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Mineral Essentials by ME-Corp

Mineral Essentials is essential for any Minecraft modpack

Jabelar's Truly Magical Enchantment Glint by jabelar

Control the colors of your enchantments.


Adds a single flower, sort of.

TFC Primitive Technology AddOn by Wahazar, aleksey

�bThis mod adds Slinghot and advanced leather and paper processing for use with TerraFirmaCraft �a0.79.29.�r

darkage by HEroBrinEkill1, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod

AdvanceBase by MCAdventureCity

Example placeholder mod.

BadgeUp Sponge Client by Robert Herhold

Easily add Achievements and Awards to your Sponge server

Dabraleli Mod by Dabraleli

Fixes by Dabraleli.


No Description

Low Tech Crafting by masa, Xcom6000

A slightly better Crafting Table, that _can be_ automated

Pack Switcher Mod

Quicker pack switching.

SHCM Wynn by SHsuperCM

This mod will help you with the Wynncraft server and make things a bit easier. Note that this mod is unofficial!


This is my first mod so please leave any comments on the Mcreator website if there are any bugs and I will fix those right away.


Con este Mod te sentiras como un verdadero rey del parkour muy manco cojo y chachipistachi xD

Transporter by MinerMaxDaddy, DanTheMinerGuy

A mod that enables the player to create transporters to rapidly move around the Overworld.

Player Skin Mobs by GenDeathrow

Adds a mob that has other players skins.

Potato Craft by AdamTheDash

Adds some fun potato things!

Mob Mash by Akrivus

Mob Mash adds several sophisticated and advanced new mobs to your Minecraft experience.

Illustrious Lanterns by bettercraftbr, rahkun

Illustrious Lamps adds 18 high res country themed lamps to your Minecraft

Mystcraft Exacting Research by theorbtwo

This mod attempts to add two things to your mystcraft experince: symbols to let you more exactly specify the attributes of your age, and devices to allow you to get symbols via careful research, rather then by luck

Terraformer by MrkrakAK

Terraforms the world width the use of RF energy


This is Cobalt MOD!!

woodmod by wood mod, MCreator

wood mod

CloudCity by WangJiarun


CubicChunks by Barteks2x, Cuchaz, Razaekel

Extends Minecraft height by changing chunk size to 16x16x16 blocks.

Renewal Revival by itsFoxee, MCreator

Some tech, some weirdness!

Extended Generator

Vous trouvez que les biomes sont vides ? Ce mod rajoute plus de 25 structures !

aoaic2extensions by NVL

Adds dusts, crushed ores + related recipes for AoA ores and ingots. If AoA or IC2 missing the recipes will not be registered.

CuyoyaCraft by Cuyoya

Adding a lot of Scrubby Things


This is an example mod

Blobman's Stuff by SirBlobman

Adds random recipes and items, but it was originally based on slime stuff


Provides final control over mods to the player.