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This is an example mod

Kawo LMM Extension by dhs_lo_jd

Fun Ores by SilentChaos512

You might need them eventually!

Attack Chickens Mod by creepersgalore

Adds attack chickens.

Nichie Menu Mod by Nichie

Change minecraft Main and Ingame menu.

Orbis API by Brandon Pearce, Emile van Krieken

OrbisAPI allows developers to interact and use Orbis data structures. OrbisAPI wouldn't be possible without our supporters on Patreon! Consider supporting development at: View the source code and contribute to the Orbis project on our official GitLab here: We also have an official Discord server! Running into issues or have a question? Check out our support page here:

Bionisation 3 by Thunder(Thunderbird)

Viruses and bacteria in Minecraft

CampCraft Base by tomtomtom09

Sorts out the base of the mod, mainly the config file

Rollercoaster Mod by roboyobo, modmuss50

Adding the ability to create roller coaster tracks into minecraft!


This is an example mod

Air Overhaul (Drowning is Drowning) by Mark719

This mod makes it so you die when you drown, like you know what actually happens... The first bit of drowing damage you take will kill you instantly.


Mod avec token et rareté


Dieser Mod beinhaltet die Uniformen vom German-RolePlayMC Server


Enter short description here


This is an example mod

Brown Mod by Skek

Adds a Brown ore, along with tools and armor.

CurryriceMOD by ieshi8892


Smooth Highlight by MrSpring

Makes the block highlights smooth!

JsCraft by pcr3w

A JavaScript API for Minecraft Forge that allows you to create mods in JavaScript.

Cam's Unique Weaponry by Camellias

A bunch of weapons with unique ways of dealing damage, made by Cam.


This is an example mod

FastBridge Mod by Evgesha728

Example placeholder mod.

The Ritual of Chess by Katrix, Arekkuusu

Miscellaneous Mod by MusicIsLove1416

Much random, such stuff, yep!

MoreBlocksMod by PrettyPrincess56, MCreator

Puts more blocks into vanilla minecraft.

Mob Rebirth by The_Fireplace

Allows mobs to be reborn. Very highly configurable.