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Project Bench by bau5

Project Bench - for all those failed crafting attempts because of forgotten materials

PSIonic Upgrades by WireSegal

Assorted addons for PSI.

More Nether Ores by GoodMiner

This mod give you more ores in the Nether


This Mod is for Minecraft 1.7.10 and was made in mcreator. This is my first published mod. The Reinforced Gold Mod is just an add on to gold like new armor and tools. My youtube is The_Squid_35

Spectrite by Samuel Harbord

Adds a new and extremely rare mineral to world generation!

Attacked Entity Hud by SiroQ

Show attacked entity to your screen.


Pastries Galore

Potato Armory by theorigamiauthor

An amazing armory full of potatoes and wonder

Colony Survival Mod by mr_noob_slayer, MCreator

Recreates Colony Survival by Pipliz in Minecraft

mod_Emeraldtools by Modded Potato(roadyjr), MCreator

emerald tools and armour now in OP tools

Electrical Networks Manager by Java_Power

this mod add electrical management ingame


This is an example mod



Excalibur DayZ

Survival mod to Minecraft

Minelennium Pets Mod by SoggyMustache

Mini Minecraft Mobs as Pets!?


Add more microblocks to Forge Multipart



Clumps by Jaredlll08

Clumps xp orbs together .

SKCraft Shenanigans by tonius11

Various things for SKCraft.


Expanding the amount of food in Minecraft while adding realism.


Adds new gems to the game


This mod adds decorations that can be used for helpfull things


Be IronMan (beta)


In this mode, let me add the king of the three legendary

Better Chat Mod by Sk1er

Better chat on hypixel.

LMM Bankbook by Karemomiji

for LittleMaidMobX Ver0.1.1. Automatically distribute sugar.


Transmute your items!

SleepingOverhaul by CosmicDan

Replaces 'skip-to-day' with a realistic time-lapse sleep, among other configurable enhancements.


This is a diamond mod in minecraft.

RandomPatches Integration by TheRandomLabs

An addon for RandomPatches that patches other mods.

Rock Grinder by IndieMod

This mod allows you to grind cobblestone into gravel into sand.

BrassKnuckles by loukl

a loukl mod

Compressables by Assassin00

Adds ways to compress certain items/blocks.

Breaking Bad Mod by StardustSugar!, MCreator

Cook like Heisenberg!