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Adventure Creator: Extra's by Ronan Stoffers

Just some extra things for my modpack. Needs the other mods of my modpack to make sense, mod will still work tho.

UndeadPlus by TechGuy543, GuitCube, RandumbDude, MrCompost, Tyler15555, Others

Undead+ adds a range of threatening new mobs to keep your Minecraft world alive and exciting during the night and while you're adventuring through caves.


This is an example mod

TorchBowMod by noriokun4649



Made in Russian

Xaero's Special Attacks by Xaero96

Adds ability to charge weapons to give them special attacks and extra 100 uses.

EqualDragons by TechnicianLP

All Dragons are created equal ...

ChatBubbles by MamiyaOtaru

ChatBubbles displays what people say -above their head

DataCircuits by tm1990

mod_Dogepie by , MCreator

ModifierItemName by A.K.

Rename Enchanted Item

Quality Order by Ruukas/Zjaelden

Takes creative tabs to new heights! This version was backporter from 1.10.2 so some features might be missing-


mod, who make lava your best friend!

AWH Haggis Mod by UltimateDillon

Adds Raw, Cooked and Golden Haggis items into the game!

Dust by Mowmaster

Crystals spawn naturally in the world,they can be used for all manner of things.

HomeSweetHome by NanobotZ

NanobotZ's mod, which is adding home and sethome commands.

CorundumOre1.1.0 by Smakced, MCreator

Corundum finally in minecraft!

FartFertilizer by MrAmericanMike

Fart Fertilizer Mod.


Fun and a Awesome way to have Stacy in your world.

In-Game Account Switcher by The_Fireplace

Allows you to change which account you are logged in to in-game, without having to restart Minecraft


Enter short description here


Cr4zyDm0d GG

Building Tools by Silver_David

Introduces a few tools to make building easier.

BTOOOM! by ´Ù¸¥ÇÏ·ç

[1.6.4] BTOOOM! v1.0


Become the Most Powerful Mermaid/Merman Alive!. It Also Includes Moon Magic!

GUI Scale Hack by Portablejim

For those who like high resolution displays (like 4k) and for who large is too small and auto is too large Do not change normal GUI scale when using this mod