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Some Like It Dry by SuperFluke

Enderfragments by Janek

The Enderfragments Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Ender fragments. It adds two new tiers of tools, the Ender Tools and the Ultimate Ender Tools. Ender Tools are as good as Diamond Tools, but have much less durability. They are crafted using Ender fragments. Ultimate Ender Tools are double as fast as Diamond Tools and deal more damage, but are also really expensive.

Server Utilities by rafii6311

Some useful functions for your server

Hospital Mod - Facilities Pack by Leon90, Leon Neary

Facility and miscellaneous items for the Hospital Mod

DragonWings Elytra by MessiahOfDoom

Dragon wings that work like an elytra.

Ridiculous World by SpitefulFox

A mod to make the Minecraft world a little more ridiculous.


Yellow Is Your Color


This mod add armor and effect


This is a mod based off of a fan game that was created by Nikson

Deltarune items Mod by The WAHctor, MCreator

A beta mod that ports items from Deltarune (Undertale 2) in to Minecraft!

AllTheThings by Shnupbups100, OmgImAlexis

Adds materials and stuff! WIP, do not expect everything to work.


Enter short description here

Zombies Mod by Reflxction

A Hypixel mod specifically designed for Zombies.


plus two monster and three boss five item


Adds CompRstone Stuff

Bed Patch by Mordenkainen3141

Quick fix for the stuck in bed issue.

Showcase by iLexiconn

Showcase your Tabula models

Push and Shove by killjoy1221

Adds back players being pushed around by other players and mobs.


Control over Minecraft's day/night cycle4


This is the sequel to Dream Mod 3


Adds craftable redstone armor and tools into Minecraft!

TrackingMod by TheTimeDefender, MCreator



This mod adds 23 new unique and exciting enchantments.


Pan_Truskawka045's bedwars star mod by Sk1er, boomboompower

Display a player's bedwars level above their head

Wetstone by legobmw99

A mod that adds some blocks which can turn lava into obsidian and act as farmland.

Experience Rings by MrComputerGhost

Simple Experience Rings.

Nanotech Server Addon

An addon for the nanotech server.

Gamestage Books by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Books that unlock gamestages when read.

Creative Tools by whitefang57

Useful creative tools for use in survival

Armor Tweaker by Rinart73

This mod allows users to modify armor and armor material stats, as well as create new armor materials.