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Growthcraft Cellar by Gwafu

Growthcraft Cellar is a mod which adds a new in-game hobby: brewing alcoholic beverages.

PetCo Foods

Mod made for The Cat Project (TCP) in 2014

Simple Math by Yanis48, MCreator

A mathematics and logic mod


Titan Mod Für ThorOdin

Reverse A Craft by ShadowStar145

Get your resources back!

Hypixel Tools Mod by MindMC

A mod that is designed to improve the hypixel experience. Visit the mod's webpage to learn about the various features within this mod.

Steam and Steel by Rorax, ScottKillen

A Minecraft mod about steampunk tech and adventure.

XXX by Unrelentless

Inventory Test Mod

OmniTools by KingLemmingCoFH, Cynycal

OmniTools mod! OmniWrench and Forge Lexicon; compress your toolkit and your ore stash!


Speeds up vanilla minecraft processes


The Core Of The BetterCraft Modpacks

List AE2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


Adds in Gru, Farts, and more!!

BuildAdditions by MSathieu

A mod to build structures saved in json files.

Test Mod Please Ignore by magi093, People who know what they're doing

a completely useless mod, and a total waste of disk space. uninstall ASAP.

Viveporter by Thorinair

Adds a special teleportation device called the Viveporter which lets you teleport when using your HTC Vive headset, replacing the default Minecrift functionality.

Ender Tools by jf2000

The Ender Tools Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Enderfragments. It adds many new tools, which help you in early Game, like the Enderpick, or are pretty mid-/lategame, like the Teleportation Wand.



§oElemental Tinkerer by Vazkii

Tinkering with elemental magic is fun. That's what this mod does.

Cave Root by kjmaster1

A nice snack for you to eat while you're spelunking

Island Builder by LordDusk

This mod adds 1 CREATIVE ITEM only which you can sneak right click on any block you'd like. And it will spawn in an island for your needy friends.


Plans API by gottsch

API to enable drafting and building of Plans structures.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

ArmorHud by Gigabit101

Natural Nether Portals by Insane96MCP

Makes (broken) Nether Portals spawn randomly in the nether and the overworld


add leather into pixelmon

HeatAndClimateLib by defeatedcrow

Enderfragments by Janek

The Enderfragments Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Ender fragments. It adds two new tiers of tools, the Ender Tools and the Ultimate Ender Tools. Ender Tools are as good as Diamond Tools, but have much less durability. They are crafted using Ender fragments. Ultimate Ender Tools are double as fast as Diamond Tools and deal more damage, but are also really expensive.


An amazing mod that adds deadly weapons and useful stuff!