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This is an example mod

Nucleus API

The Ultimate Essentials Plugin API.

Kbz's Bundle Pack by Kbz

The Bundle Mod for Hypixel.

Homestead Companion by Wes Cook

An addon mod to bridge compatibility in the Homestead modpack.

Chat Bot Mod by Me, MySelf

Example placeholder for Chat Bot mod.

Spice of Life: Carrot Edition by Cazsius, Talonos

A food mod similar to spice of life, but uses the carrot instead of the stick!

Aroma1997's Dimensional World

Adds a new dimension for the miners to mine!


This is an example mod


o melhor mods do mundo

My Creative Tools by Remain_Indoors

A Random Mod for safer Creative mode building.

Hey I Saved Your Stuff

Hey I Saved Your Stuff is a plugin which allows players to much more easily recover their items on death by spawning a chest containing their items when they die

Prospectus by cam72cam

Adds prospecting mechanic to the game

mod_DestructionMod by hotrodman106, MCreator

Allows you to destroy things and be a general Minecraft bada***

AllSushi Mod by CodeGhost

This mod adds various sushi items, armor and tools.

Useful Nullifiers by Bartz24

Nullifiers to help get rid of all those items and fluids.


This is an example mod

Custom Interaction Sounds by zoonie

Add your own sounds to interactions with blocks, items and players with this intuitive mod.


Tester version for the Hydrogen Mod

MC Economy by シフト (Shift)


TFC_AdvancedBlueprint by anion155

TerraFirmaCraft add-on. The main purpose is to make blueprint item more flexible.

Artisan's Tabs by TheUnknownFew(Sollux_Captor)

Enhance your Minecraft creative experience by creating new creative tabs of your choice!

Life Hacks by Phobophobe

Adds a few machines and tools to make life easier

Simple Bedding by mallrat208

Simple Beds for your Inner Animal

/GM Mod by mrfunn1, MCreator

A mod that adds four commands that alow you to swich your gamemode easier


This is a mod that adds in ender-related items