laike_Endaril

Allows the creation and handling of area instances. Originally based on/forked from lumien's Simple Dimensions mod


DJ Mod's avivshaked2007

Avaritita and Refined Storage by ExpensiveKoala, MechWarrior99

A mod that adds Avaritia support to Refined Storage

Totemic by Pokefenn

Gain Totemic Powers? Yes please!


This mod makes your world have really cool stuff!

CrystallineMagic by tm1990

Crsytalline Magic is a crystal based magic mod.

Roadworks by WThieves, The Minecraft Community

Giving minecraft some detail by creating more realistic streets!


This is an example mod


Fully customizeable decorations!

Pixelnauts by Reddeh

Mercenaries join the fight, take it star by star!

Redstone Remote by Shadowfacts

A redstone remote.

Apathetic Mobs by whizzball1

Mobs never attack you.

Test Mod

Test Mod.


Enter short description here

Additional Recipes by Yoplitein

Allows easy configuration of crafting recipes

McTimer by Gigabit101

Custom Flags by nerd-boy

Have you ever had an awesome design but wished you could show it off in minecraft? Well now you can in beautifully animated flags

Mine 3D by Tfarecnim

Backport of the April Fools Overlay.

Inverse Creepers

Adds new type of creepers to minecraft. Inverse Creepers are purple, and only spawn in forest biomes. they do not attack players, but run away from them. They attack ocelots and cats instead. when Inverse Creeper explodes, the explosion will not destroy blocks - but create blocks! There is a small chance those blocks will be ores. В§eWARNING: if the gamerule mobGriefing is off, inverse explosion will still create blocks, but wont replace existing ones. so basically, it wont ruin buildings, only "fill" them

Magical Smither by ACE_Gaming123, MCreator

The first release of Magical Smithery!