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SmoofyDungeon by Yeregorix

An advanced dungeon generator

Mob Control by Alexiy

Control creature behaviour, enemies, combat


This is an example mod

Better Chat by APengu

Improved PMs, Voice Calls and more!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

No Collide Carpets by Lyes Oussaiden

Stop those carpets from being so annoying!

Crafting Paradise by Lumaceon

Custom mod by Lumaceon for the Crafting Paradise modpack. Biome swappers, research notes and planets. Basically a 'glue' mod to patch up the pack and make it work nicely.

StalCraft2 by stal111

Coming Soon


Adds voice control for Minecraft - mainly for accessibility, but fun things happen if glasses are worn.

opensource accessibility


Adds in Compressed Things

Derp Cats mod by its_meow

This mod is an addition of funny and random cats to Minecraft! I hope you enjoy it.

Interaction Wheel by McJty

Interaction Wheel

Yanma Tweaks by Yankas

Various tweaks for the yanma mod pack..

Sushi Mod by Exline

Example placeholder mod.

Dark Theme Mod by Zeitheron

Turn off the lights!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Elements of Power by gigaherz

Magic for Minecraft

BookOTD by windy

Simple plugin for displaying a "message of the day" to players as a book.

Better crates by TheTestMod

Better storage of your items

sticky by The_Icy_One

Woodn't you like to know what this does? Leave this menu and find out.

MCE Shop Addon by シフト (Shift)


PlateMail by e706, MCreator

Plate Mail!




This is an example mod

SCP: Lockdown Extras by robertatkinson, MCreator

An addon for SCP:Lockdown.

Mayakplay GTA HUD by ExampleDude

Mayakplay GTA HUD

Porta Portal

Portable Portals in Minecraft

amulet by Meteor

Small ornaments carried by the player for its magical benefit.


Star Wars in minecraft!

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions by Cream Tea

This mod adds cosmetic additions to the mod Railcraft, by CovertJaguar.