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This mod add the graboid


mod de semi magia

SkullsPlus by Joserichi

SkullsPlus adds skulls drop to mobs and new skulls uses.

SimpleFluids by Gigabit101, Mj11jM

Adds Simple Fluids

AutoRegLib by Vazkii

Automatically item, block, and model registration for mods.


Enter short description here

Heart Drop by Konlii

Mobs drop hearts when they die, which heal you when you pick them up.


When you bake Bread in the Furnace it will make Toast

Rope Ladders by Selim_042

Adds rope ladders that can be dropped from above.

Hardcore Island by Team Jakojäännös

'cos losing is fun!

Universal Currency by mariofish

Adds a physical form of currency into Minecraft!


Epopee Libre

NaziArmor by loukl

a loukl mod

Official Sword Craft Online Mod by JayGhoul

Custom mod made exclusively for the Official Sword Craft Online Modpack

Gold In Them Thar Hills by Lapiman

Panning for gold. Done for The Modding Trials

Web Slinger by Stormwind99, Joseph C. Sible

Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!

Auto Rank by tacticalsk8er

Automatically ranks players based on their play time.

Genarator by code: _Zixel_

Remove ocean biome


Powers? Well the suits are soft thanks to the cloth and the claws are pretty cool i guess.

SpawningManager by Vidroyanmma, jidori, nunu

You can add or remove spawning of vanilla and MOD creatures. This mod requires Java 7 or newer.


This is an example mod

Trinkets and Baubles by XzeroAir

more interesting loot

WebShooter by Joseph C. Sible

Makes spider attacks cause their target to get covered in a cobweb

CraftRecord by

Add Recipe of the record.


Custom Crafts!