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Celestial Craft by HalestormXV

A mod that adds a magical Celestial Expansion to Minecraft.

ZXOres by MidnightDragonZX, MCreator

Makes things in minecraft easy to get.... But is that all?


This is an example mod

SGS Salandaar's Orb 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone

This mod adds Salandaar's Orb to vanilla minecraft. It allows you to see through adjacent walls and discover underground tunnels and caverns.

Sponge Nation Chat Tag by Carrot

Towny like chat formating


A Minecraft plugin API



Road Runner by Thretcha

Move faster on Road Blocks that you define in the config!

AnimalCrate by TaeoG

Kind of Magic by MrRiegel

Kind of magic.

Biome Specific Dungeons by Darkhax

Adds different dungeons for biomes.

ServerRedirect by KaiNoMood

This mod allows servers to redirect clients to other servers. Very useful for big networks!

EasierCrafting by Giselbaer

Show possible recipes and make crafting easier

SuperOres for Minecraft 1.12.2 by FireFox8821, MCreator

This mod adds a few blocks that increases ore drops!

SHCM Wynn by SHsuperCM

This mod will help you with the Wynncraft server and make things a bit easier. Note that this mod is unofficial!

CJB_MobFilter by otakux



Find blaze and diamonds easier!


This is an example mod

WebShooter by Joseph C. Sible

Makes spider attacks cause their target to get covered in a cobweb

Runic Dust Mod- Testing Pack by zombiepig333

The latest, in development runes from the Runic Dust Mod. Contains bugs!!!


This is an example mod

Archonia by Grand_Opal

Adds many features to you world to become more mystical.

Irisium by Maxtrilc

Irisium Mod ATOZ

[SBM] Fluid Gun by its_meow

A single block mod adding a fluid gun which allows players to shoot and suck in liquids at a range.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

mod_Trickshot865sEggplant by Trickshot865, MCreator

This is Trickshot865's Egg Plant Mod!

Mob Mash by Akrivus

Mob Mash adds several sophisticated and advanced new mobs to your Minecraft experience.


This is an example mod

HoloGui by McJty

HoloGui: Holographic guis

Tryhard Mod by OxLemonxO

Check tryhards