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Reality breaker lucky block by Xedroc, MCreator

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§3Project X

§7§oProjectX is primarily focused on tech expansion. There are §nmany§7§o more things to come

MCCTF Mod by NomNuggetNom

Minecraft CTF Mod by NomNuggetNom.

Aperture by mchorse

Enhanced camera mod

Primitive Mobs Mod by Daveyx0

Adds many creatures which seem familiar to the player but actually are very different.

Voidcraft 2 by ACharLuk

Voidcraft 2



Suntorch by Jannis234

Torches that light mobs on fire!

potioneffects by Ayou


Simply Stone by TheDoctorSoda

Adds a stone torch and stone sticks.


This is Ore Dimansions Added Mod

Unnamed Dimension by Mr. Metric

Example placeholder mod.


Frostcraft is a mod that adds some new machines, equipment, mobs and a new worldtype to extend you gameplay experience to a new level have fun!!

Random Things Tweaker by Tfarecnim

Random Things Tweaker.


The ultimate copy!


adds a blu gem

Emerald Mod by Venomous626, MCreator

Emerald tools and armor.

Old Obsidian by legobmw99

Re-add the old obsidian generation behavior with redstone wire

Urther by lw_von_heute, MCreator

This mod adds new Creatures, items,Tools and more

More Drinks Mod

This mod makes more drinks in the game sucks af cocacola and monster enegy, but this mod is currently in beta and i haven't created recipes yet so the only way to get the cocacola and all the other drinks is by getting them from creative or getting them from the humans that are spawned in the world.



Mines currency mod by DANKEFIR4IK, MCreator

Best currency mod

§5Eccentric Biomes by '§bMCE626§f'

Crazy ass biomes. Got the idea when I was doing a modding tutorial.


Fastest Pick

ChatAlerts by JaSpr

Minecraft client mod to play alert sounds for chat messages matching specific rules.

Framland by Gaz492

Farming Simulator

Wooden Beams by Funlerz

Turn any wood log into a nicer looking wooden beam.

King Hogarth's Armor Mod by NB_urton

The First of King Hogarth's mods. This adds some new ores and tiered Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

Death Bags by Codasylph

Provides a bag which can be used to retrieve the player's inventory after death. Options for obtaining the bag are configurable.

Lifeblood by FlashFyre, MCreator

A mod based around nature and exploration.

Securecraft by LordBlackHole

Securecraft is a mod that adds a few blocks focused mainly on protecting your home and your belongings from hostile mobs and other players


Marvel Survival Mod by ShyChen

The mod make you have marvel survival play!

MineCharacter by Jimmynator, hendyzone

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility


Dimensions for help you in Industrial Craft!