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Better smelting,Magic Ball,more tools,more crafting recipes,more,more food and more armors!


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.

Day Z

An unknown infection has wiped out most of the world's population. Go Solo or team up with friends to take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

Cloud Storage by immibis

Totally not overpowered.


for 1.10.2


Linkseyi's ModMaker

AdmiralSlacker's Generator Mod by Moosmann00

Adds block generation methods and ores into Minecraft


Bringing the Steam Revolution to Minecraft

Extra Trainerskins by Ieuan

Adding extra trainer skins to Pixelmon

ClearSpam by Ruukas

Removes duplicate messages in chat. Inspired by AntiSpam feature in Wurst client.

Hey I Saved Your Stuff

Hey I Saved Your Stuff is a plugin which allows players to much more easily recover their items on death by spawning a chest containing their items when they die

Fortress Mod

Allows you to turn structures built of cobblestone, glass, nether brick, and/or doors into an unbreakable version while burning glowstone dust in a fortress generator.

Valentine's day mod by fapdos, MCreator

Valentine's day in minecraft

TyrellPlayz City Mod by TyrellPlayz

A mod that adds items and blocks to build a city

Dark Server Utilities by FailMelon

Server side mod for things, blah look in the config file.



EXCore by Elix_x

Elix'x Core

Turtle Mod by Lemonzap

A mod that adds in various turtles.

Jadeds Shinies by boni

Adds things for Jadedcats modpacks.

TFC-Additions by raymondbh

Additions to TerraFirmaCraft

ZZZZZ Custom Configs by ganymedes01

Allows for changing several aspects of the game. Create recipes, remove recipes, prevent spawns and several other things

Rarity by EasyLightning

A helper

Ender Zoo

More Mobs


This is an example mod

Weighted Inventories by

Re-Write of Weighted Inventories 1.3.2

Ultimate Vidium by Max51196 aka EGSOO aka Kasu

Build with the new material -Vidium- and master the World of Minecraft!


This is an example mod

Coal 2 Charcoal

Convert to your hearts intent.

MinePass by MinePass, SovereignMP

MinePass Network Game Server

ProPixel by CoderPixels

Hypixel Enhancements Mod.

mod_FoodPlus by sdvn, MCreator


Sky's Butter Mod by Romejanic

Adds majestic butter stuff to Minecraft


this is a fill land block

Basic Tools by pookerok, MCreator

Basic Tools mod provides early game tool option for modpack developers.

GT Command Executor by Thebombzen

TheRoundelMod by BT Beats, MCreator

a mod that adds in doctor who roundels