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Nerd Alert by Reflxction

A mod which I have literally no idea why I made it.

Colored Flames by WolfAmaril

A purely decorative mod adding colored fire to miecraft

Item stacks by pixelmagic

this mod lets you set a items stack size using a config file


This is an example mod

Pikmin's Mo-Stuff by zeldanerd123

Better Lupines Mod by Slvr, Fishcat

This is a modification that introduces more types of wolves into your Minecraft world. Gotta tame them all!


New boots, basically :D


Gooey tools, armor and more :3


This is an example mod

WorldEdit by sk89q, wizjany, TomyLobo

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer.

ToolTweaks by Sven Lechner (SirWindfield)

Can be used to tweak any tools.

Inventory Management Mod by DaComputerNerd

A simple mod to allow better control over inventories in 1.7.10.

NagaraMod by nagara(huangshen)

nagara's first mod.

Vanilla Tech by APengu

Adds different handy items and blocks

Life Drain by Wolfie_Waffle

Is Blood Magic not risky enough for you?

Flower Tea

This is a simple mod that adds a couple of new drinks improving vanilla food and the use of the flowers. This new drinks can heal or poison you but always feed you when you need.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


This is a mod only for mods-pack IR

§2P§3r§4i§6s§9m §fMod!

Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Spring Green, etc ... These Colors and More Added ace wool this Mod, besides extra blocks to help decorate the house!

Hats Mod

Put any block on your head with the press of a button! (H)

Clear Glass Mod by canelex

Allows you to easily toggle glass visibility.

Repair Gem by David Ma

A Repair Gem that repairs items in the player's inventory


Enter short description here

Castle Defence by That Phunkeh Monkeh

Some custom items for the Castle Defence minigame

A Bit of Capes by Kriogenic, Jadar

A mod which adds capes specifically for A Bit of Everything mod pack

[SBM] Merpig by Darkguardsman

Ridable sea creature

Crystal Bearers by Lomeli12


Construct mechanisms that interact with the world

Creeper Nuggets by VpzomTrrfrt

Salmonium by Minettyx

Mod dei salmoni


Fuck me

DjsCore by Dj

Example placeholder mod.