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Blight by Camellias_

SilentBoss by LX_Gaming

Silence the bosses Patreon - Source -

Hardcore Island by Team Jakojäännös

'cos losing is fun!

DixPeripherals by MarcusD

Example placeholder mod.

EMP Append by leety4

A mod that makes androids not immune to EMP strikes.

mod_Artkbaltools7 by Artkbal, MCreator

Venomous Fangs by Cleverpanda

Cave spiders drop venomous fangs which can be crafted into poison arrows



Food Funk by Stormwind99

What is that funky smell in my backpack? Food spoils over time. Any item can be configured to rot.

DimensionalCore by Silly511

Core for all of Silly511's mods.

ZoomIt by OndraSter

Simple Forge-compatible zoom mod.

GottschCore by gottsch

Base API for all my mods.

§6Ore Core by §7XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This is the Ore Core mod

Assassins creed by charbot3000, MCreator

Enter short description here

Memory Bar by Henry Loenwind

Adds the splash screen memory bar to the F3 screen, and with a hotkey to the ingame HUD

Concrete Extends by Acness

Adding concrete stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates and pillars.

Frastel Mod by Frastock, MCreator

frastock � il re

Lemon's Simple Teleporters by Lemonszz

A simple mod for teleportation!


This is Alpha so There isn't much

GCMA2 by short1der

Mod created by short1der for GC staff members.


New Version: Crash Bug Fixed

BEMachines by bonin888, MCreator

Adds some cool machines!

More Ores for 1.12.2 by SwaggySheep, MCreator

Adds some more ores and equipment for minecraft 1.12.2


Diamond Bot Easy Recipe


Stick Of Death is OP

ID Cleaner

Tries to clean missing block and item ids


OpenComputers addon, allows for dynamically creating floppies in your filesystem.

Modular Furnace by pauljoda

Build your own furnace!

ZMB by Xx_win10_xX, MCreator

New! Zombie MOD(ZMB)!!

Event MOD by oliwe, MCreator

Enter short description here

EnetBridge by Player

IC2-x Energy Net Bridge.

RedPower by Eloraam

Power your world, comrade!

NVL's Universal Help by NVL

This block gives the crafting recipes and short description of all NVL's blocks and items available.

Update Checker by Tminor1

Will check for an update for Fun Craft Mod Pack 2.

MyPermissions by Legobear154, AfterWind, Dariusc93

Universial Permission System.


This mod adds in all kinds of ore dimensions

Better Without Elves by BeetoGuy

A Better With Mods/Botania bridge.

Slime Mod (SSP)

This mod expands your F3 screen to indicate whether you're in a slime-spawning area. It takes both slime chunks and swamps into account, and also checks the height. Only works in SMP if seed is manually typed into config file.

Simple Beetroot by Lothrazar

Beetroot inspired by MCPE.