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Corail Pillar - Quark Extension by §9Corail

§eExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Quark Mod Blocks

Growthcraft Grapes by Gwafu

Growthcraft Grapes is a mod which adds a new totally crop to the game: grapes. It also comes with Wine-making.

p455w0rd's Things by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Stuff for 1.10.2

UltraSoftCore by Szernex

UltraHardCore's little brother, aimed to make life harder, but not too hard.

Weapons+ Mod

A Minecraft Forge Mod That Adds An Extensive Amount Of New Weapons To The Game.

Clashsoft's HUD Mod by Clashsoft



ExlineCraft: Exline Tweaks by Exline

Part of ExlineCraft. Villagers drop emeralds on death, craft saddles and more!

Colorful Tools by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

Bedwars Item Generator by Kreezxil

Generate items into your world with blocks like in Bedwars!


Adds two variations of end stone bricks. Serves as an example of how to integrate blocks into the Chisel mod.

Mythical Realm Mod by StrangeOne101

A wonderful realm filled with candy, death and ice!



Another Dusts by SetyCz

Early game ore doubling.

Traincraft by canitzp, EthernalBlueFlame, NitroxydeX

Traincraft a mod for minecraft

ColorBlocks 2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

CrazyBloodwing's Nether Cows Mod by CrazyBloodwing

Have you been gotten bored of normal Minecraft with nothing new well not any more, this mod adds 4 new cows to the game and 1 new item.

Pocket Dimension by Nokiyen

adds a tiny tiny dimension.

GreenHam by boq

Dyeable beacon beams


Underground Ocean by Reoseah

Small mod that adds large caverns filled with water to world generation.

Minecraft AutoMap by Brian Pearce

Enables AutoMap to connect to the Minecraft client.

Darty Potions by Darty11

A mod that adds new potion effects to minecraft. Effects are used by other mods. Currently, this mod does nothing to effect survival unless another mod uses its effects.


add AncientLandGolem and TerraGlove

MobTest by rich1051414