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Hexxit Gear by sct

Special gear designed to work in conjuction with the Hexxit modpack.

The MoreDeco Mod by MrCoolCraft, MCreator

A mod that adds in roleplay stuff!

Earth Life by Betkekk

This mod adds new animals to the game

Yes it emulator real life(YIERL) by _Goder_

Yes it emulator real life.

CompressedDirts by Sanshirooo, McMDK



This is an example mod

Cultivated Faeries

What happens when you binge on bees too much and decided faries, pixies & sprites are nice substitutes.

Tickrate Changer by Guichaguri

Let you change the client/server tickrate


This is IceCraft mod.

Inventory Spam by gigaherz

Shows the items added and removed from the inventory


This is an example mod

Japanese Emoji Commands by ProxyNeko

A simple mod that let's you use Kaomoji (Japanese emoji) in Minecraft with simple commands rather than having to go and find them online if you don't have a supported keyboard.

Back2block by Sukus, MCreator

Turns slabs and stairs into full blocks ecs dee

Default World Generator by FireBall1725

A small mod to automatically select the default world generator for single player


This is an example mod


Мод, добавляющий в игру валюту

AdventureTime Mod 2 by Router1011, Z_Doctor

The new and improved AdventureTime Mod! Add your favorite charters to Minecraft!

Weeping Angels Mod by a_dizzle

Don't Blink

Carz by canitzp, MisterErwin, Zombiefleischer



This mod add horse armor and saddle crafting recipies!

Chaotic Craft by Lidar

You never know what you are going to get when you deal with a bit of chaos.

Lemon's Simple Teleporters by Lemonszz

A simple mod for teleportation!


This is an example mod

QuackLib by the_real_farfetchd

Utilities to make a modder's tasks easier.

Get A Job by Palaster

Get A Job. Get a job in magical or non-magical career.

Just Enough Forestry Bees by MrDimkas_Studio

View bee breeding and production, tree breeding and production

MrDimka's Island Craft by MrDimkas_Studio

A simple mod to make people spawn at specified height, with provided island structure.

Additional Tools and Armor by United States of Nope

This mod adds three equal types of tools and armor, each disctict by color. There are three new ores as well, each equally likely to spawn as the others.