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Extinguish by meee39

Type /extinguish to extinguish all fire within 200 blocks of you

Limited Resources by DerOli82

Limits Block placing per Player.


This is an example mod

Cacophony Janitor

The guy who has to do the dirty work so that everyone else can live and work in a clean and productive environment.

§eCustomized Dungeon Loot by §6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new vanilla dungeon loot with special abilities, like enchantments, custom names, attributes, effects and more to the game!

Bow Scope by noung, ghost

this mod is scope for bow how to use press num + or num - and press z for use.

Infinitely Spreading Water by Techern_Cruz, HoldYourWaffle

Fill up your pools and dams with these creative items

ReplayModAddon by Gabber235

Addon for the replay mod


Revamp of original SkyCraft mod.

Unikitty Mod by Pauls Mods

Adds Unikittys which can be tamed as pets & a very OP armor.


Weapons 'n Drills


Now there are pretty barrier blocks in Minecraft that you can craft, and use to make something look, like its dangerous or noby may go in there!

KinetiCraft2 by mengy007

Adds a kinetic way of generating and storing RF power.

Project: Vibrant Journeys by jt9

A mod that adds new things that spice up your game. Aimed at decorating the world while not being intrusive on gameplay.

mod_Pigs by alcide6, MCreator

Just Pigs OR IS IT......

mod_DUELMONSTERS by TFGalvatron, MCreator


Igneous Extras by Cruz Bishop

Extra igneous blocks for your Minecraft adventure

FizzyDrinks Mod by mateu9999


Xenorite by GCM aka UsernameZero

More Ores, Items And Much More To Come!

Selim Backpacks by Selim_042

Example placeholder mod.

ExtendedHorseStats by LordPuddii

A mod that shows the stats of a horse when clicking on them with a nametag.


This mod adds Snow Lapis Tools that works well with the snow dimension mod.

EPS Mod by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir EP Staerke an

Yastm by UnRealDinnerbone

Yet Another Simple Telrpoter Mod

Food Funk by Stormwind99

What is that funky smell in my backpack? Food spoils over time. Any item can be configured to rot.


Adds Permenant Potion Effects

WR-CBE Addons by ChickenBones

Various wireless devices

PokeBuy by Cepera

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