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Obsidian Crafting

Dawn of Time by grand_gibus

The great Millénaire mod. Millénaire is a mod about exploring the world and help custom villages to grow.

Order Of the stone lucy block by DeanTRP, MCreator

MagicEdit by K-dence

Magic Edit is a WorldEdit-like mod for Forge

Powns' Coords HUD by powns

A very customizable HUD which indicates your current coordinates.

Cool Creatures 1.1 by Gamer43, MCreator

Enter short description here

DBCHUtils by Abelatox

Mod complementario para el servidor DBC Hispano.

Ghostwatch by Watschman

Watschmans Ghostwatch Mod for a server project.


Chaoschunk themed tools!

Weis Mod by mrRaduga

Weis Mod

ExpandedRedstone by Reika

Expanded Redstone adds a few machines and tools that make redstone more useful and powerful. They are designed to 'feel' like vanilla, but work just as well in a heavily modded environment.

Rockhounding: Ore Tiers by GlobbyPotato

Turns the vanilla ores into tiers of them for a less cheaper and more challenging access to resources.

PlayerSeen by Pixtar

Displays the last time a player was seen.


A mod which brings Zoo in minecraft.

Weapon Levels by kenijey

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

The Clay mod by KeeperofMee

Expands the usage of clay in minecraft.

CustomIcon by Imcc

Little Blocks

The Little Blocks mod

Cosmos by Razr5, MCreator

A little bit of everything

Sword Skills API by coolAlias

Common API for DSS and ZSS provides intercompatibility for third party mod developers

PlaceableEndCrystals by Virtuoel

A mod that allows End Crystals to be placed anywhere. Placement blacklisting and whitelisting is available in the config.


This mod adds an ultimate spiky pickaxe to your minecraft world

ToMeTinkers by ToMe25

ToMe25's Tinkers Construct Addon.

HyperionCraft by DjGiannuzz

Firing incrase accuracy.

PFAA tweaks by wormzjl, SNIPER722

Tweaking mod for project PFAA

Вращение Земли Майнкрафтская

Customise the time length of Minecraft days.

BaM's Grave

Instead of dropping your inventory on death, a grave will be dug in which a buried chest with your inventory and experience lies. The grave will be inscribed with your name and time of death. This helps to keep your things from getting lost or despawning.


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

Portal Room by PriestTheBeast

Room with portal to places.