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Truss Mod by RainWarrior

A mod that adds RP2-style frames

Simple Barrels by Workshopcraft

This mod adds Simple Barrels to Minecraft.


This is a mod

MineCharacter by Jimmynator, hendyzone

TechnoDecorationsMod by Nachitus, MCreator


33kingkiller's Mod Core by 33kingkiller

33kingkiller's Mod Core. Most of my mods will now require this to run.

Skill Display Mod by yhr_C

Made by yhr_C.

Mumbo's Redstone Additions by supercat765, MumboJumbo

A mod of Mumbo's redstone aditions. As well as any others I find/choose to make/think of miself


SinisterItems for the Sinister Network

AutoUser by abused_master

A mod that adds in an auto user and liquid exp.

Ic2c Extras by Trinsdar, Razzokk

Dummy mod to keep curseforge page up. Did you read the discription?

Geolosys by oitsjustjose

Ores in Geological Systems added to Minecraft, logically!

Minecraft Rich Presence by dierke9

Mod that creates a Discord Rich Presence of your current game

Mob Farm by Shadows_of_Fire

Plants that spawn monsters


This is an example mod

Rainbow Oak Trees by csb987

A standalone implementation of the Twilight Forest Rainbow Oak Tree

Diamond Tipped Steel Mod by TheModMonster

Allows the Player to craft Steel Blocks, Tools, and Armor. You can even plate your tools with diamonds!

Mike Dongles by MrAmericanMike

Mike Dongles mod.

Turret Mod v3 by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds a bunch of turrets and turret-related stuff into the game.

Real-time translation mod by Ringosham

This mod translate your Minecraft chat in real time! Translation results are powered by Yandex Translation API. The Java wrapper of the API is powered by Robert Theis. DISCLAIMER: This is using a web translation service. Translation error is to be expected.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Dynmap-Nucleus by mikeprimm

Nucleus support for Dynmap

Auto Fishing

Auto Fishing!!!

Ze Torches by ILMABCRY

This is my first mod and I will bring alot of updates

Blockbuster by mchorse

The Machinima Studio

Handles by LotuxPunk

ComputerCraft integration for TARDIS Mod.


This mod adds peanuts, blueberries, blackberries, and more! Made by Conspiracy_risk with MCreator.

Modern Metals by cyb3rkat

Modern Metals Addon

Aquatic by UpcraftLP, abused_master, Sekwah41, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Radient_Sora

water based mod, with dimension

mod_D by d, MCreator


Bombastic Solution by xXEpicAleXx(Trackinator06), MCreator

The Best Solution for Gunpowder Crafting

Luppii's Green Mod by Luppii

Aesthetic items and blocks!