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NyaSama Electricity by NSDN

NyaSama electricity mod.


Adds a safe block that protects items you store in it from other people.

KAGIC by §bAkrivus§7

KAGIC adds Kindergartens from Steven Universe which the player can use to create Gems that protect, transport, and work for them.



easytechnology by Zavar30

More Stuff Mod by Call_Me_Boss_01 and TheShadowFreakx

The Best Mod In The Universe Obviously

Delta-9 by Helswake aka Xmetaphysics

Addon for the Delta-9 modpack.

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

SGS Treasure 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone, Mason

This mod adds treasure and adventure to vanilla minecraft.

Time Twister Mod by Spyeedy by Spyeedy

This mod was requested by Time Twister


Adds a variety of buttons and switches.

masterweapons by Quinten Jungblut, MCreator

Bug solved. Items upgraded

Hypixel - #StopToxicity by boomboompower

This mod allows you to toggle your chat to prevent you from being able to say toxic things. |§r Made with §d<3§r by boomboompower

Thaumcraft Gax Fix by Taelnia

Registers Thaumcraft Flux Gas into the Fluid Registry.

Tiny Storage by TintheBrick

Smaller, cuter, more compact storage options!

Carpenter's Blocks adapter for TFC by KotoroShinoto

Makes adjustments so Carpenter's Blocks works sanely with TFC

§9Soggy Guns by §6SoggyMustache

§5New Types Of Guns For Projectiles

SetNow by TehNut

Simple mod to set your bed spawn at any time of day


Simply Sulfur

Safe 1.0.0 by safe7229, MCreator

A safe mod

Darko Tweaks by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Various totally-not-evil tweaks to Minecraft for Darkosto's modpacks

NoteblockTweak by CharlieJiang

A mod allows controling noteblocks by note like 'A#5'. Only compatible with Piano+ respack yet.

Crundee Mod by Wartrash1111

A quick mod in prep for Sky Factory 2.0

Itemdex by Cepera

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Bound Blocks by GamersMods

Adds Bound block to the game!

Lever & Button Lights by Kreezxil

Levers that lights and buttons that flash.

RPG Race Mod Races by KillerOfCubes

Adds races for RPG Race Mod.

Smokefilter 1.12.2 by Peridot / MaincrafterDE, MCreator

get fuel by filtering the air

Ayataka Mod by shu3

The last choice is Ayataka