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Fully customizeable decorations!

Dirty's Cotton by BigDirty1985

Just a small cotton plant for getting string.

My Own Music by pir2

Use your own playlist accordin to current minecraft ambiance

ZEONmod by mike cat

this mods add ZEON Armor and weapon.


Modo Willy y Vegetta777

Mixer Interactive Lib by Microsoft Corporation

Now Minecraft Java Edition mod makers can bring Mixer's Interactivity to their content creations. Add functionality that further enhances your creations, enabling totally new experiences for players when they stream on Mixer. With an easy to use library, you can add custom interactive features to your mods. The possibilities are endless! And with Mixer's Faster Than Light streaming protocol, viewers of your players will be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Work together, invent minigames, or enjoy hilarious chaos - it's all up to you. Start building today!

Wooden Beams by Funlerz

Turn any wood log into a nicer looking wooden beam.

HEX Block by Exopandora

Adds a block with customizable color

BioLock by GopherAtl

Adds a biometric fingerpr..... ahem. Palmprint? No... Fist. Fistprint scanner peripheral, and the Programmable Redstone Block, or PRB.


Filled ores mod lite version 8

mod_Hello by Nassbrock, MCreator

Tamable Bears by dynaomi

Makes polar bears tamable and ridable

MrCrayfish's Device Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds things


This mod adds all kinds of cloud things


This mod adds tons of new things, such as new ores and armor.


This is an example mod

Bakery by C_H_R_I_Z

A mod that extends bread crafting.

Bombastic Solution by xXEpicAleXx(Trackinator06), MCreator

The Best Solution for Gunpowder Crafting

KCNerfer by mrkirby153

Nerfs players on the KirbyCraft server

Pixelmon Trainer Commands by Rhonim

Trainer commands in Pixelmon!

Color Blocks by KeeperofMee

Adds glowing blast resistant clean colored blocks which can be used for pixel art.


This is an example mod


Once crafted, you'll never need to go mining again!


Alpha stage of the Icy Ice mod!

Silky Hoe by StarSheep

A small mod that allows to plough up dirt through crops.

Hard2Mine by Async

A minecraft forge mod that makes it just that harder to mine

Creeper-Spider Mod by Icedice9

This mod adds a new scary monster to Minecraft. The mutated creeper-spider!


This is my mod

Sleep by Arcaratus

Sleep tight!