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Demonic Evolution by Jarrod Muddyman

Demon's have have also evolved there not all old fasion just a little behind?.


This is a mod only for mods-pack IR


En este mod encontraras Nuevas armaduras,objetos,comida nueva,bloques y mas PRONTO HABRAN MAS COSAS! ESTADO DEL MOD: EN PRUEBA SE PUEDE JUGAR Igual SI HAY ALGUN BUG AVISAR POR MI SKYPE: Blaqueado SUSCRIBANSEN AMI CANAL Autor: Blaqueado


wool to string


Adds extra things to the game.

Fauna and Ecology by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


Mod de HavenRP

MaidCall by pekorin


OtisTheInfiniteGoat by Cyber, MCreator

Make a renewable source of meat, with Otis.


This Mod Adds More Armor

FoxBlade Extra by LT_lrsoft

ExtraMod for SlashBlade


Adds a (tameable) mob called the Little Maid, who can do a lot of stuff for you!


Xirion Mod by victorheld

The mod of the Xirion Modpack

Extradimensional Item Storage by Sebc722

Adds awesome portable storage and more!

Gold Cauldron by BluerTheStone

Adds Gold Cauldrons as an infinite water source.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Sticky Fingers by BordListian



This is a mod based off of the anime Mirai Nikki, which i do not own any assests of Mirai Nikki.

Gravity by ASCii

Gravity is just really a suggestion...


Obsidian + Glass!

BetterMinecraftChat by BlayTheNinth

Emoticons, Image Preview, Tabs and Filters. Client-side only.

Combat Armor by CrafterOfMines57

Adds combat armors

DenyBlocks by Pixtar

Deny blocks and items in defined dimensions to create separated themed worlds.

Project Bench by bau5

Project Bench - for all those failed crafting attempts because of forgotten materials

Rotten Flesh to Leather

This mod turns rotten flesh to leather in a furnace