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Anvil Enchantments by lazerzes

Craft Enchanted Books in an Anvil!

messagealerter by boomboompower

┬žbPlay a sound when someone messages you

AutoDeathLeaderboard by HoldYourWaffle

Server-side add-on for DeathCounter (by iChun). Triggers the leaderboard in chat everytime a player dies.

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry by WayofTime

Rituals, spells, and more!

MineClock by Dootcher

A simple clock that tells you the in-game time of day.


This mod adds more tools, along with items and mobs from Terraria.

The Whetstone Mod by LordDan1989

The Whetstone is an object dropped rarely from stone. Combined with an Iron Sword or Axe, you will sharpen and hone your Weapon, giving you increase damage.

Ore Flowers by Draco18s

Adds ore indicator plants, allowing for easier prospecting of COG ore veins.


This is the DanTDM Minecraft mod


This is an example mod

Sleeping bags mod by Digital Dragon Studios

Sleep anywhere in many beautiful colored sleeping bags!

ToMeTinkers by ToMe25

ToMe25's Tinkers Construct Addon.

UsefulRecipes by sokratis12GR, Moritz30

This mod adds a lot of useful recipes for your survival

Skorpio's NotOnlyMoreOres by sorash67 || Skorpio

Bunch of stuff added by Skorpio!

CommonCapabilities by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Forge Capabilities that can be shared by multiple mods

Baby Mobs by Furgl

Adds baby versions of many vanilla monsters, each with its own special abilities.

TheDragonCore by Moritz30, sokratis12GR

Core Mod for all TheDragonTeam's Mods

XYZing by AndreykaMrPvP, ZigTheHedge

Displays death point coordinates in a chat

Paileology by RCXcrafter

Adds buckets made out of various materials.

Detrav Scanner Mod by Detrav

Example placeholder mod.


This is Jason Voorhees Mod!

mod_SpicyFoodMod by Javimania111, MCreator

Add flavor to Minecraft!

Extra Ambiance by Tschipp

Extra Ambiance adds ways of improving the ambiance of a scene


Adds a new ore and some cool stuff to craft with it! Also adds a new mob. Still in development :D

MekanismInduction by aidancbrady

Induction module of Mekanism.


This is an example mod

Recall Stones

Mod that adds different types of Recall Stones for teleporting around the place


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Dorito Mod by By: Jul2040

Official Mod of Dorito Squad.


Provides Tools for the Solitary Asylum Map

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.

The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!

Staff O' Power by CoolioSauce

Stick go boom boom