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Block Tweaker by Ewy

Tweak Em All

TBECoinsMod by yannis2707

Adds coins to the game!

Glass Shards by ljfa

Adds glass shards dropped when breaking glass


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Industrial Renewal by CassioKF

A industrial content mod.

AudioBuffer by LocyDragon

AudioBuffer鈥斺?擸ou can play audio from server now!

Chisels & Bytes by Belgabor

Chisels & Bytes is an addon for the Minecraft mod Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2. The mod allows you to export a Chisels & Bits block as a descriptive file for the OpenComputers 3d printer and works client-side only.


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

Custom Greg Ore Generation by dohyun22

Generates Gregtech ore clusters.

Music Choices by Tmtravlr

Lets you change the music that plays in different dimensions and biomes, including modded ones. Also lets you play music in the menu. Put the music files in a folder 'MusicChoices' in the config file, in the folder with the number corresponding to the dimension ID (for example, the folder '-1' for the Nether), the 'Menu' folder for menu music, or the folder in one of the 'Biomes' or 'Biome Types' folders with the name of the biome / biome type you want them to play in.

Cathedral by FerreusVeritas

Provides blocks for building cathedrals and other fantasy structures

Basic Pickaxes

A few pickaxes to stop waisting diamonds!

SetNow by TehNut

Simple mod to set your bed spawn at any time of day

Aesthetic Effect by Silly511

Adds a bunch of small utilities that you can use to create an array of different visual effects.

DimensionLoader by Watschman

A Mod specifically designed for Asilians Quarry Problem.


for ITerr


Allows you to change your Particles setting though a button press


The UFO mod for minecraft


This is an example mod

ForageCraft by theishiopian

Makes surviving easier and more realistic by giving various blocks extra random drops.

Extra Moas by KingPhygieBoo

This mod is a parody on the Modding Leg-XD April fools joke, where a Moa Skin DLC was joked about.

OpenEntity by ben-mkiv

Addon which allows to manipulate entities