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Square Buckets by Stucuk

Adds Square Buckets. Why would you want any other shape?

Universal Electricity by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14, Maxwolf, Alex_Hawks

opensource tech

PixelGenocide by happyzleaf

PixelGenocide cleans all the non-special pixelmon in the server to reduce lag.


Creata da MedievalDragon questa mod aggiunge il caffe' e alcuni derivati


A simple mod that adds a variaty Green Screen Slocks & Artificial Ssky Blocks

Mill�naire Extended: Normans by LaikaIwanowa

An addon for Mill�naire which enhances the base experience by adding more additional content for the Normans.


The green power

Carpet Plus


Needful Things by Dyonovan

Needed things for Minecraft

Comforts by C4

Adds sleeping bags for going on adventures without setting a new spawn. Comes in 16 different colors!

NVL's Universal Help by NVL

This block gives the crafting recipes and short description of all NVL's blocks and items available.

More Desserts Mod by avocadojoe

Adds more desserts to minecraft

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools by Neo Anderson, MCreator

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools

Pieconomy by pie_flavor

An economy plugin that uses items as currency


Strife with weapons from Homestuck!


This is the perfect mod for people who want quick, easy and powerful armour on Minecraft servers Which do require fml AND, you can even use this in Singeplayer

Nametag Editor by Fiw

Allows you to change the look of nametags

Emerald Toolset by Jbonnick

Extremely simple mod that adds emerald tools and armour to the game with configurable attributes. Check the forum thread for updates when Minecraft is updated.

Beam Interactive by Kyoi

Interactive mod for JustAnotherBeamBot


This is an example mod


discover the dragon dimensions

Xtra Armour Mod

This mod adds armour such as Dirt Armour, Cobblestone Armour, Sand Armour, Gravel Armour, Invisi Armour and much, much more.

TBF MOD 1.12.2 by James Fibe, MCreator

This adds one block that is very hard to break and can be used as a fuel, the fuel is way better than coal and charcoal.

Admin Weapons

Add so much fun weapons for server operator/administrator/moderator.


This mod lights up your world

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod.


This is a crafting recipe mod


This is an example mod

DiscordCE by Duke605

Allows you to chat and manage your friends list on Discord.


SinisterItems for the Sinister Network

Word Filter by vova7865, Hurricane Studios

Lets you set up custom chat filters, customize warnings, slowmode, identical messages filtering, etc.

SEKWAH41's Naruto Mod by SEKWAH41, Orkz

A mod that adds new items and other features to the game that are from/based on the Naturo manga.