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BeeLoginClientSide by Baleine_2000

BeeLogin Client Side Mod


Tape + Mouse = TapeMouse

Sporks Mod by DestinySpork

Adds sporks.

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.


Provides new tools and machines to IC2 and some cool tools powered by void energy!

Actually Additions by Ellpeck

A bunch of random stuff added to your Game to make it even more fun, exciting and add some more variety!

Sir's Mod by SirNiloc

Adds 12 ores, 13 armor sets, 12 tool sets, more blocks, and food!


adds a machine injuring mobs, and a slingshot

PaxleCraft by andr3wrulz, Konitor

Have paxles. (Paxel = Pick-AX-shovEL). Ore paxles have hoe and shear function. New: Shiny paxles.


This is an example mod


Puffles in Minecraft!

GrassPathWeeding by eyeq


Rando Restockable Crates by Iskall85, Scalda, Jo-Mama75, Winter_Grave

It allows to place special crates in creative that will have random loot that will restock.

IC2 Backpack HUD by Mineshopper

Provides visual charge meter for IndustrialCraft 2 electric armor items and health meter for other items.


This is an example mod

Grim Pack by Grim3212

The cohesion of all of grims mods into one super pack.


Gives More Recipies For Obsidian

PneumaticCrap by MineMaarten, AnodeCathode

High pressure version of the PneumaticCraft Gas Lift

TuxieStepper by Magnus Johnsson

The first alpha of Tuxies magnificient stepper, based on the novel 'Long Earth'

Growable AE2 Cells by Shadows_of_Fire

Crops for ME Cells

Hypixel Tools Mod by MindMC

A mod that is designed to improve the hypixel experience. Visit the mod's webpage to learn about the various features within this mod.

mod_DIMplus by 6aholiday server Owner, MCreator

improved DIM

M.E.T.A. by EliteMasterEric

Extract energy from Minecraft mod ideas.

Obsidian Glass by flup52

More types of glass.

Flour Power by Anteater46

Simple mod for smelting flour into bread.


This mod adds to Minecraft some things made of obsidian.

Pretty Beaches by BlayTheNinth

Adjusts water physics when digging sand near water to prevent ugly.

Cloud Boots by Tiviacz1337

Cloud Boots from Chocolate Quest mod!

Blood Particle Mod by harogen_

/bloodParticle, /bp

HaggleTweaks by Haggle1996


TitaneMods 1.0.2

ExtraWands 2 by PunkSteam, NaNeHe

Gives Minecraft a litle Magic touch!

Audio Death by JoshuaGaming

Improves Death Sounds.

Save Money by Nokiyen

Save Money adds same goods for saving your money.