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§3More Fuels Mod Light by §3B§bo§3r§be§3d

§b§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

A lib for BetterChunkLoader

Quartz 'n' Steel Mod by redstoneCircutor, baddaspig

A simple mod that adds a few more quartz-related items! - Original Version

Raycraft by tommy__123__

Apps Mod by Grillo78

Applications mod for MrCrayfis's Device Mod.

Simple Leather by MCOfficer

Smelt Rotten Flesh for Leather. easy.

[1.6.4] Aluminosity (v1.1.0) by Kart_Racer63

Adds various realistic metals and minerals as well as adding crafting/smelting recipes.

SnowCat's Library by SnowCat

This mod doesn't do anything, except that it provides utilities commonly used by mods created by me. Though I hope that other people can share their library so that I don't need to create my own.

Inventory Centerer by AnthonySan95

Never liked having the inventory shifted on the right by some effects? This is the mod for you.

Simply Tokens by GameGunner5

A token mod created for DIGITAL REALITY: HARDWIRED. These tokens are UNCRAFTABLE.


This is my mod

Particle Distance Increasinator by snak_attack

This mod increases the default particle view range from 16 to 256, allowing you to have much more fun with all your particle-y needs. This is a client-side mod, meaning that it doesn't have an effect on Minecraft servers - it'll actually crash them!

Instant Torches and Repeaters by krzyswit2

This mod adds to game instant torches and repeaters.

Edifice by Robert Herhold

Create and share structures with the community

TechnicalDimensions by modmuss50

TechnicalDimensions. Its a mod designed around technical travel between dimensions.

mod_Uranium_Mod by mklimek03, MCreator

This is my first modification.

WanionLib by WanionCane

Shared Code Library Used by (not)all WanionCane mods!


This is an example mod


Wild Potatoes, Carrots, Apples and Watermelon


Meet the team! Cojomax99, Corosus, fishtaco, MrRube, Mr_okushama, newthead, _303. The utopian idyllic getaway that you have been waiting for! Explore an entire dimension of relaxing beaches and dense rainforests while interacting with the native wildlife, tribes, and more!

The Tool Charging Mod by mardiff712

In another super OP mod, you can now charge your tools for the simple price of 133 iron and 4 diamonds!

Coal to Diamond by Aespher, HoloF0X

Lots of random stuff! You like stuff, right?

You're an expert, Harry! by quaternary

The new age of modpacks is here!

Fake Name by Tschipp

Fake Name adds a way to change your Ingame Display name

Different Utilities by Xsawor

Adds many Different Utilities.


The Obsidian Realm Mod is a dimension mod that adds new blocks, items, food, mobs and worlds to vanilla Minecraft.