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This is Another Addon For OreSpawn That adds 6 new yogurts into your game! i hope you enjoy!


This is an example mod

Iron Man Mod

The Iron Man Mod!

The Gaia Dimension by Androsa

Explore the fantastical land of Gaia and uncover the secrets within.

Quantimate by ZeraKanzen7/Saiber Rida, MCreator

Quantimate mod

DeathCounter by iChun

This mod adds a way for the server to calculate the number of deaths a player has (since its installation).

Chocolate Mod by Pixel_craft554

This mod adds in various different chocolate items!


Place your tools in the world!

Enderthing by gigaherz

Shared inventories with chests and keys

HarDeath by FeelZoR

Makes the death scarier than ever.

JJ Skill by JdiJack

Example placeholder mod.

Leveled difficulty by Naturaspell

Add a new leveling system to minecraft.

§4§lMore Fuels Mod by §4B§6o§4r§6e§4d

§6§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

Ore Controller by Terrails

Make custom ore generation for any block.

MiningLib by MiningMark48

Library mod for MiningMark48's mods.

ほえすとりーふぉーまいんくらふと by えだ豆とトリ(edamametotori)

クワを追加します...Hoe Hoe and Hoe

Tiered Hammers by Squirtle8459

Adds a few simple tiered hammers..


Every Skyblock player needs

JadedSpawn by Jadedcat

Spawning fix for Agrarian's Sky


Fuerza en minecraft?

More EMC by MalangBaram, hasunwoo

EE3 Addon which adds bunch of useful transmutation recipes and commands.


An alpha version of this mod

Refined Storage Infinite Wireless by Aang23

Adds back the infinite wireless transmitter ! Based on Refined Storage Addons.

Lava Crystal by DrSlenderman, MCreator

-_Sample text_-

Infused Weaponry by Luisito

Op Tools.

Omega Craft by Cobbs

Tech side of TSON

DeathJustys Crazy Turtle Mod by TheGeekyGuy101, DeathJusty, iLexiconn

Add turtles and other crazy things!

MobAmputation by iChun

Tools will have a random chance of amputating limbs of mobs. Swords and axes being the highest, followed by pickaxes, arrows and fishing hooks, and finally spades.


Enter short description here

Autoverse by masa

Automation and logic by item flow

Gentle Harvest by Domochevsky

Automatically replants crops.