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HelperTools by DoctorWiggles

A simple mod dedicated to adding alternative tools for helping around with survival mode construction and more.


A region-based player shop plugin.

Weapon Levels by kenijey

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

Mob Info by Wurmatron

Cosmetic Addon for Animania


You can Dig Bedrocks using Diamond Pickaxe

Bouyomi Chat


OreRenderOverrider by Ferne

Built against Forge


Pneumaticraft adds a bunch of new Blocks, Items and other Stuff!

Add Bread by ematan, MCreator

made in japan x64

Villager Market by Face_of_Cat

A villager market mod.

Modern Tech by MrSalimoc

Modern Tech is a minecraft tech mod, with some multi-block structure and other many things.


This is an example mod

Redstone Paste by FyberOptic

Adds a paste form of redstone, which can stick to various surfaces

Additional Compression by RCXCrafter, Wealthyturtle

A Mod that Adds Compressed Blocks to Minecraft

DeltaCore by TuxCraft

The mod needed for all MC Delta Mods

Dynmap by mikeprimm

Dynamic, Google Maps style web maps for Minecraft Servers

bedrockplus by manmaed

Adds More Bedrock Stuff!

PrecisionMiner by Gods


MinersAdvantage by DuelMonster

MinersAdvantage is a reimagening of my previous mod 'SuperMiner'. It is a rewrite from the ground up that aims to solve all previous issues and to add additional features.

JumpPad++ by T145

Jump up, jump up, and get down!

Cookies+ by manmaed, Loneztar, UnRealDinnerbone



This is a good light block

Just Player Heads by Rick South

A minimalistic mod that adds a configurable chance for players to drop their respective heads on death and via a command. All heads are generated with texture-data.

Rope Bridge by czechmate777

A mod that adds rope bridges to Minecraft. Craft the grappling gun and shoot it over a gap large or small to build a rope bridge across it.


This is an example mod


This is a mod all about a brand new creepy gem!

mobsunscreen by Kreezxil

Prevent hostile mobs from burning in the sun!

Rock-Be-Gone by Yvesm

Gets rid of stone layers in Extreme Hills.

/ by asiekierka

A wrench which happens to rotate multiparts.

Mutant Creatures by thehippomaster21

A mod that adds a few mutant mini-bosses of the original Minecraft mobs.

MC+ Enchanter ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for mystic Enchanters! - Princes aren't going to turn into frogs themselves!


This is an example mod

CommandKey by Maximilian Schelbach

Press one key to execute a long command