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Reforced Golden Tools by TheAgente00g

Introduces usefulness gold tools, like pickaxes with more durability, sword with special effects or even a bat mask


Titan Mod Für ThorOdin



Plant Fiber Mod by Dracavis, MCreator

Early Game Luxury!

TickProfiler by nallar

A small mod for servers to assist with finding which TileEntities(machines) and Entities are being slow.

SnowVillage by svenhjol

Adds villages to ice plains and cold taiga


Add more horror to Minecraft with the Horror Mod D:!

mod_OresPlus by Detuit, MCreator

Added Pickaxes, ruby and quick crafting table!!!

Dump The Entity List by Syndaryl

This mod introduces a creative-only tool that, when right-clicked, dumps a full list of the loaded entities to a text file. This bypasses the late-loading issue.


Ceci Est Une Alpha

Naruto Servers Mod by FlashHUN

Adds in custom things for Naruto Servers taking part in the Chunin Exams.

Maiden's Marvelous Materials by Maideniles

This mod adds extra decorative materials, trees, ores and crafting, along with a new biome.

mod_VampireCraft by MarinosPap, MCreator

Vampires in Minecraft

Minecraft Advanced PlusPlusPlus by CAHEKa, MCreator

Useful Stuffs!

Refined Tools and Armor by United States of Nope

This mod adds six new tool and armor sets that utilize standard Minecraft resources.


This is an example mod

RankCapes by Jadar

This mod lets you see and change your cape on RankCapes equipped servers!

World Init by SHsuperCM

This mod allows you to select a world/ip that will be loaded instantly upon game launch!


WIP Not Nearly Done

mOre Usable Materials Mod by FreneticFeline

Construct tools, weapons, armor and blocks from Emeralds, Obsidian, Lapis, Redstone and more.

UltraSurvival by Klastris, MCreator


Cookie Core by Ephys

Libs for my mods.

Mystic Mod by Gareth Coles

Collection of tweaks for the Mystic Minecraft server

Palomitas Mod by kevoneish

Este mod trata de palomitas y del Sr.Maiz .

Kindred Legacy by SpikybumJolteon

Key Bindings Overhaul by Elix_x

Overhaul minecraft key bindings system...

Silverfish by KitsuneAlex

Common library for all KitsuneAlex mods in 1.12.2+

More Blocks Please by Acness

Many new blocks.


Adds potato chips to minecraft. How to craft: Just with one raw potato


This is an example mod