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Bedrock Is Flat

YouTube Chat by SteveKunG, PeregrineZ, jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Live Stream Chat.

Phantasy by Yoh, MCreator

Welcome to folly!!

Crocoducks by Akrivus

This mod adds the infamous crocoduck to Minecraft. Found in swamps, crocoducks enjoy swimming, basking in the sun, and feasting on wary livestock, villagers, and players.

Amulets by ペコリン


Useful Redstone Reborn by _TheCreator_ (ported to 1.12.2 by _Maxmos_), MCreator

With new redstone content, make the game funnier !


for 1.10.2

Resource Pack HUD by phantamanta44

Allows resource pack authors to modify the structure of the in-game HUD.

Toxic Rain

Rain poisons you! Also an enchantment for armor to help prevent it.

Craftable Elytra by Marxim_

This mods adds craftable Elytras through a new item in the game

Automated Redstone by CD4017BE

Better redstone cables and programmable circuits

You Ate my Mother by empiricist

Animals are more observant now.

JeckelMilkMod by JayJeckel

JeckelMilkMod implements milk as a custom fluid, allowing it to be used in fluid systems, similar to water and lava.


Relive the nightmare

Nether Ores Plus++ by Cursed Warrior, MCreator

Adds Nether Ores Plus++

Exotic Matter by Grondag (aka Zaerudath)

Common utility library for Grondag's mods.


This mod adds items and blocks from Mario Kart!

Galacicraft Pixel Sun by RamiLego4Game, Flashy-3, TheUnknownPlayer

Galacticraft 2 Add-on That Adds New Galaxy (Pixel Galaxy)

Everything Glows by ThatGamerBlue

Everything is glowing!

Another Dusts by SetyCz

Early game ore doubling.


UnimCraft adds new Items and Blocks!

Dark Server Utilities by FailMelon

Server side mod for things, blah look in the config file.

RandomPatches Integration by TheRandomLabs

An addon for RandomPatches that patches other mods.


This adds 1 type of food: the breadfish.

mod_Slendercraft2 by RadDevVan101

PFLMGrayOutFix by Ferne

Gold In Them Thar Hills by Lapiman

Panning for gold. Done for The Modding Trials

Music Fix

Fixes the music overlap in 1.7.2, specifically with background music and records.

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Adds extended shader support to minecraft , including multiple post- processing effects and multiple shader effects at once.

The Heaven Mod by Radioavtive llamas, MCreator