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HUDini by Teotw

Helpful information onscreen, Useful utilities suite which does a bunch of things. Built: 10/12/13 11:23 AM

Medival Empires Mod by fresan123

Make awsome battles

ModMenu by Straky04, MCreator

Add menu for your game

BlakeAlbedo by Weissmoon

Mod Lighting.


Adds Drops from Hostiles in Peaceful.

Integrated Tunnels by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Transfer other stuff over Integrated Dynamics networks

TickThreading by nallar

Mod which runs entity and tileEntity ticks in threads.

More Stuff Mod by C_ube_B, MCreator

Adds NPC's Armor and More!


RPG Additions to 1.7.10 features inspired by newer mc features!

Time Twister Mod by Spyeedy by Spyeedy

This mod was requested by Time Twister

ForgePerms by Legobear154

A basic permission manager for Forge Mods. Uses AlphAest PermissionEX as a fallback.

Drugs mod by Aden, MCreator

Irish Luck by MrAmericanMike

Irish Luck mod. You can only get this Mod from Minecraft Forums ( if you got it somewhere else you may want to consider delete it and download from Minecraft Forum.

Extra Golems Waila Addon by sky01

Adds golem tooltip descriptions for Waila compatibility

mod_ThnxCyaSneekPeek by Airsoftking118, MCreator

InventoryBook by ictrobot

NoXray by thomas15v


Bloodmoon by lumien

Adds the bloodmoon from terraria to minecraft

Nimble by Snownee

Nimble is a mod by Snownee.


AHO - Adventure Humans Online

No Enderman Pickup by Dj

A mod to disallow Enderman pickup!

Diamond Nugget by hellfire212

A diamond nugget.

SCandyFlossMod by ShaliAli, MCreator

ShaliAli's Candyfloss mod! (Part of the SWEET selection)


This is an example mod


The White Block Mob Mod

mod_DemonMod by EpicPieSlap, and WarHammer13, MCreator

Half of a mod i'm working on.

Advanced Genetics by ObsiLP

A mod created by ObsiLP which adds Genetic-Science to Minecraft.

Extruder Mod by awesommist

Adds Extruders to Minecraft!