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Harder Farming by Draco18s

Animals die and reproduce, crops take more time to grow, etc.

Mars by Frinn

Add Skyland world generator for the overworld.

DreenDex Cheat Mod by DreenDex

Just another cheat mod

Cheesecake Capes by itachi1706

A Capes Mod


right click to activate the swords special powers!

Bottled Animals by Ermans

Manage your animals like items in a noiseless way!


A follow-up mod to OmegaCraft


This mod adds pizza, rolls and baked cookies


Uses for much seeds

Colorizer by alikimoko

Every webcollor within reach.


This Mod Adds Power Tool Weapons!

MinecraftNero by magl1te

Das einzigartige MinecraftNero Erlebnis!


It's a mod for my modpack!


add some material

Runes of Wizardry by LightningPig333, Xilef11

Magic. Runes. And dust. Lots of dusts.

Wynncraft Universal Display by nbcss

For display player experience

Enigma by McJty


Fun TNT by NicosaurusRex99

this mod add new TNT types

Simple Chunks by DarkMorford

A simple chunkloader mod.

OptionSync by Ellpeck

A Mod about syncing your options between Minecraft instances


This mod add chocolate cake 8P


This is an example mod

JukeDiscord by pendo324

A simple mod


This is an example mod

Easy Gunpowder 2 by SomeMaineBrony (MuscleMan1234)

Tired of having to kill creepers to get TNT?

Compactify by IceMetalPunk

Adds Compactors and Extractors, to compress items into storage blocks and expand storage blocks into items.

Exotic Birds by Pavocado

The Fowlest Mod Around! Adds beautiful birds to the game, such as peacocks, woodpeckers and hummingbirds.

Better With Lib by primetoxinz

Oh no a core mod

Realistic Brewing Stand by MJaroslav

Little logical fix (in render) of the brewing stand.

Extra Doors by Zolandre

A lot of new doors! Extreme!

Colored Wool by Nauja

Wool with full RGB color.