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RoadWorks by Jonathan

This mod adds in tar blocks and different paints

Local Skins by WGOS

With this mod, you can set skins for players on offline servers


This is an example mod


Explore The Solar System

Gravel Ores by Elucent

Simple gravel ores that appear on the surface.


A mod for the sword craft online server

XCustomizedBlade by LT_lrsoft


Ender Enhancement by Wavebrother

Enhance your Ender Experience!


Enter short description here


This is an private mod

Jadeds Shinies by boni

Adds things for Jadedcats modpacks.


Very firdt mod by Bynariiz


This is IphoneX V1.5

BaM's Grave

Instead of dropping your inventory on death, a grave will be dug in which a buried chest with your inventory and experience lies. The grave will be inscribed with your name and time of death. This helps to keep your things from getting lost or despawning.

Torch Optimizer by kreezxil

A mod visualizes the light level on top of blocks for the optimum placement of light sources.

Auto Third Person by quaternary

Automatically puts you in third person mode when you perform certain actions. Configurable!

GavisOpMod by GaviMC, MCreator

This is a really op mod, but it is also really expensive

Crazybombs by TheGhastModding (89_Mods)


Always Eat Mod by suppergerrie2

Makes it so you can always eat food, even when you are full.

Late OreDict Removal by codetaylor

Post-init removal of OreDict entries.

Dismantler by BloodWorkXGaming

A Tool used for dismantling multiblock structures in one go.

Ice Land by jeremi999bag, MCreator

New Biom, Bildings Block, Dimations and Mob



The Evil Dead Mod by LiamR99

This mod is based on the horror franchise The Evil Dead

Chicken Roulette by AtomicBlom

Will you risk it?

HyperDimensionalBag by A.K.

Add HyperDimensional Bags

Kenshiro Mod

Unleash your Manpower in dangerous bursts. Made of fists.


Enter short description here