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cloaked batman by k2b6s9j

Make all of the Forge Mod Loader mods submit statistcs!

Pressurized Defense by TheReturningVoid

Steam-powered weaponry in Minecraft!



ModernCraft|Core by CsokiCraft

Provides the vital inner-workings of ModernMods.


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.

Mimic by HighpriestofDagon, MCreator

Adds a fake chest block and mimic mob

UntitledMod by immibis

Modjam 4 entry from immibis

Hero Watch by KevinWalker

Hero Watch

AutoJumpAutoOff by Bennyboy1695

As the mod name suggests this just simply turns off the AutoJump when a world is loaded or server is joined!

MoreRecipes by eyeq



This mod just adds the old version of the new IC2 recipes.

mod_diamondstoemeralds by Pirosmani, MCreator


Ore Crops by iC4Motorbiker

The SkyBlock companion for all your ore needs.

Teleportals by Geforce, The_Pastmaster

Adds utility transport portals into Minecraft!

Emerald Tools & Armor by mardiff712

Due to the popularity of quartz tools and armor, I made them for Emerald, too!


This is an example mod

ElvenExperience by TehNut

A Botania addon based on a typo.

Moon's Core by SoggyMustache

Core Mod For SoggyMustache's Mods

CJBModCheats by otakux



for ITerr

Direwolf20 9x9 House Mod Revamped by MattsMc

The Direwolf20 9x9 House Mod Is Now Revamped For 1.7.2!

IC2 Recipe Fixer by Ash Indigo

Changes the new IC2 to there old versions from 1.2.5.

Market by TimeTheCat


CTD Mythos by TheMasterGeneral, KingRayRay_Ray

Chase the Dragon meets Magic!

Potion-Craft by White_Draco

Mix your Potion