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Break Cancel by momnop

Allows for modification of breaking blocks and outlines of those blocks.

Slime Compendium by Nikkzilla(Soraniki)

Adds many types of Slimes w/ more features to come

[Genuine] World Tooltips by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] World Tooltips is a client mod that adds in-world tooltips over items on the ground... So you can see what you're picking up.


Armor dy FallebDayZ


This is an example mod

Auto Harvest by RecursiveG

Automatically harvest and re-plant crops

Resonant Induction by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

Resonant Induction is a Minecraft mod that brings in realistic, world-based technology advancement experience into Minecraft.

tech opensource

Northcraft by PixelPacker

Northcraft mod

ToggleChat by Fury

Toggles chat on and off

MTS Caterpillar Pack

A Caterpillar Construction Pack for MTS!

Calemi's Util by Calemi, Kryto627


Adds MP3 Players and iPods to Minecraft 1.10.2, as well as a music disc!

Another One Bites The Dust by ganymedes01

A small mod that allows processing Ardite, Cobalt and Aluminium on IC2, TE3, Railcraft and Mekanism machines!


Enter short description here

Browser Compass by LP76, MCreator


Necrocraft by thePalindrome

Pushing the bounds of video game ethics!



MidiOut by icret

AngryMobs by TheKomputerKing

Adds hostile versions of non-hostile mobs.

GlitchFix by Calenria

Fixes some Dupe Bugs.

Additional Compression by RCXCrafter, Wealthyturtle

A Mod that Adds Compressed Blocks to Minecraft

Test Mod Please Ignore by magi093, People who know what they're doing

a completely useless mod, and a total waste of disk space. uninstall ASAP.

Craft rock extended by mAAAd

Adds some extra dependences through base rock in MC.

Valkyrien Warfare Drivers by Djeezuss

An addon mod to Valkyrien Warfare and OpenComputers.


Adds Dwarven Weapons and Armour to the game! As well as Tools!

mod_SolarSystemMod by blackopsIIbo2, MCreator

WIP , Travel to all new planets!

BoosterUnit by mes

adds booster unit to minecraft


This is an example mod


For craft the Redstone


it's fun

Better Furnaces by TheFrogMC (froschi3b,TheFMinecraft)

The Better Furnaces Mod adds more Furnaces to the game in order to help you save time and fuel, or you can double your ore income.