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Gives you more armor! Pretty cool stuff huh.


This is an example mod

Location Saver by Sytheren

Saves your location so you can teleport there anytime you want for the cost of a few hearts.

WorldAndGenerationTweaks by Thebombzen

WorldAndGenerationTweaks provides various assorted tweaks to terrain generation.

worldgen tweak


Mod that add some useful things to Open Computers


6 Dimensions Added

Omni-Goggles by Selim_042

Adds a singular pair of goggles, with the HUD effects of different mod's helmets.

PickleTweaks by BlakeBr0

Adds random blocks and items that I use in my Pickle Packs!


A WIP mod indev.

BuildApi by Forge-1.7.10-

API for coder


A mod focused on magical artifacts only found in dungeons

Charcoal Block Mod by ExampleDude

Adds a charcoal block and some new coal/charcoal as well

Storage Drawers Extras by jaquadro

Additional drawers from third party materials.

Unhealthy Dying by Mrbysco

Losing health from dying.


This is an example mod

FarmCraft 2 by Grossik and GravelCZLP

This mod adds new plants, trees, fruits, vegetables and many other things.


This is an example mod

Own NameTAG Mod by RANKTW

NameTAG Mod.

CraftableEXP by grabmyrooster

Adds a crafting recipe for Bottle 'O Enchanting


Alot Of Bug Fixes And A New Dimension!!!

Dynamic Elevators by Slime Void Crew

The Dynamic Elevators mod

Influence by ExampleDude

Mod Api.


This is a Filllykung mod :)

CJB_MobFilter by otakux


Just Enough Tins by Sssssh, MCreator

Lots of tins!

NationsCapes by Noppes

Adds multiple functionalities for

Dakimakura Mod by RiskyKen

Allows players to place Dakimakuras on their beds and around the world.

Minecraft Uncovered - 1.8 to 1.7 (OlympicNetwork version) by TheSilkMiner

Would you like to have all the new features of Minecraft 1.8 without losing all your mods? Now you can with the Minecraft Uncovered Mod! Special version only for OlympicNetowrk!