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Ancient Warfare by shadowmage4513

Adds Soldiers and Worker NPCs, Vehicles, and Automation tools


Este mod te permite actualizar y mejorar tus herramientas!

Natural Absorption by FatherToast

Provides the player with a regenerating shield, intended for play with no health regen (or very slow regen). Also can be configured to replace armor's damage reduction with absorption.

Junk Food Pack by Peardogg

Adds more junk food to the Minecraft world.


In this mod you dont only have desert stuff but, EnderStuff Betta Sword and an....... BANANA

Ender Prospecting by Blir, Talkarcabbage

Craft Eyes of Prospecting and use them to track ores!


More Storage by DiabolusNeil

A simple mod that adds more types of storage units. Each unit has a special characteristic that separates it from the rest.

Adventure Time Mod by Koslaw99, Cypherion

The AdventureTime Mod V5.0


Mod Ads Oxinium Armor And some Oxinium Ore

MineColonies by Awesome people!

Adds Towns and Workers to Minecraft.


This mod adds some strange string related items.

mod_STools by nickolas755, MCreator

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds over 30 pieces of furniture to the game!

With Sprinkles by TacoSupremes

Minecraft Vanilla, but with Sprinkles

mod_ChocolateMod by EvilDarkSword123

Added More Stuff


ADDS CREEPER RAP~!!!!!!!!!!!!!~WOW

Timestamps by g4bri3l

A mod that adds timestamps to your ingame chat

CRMod by CR

This mod adds random things I think are useful


This is an example mod

Evil Notch Core Loader by ExampleDude

Makes Vanilla Great again {1.2.5 Features} Also Contains Apis/Utilities

Survival Industry by jeffpengMC

The core mod of Survival Industry that adds relevant progression changes to the game

Industia by SixD, EndFrost, Tvhgaming

A minecraft mod.


Benvenuti nella mia prima mod PietraLavicaMod, visto che questa è la mia prima mod ci saranno diversi errori e spero di risolverli il prima possibile. Questa mod contiene: -Pietra Lavica -Pietrisco Lavico -Mattoni di Pietra Lavica -Spada in Pietra Lavica -Piccone in Pietra Lavica -Ascia in Pietra Lavica -Cuocendo la Pietra Lavica si otterrà il carbone La pietra lavica si trova ai livelli della lava e c'è una piccola possibilità di trovarla nel nether


Base resources and crafting materials.

Misc Blocks Items and More by Mowmaster

A mod of Misc Tweeks