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MrBreach's Furnishings by MrBreach

Adds Furniture Into Minecraft!

AdventOfAscension by XolovA, Tslat - Code, Ursun - Assets

Nevermine the Eternal Isles, this is Advent of Ascension!


Mod with tools and Weapons

Bibliotheca by EwyBoy

A library mod

Fragile Torches by Lothrazar

Torches have a chance to break when passed through by any living entity (unless it is a sneaking player).

Friend Mod by ludde1337

Add friends so you can't attack them.


Flat world for games

AntMod by MonyaPlay, MCreator

Enter short description here

Tesla Core Lib by Face_of_Cat

just another electric machines lib


Adds A New Resource Dimension

EntityFinder by yamato(waco)

Auto Ore Dictionary Converter by MattDahEpic

Converts specified ore dictionary items on keybinding.

InviBlock by andrenoel

Super simple invisible block for mc1.7.10 (mc1.8 has its own)

Redstone Arsenal

Behold the Redstone (Flux) Revolution!


This is a StevenUniverse mod


This is mod for builders and people that don't like exploring and getting all kinds of materials in the open world. Enjoy!



WTFRocks by RCXcrafter

Addon for whiskytangofox's mods for more stone type compatibility

TooMuchArmor by avocadojoe

ever feel like there is not enough armor in minecaft? this mod allows you to craft armor out of lots of materials from vanilla minecraft!


Gives you more armor! Pretty cool stuff huh.

Magical Potions And Brews by RacerDelux

A mod all bout potions and brews, and well MAGIC! Create powerful artifacts, useful potions. Maybe even combine the two!


Add more horror to Minecraft with the Horror Mod D:!

Yellow Coal by AmazigJj

Yellow coal for your reactor


Bridge ExNihilo and EvilCraft!


Maintenance plugin for FearNixx

hPermissions by HoBoS_TaCo

hPermissions is a server-side permissions mod for a Forge-modded Minecraft server.

Prismatic by SkyHawkB, The_Stargazer