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Extra Bees by Binnie

Extra Bees is an addon for the Forestry Mod, by SirSengir, that adds 72 new species of bee and 37 new honey combs, most which can be centrifuged to give products from vanilla Minecraft, Forestry and other forge mods such as IndustrialCraft 2 and Railcraft. It also adds machine to manipulate and sort your bees.

addon bees

MC+ Craftsman ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for crafty Craftsmen! - The 2nd essential step in the 3 step process: Mine, Craft, Repeat.

Another Liquid Milk Mod by Mrbysco

Another mod to add a placable milk liquid.

DisconUtils by Disconsented

General Utility's mods

More Organized Player Menus by Vase of Petunias



Adds Calculators with hundreds of hidden recipes, animated textures, and ways to make survival less frustrating. Including easier ways to have some food and landscape your world. Work your way up through different levels of Calculators until you reach the Flawless Calculator. Find recipes that you can use as a weapon for your advantage. This mod is currently still in development and I am welcoming new ideas for additions to the mod. Thank you for trying the Calculator Mod

Marble Blocks by Kerberos


Zetta Industries by marcin212

Cute Hamster Mod by manmaed

Adds Cute Hamsters To the game!

FTBLib by LatvianModder

D-Extend by ExampleDude

The extended minecraft.

N.S.F. by marioateru, MCreator

Aprovecha la estrella del infierno!!!

Elder Arsenal by _Socol_


Ores are now able to benefit from Fortune! UPDATED TO 1.7

Time Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welches verschiedene Zeitintervalle abfängt und nach bestimmten Zeitintervallen Nachrichten anzeigt.

Gakais Flight Table by Gakai, olee

A table, that consumes fuel to grant creative-like flying capabilities. Range can be upgraded.


This is an example mod

NEI Addons by bdew

opensource util

Little Additions by Xintium

A mod that is what I want it to be.

Magic Energy by karelmikie3

A mod that's all around magical energy.


This is an example mod

The Rings of Power Mod

This mod adds Rings of Power from the Lord of the Rings to minecraft!


Splatoon and new World!!

BDM by Billy Playz

This mod creates more blocks for decoration, cinematics and more! Server friendly!

Tinkers' Compendium by Lance5057

A defense related expansion for TConstruct

Fission Based Neutron Collector by AceMuffins

A bridge between NuclearCraft and Avaritia that noone asked for. Why? I dont know.

redstonepumpkin by Cyberscript, MCreator

Togglable Iron Golems