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Mob Stacker by blupilot

An item that lets you stack mobs on top of each other.

Pandora's Box

Adds Pandora's Box to the game. What does it do? There's only one way to find out...

InGame Info XML by Lunatrius

Display extra information on top of your ingame screen.

opensource clientside HUD


A mod with EVERYTHING and some randome stuff like angles...

Ender Advancement by wundrweapon

The power of the Enderman has increased ten fold! Just what will you do with it?

Craftable Loot Bags by joeylego776

Lets you craft loot bags.

r2s_Radio by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Radio Mod this is a mod witch is all about music, Be patient its in dev. phase go and spread the words the r2s_team

Delicious Mod by ChickenBond007

This mod add to game delicious food and materials.


New Enchantment System like the Materia System in FinalFantasy 7

Lucky Beans by Jacky1356400

Bean Boozled in Minecraft!

Villager Trade Tables by crazysnailboy

Like loot tables, but for villager trading

RFTools Power / OC Integration by BrisingrAerowing

RFTools Power / OC Integration

ColouredBlocks Mod by UnderMybrella

The uncolourable can become colourable


This is an example mod

NotInMinecraft Mod by 01110111010 (Ben)

Mod adding unimplemented and removed features... that mojang STOLE from you! Need Help? Go to the post!

Quick Stack by Vorquel

Now you can quick stack to chests like Terraria!


This is an example mod

Twitter2MC by ScarabCoder

Use Twitter in Minecraft!

Resonant Induction Archaic by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

tech opensource

Hobo's Dyeable Chickens by hoborific

Dyeable Chickens for your pleasure.

Thaumic Errata by KryptonCaptain

Compatibility tweaks for Thaumcraft addons and other mods

Hunger Persistence by squeek

Persists hunger across deaths

Old World Gen by ted80

WaterCraft mod by houdhakker2 by houdhakker2

This is made by houdhekker2 and its always gone bee.

WHAT by BordListian

Local modder obtains unlimited power.

Rough Tweaks by Lellson

Adds a bit of extra difficulty

Better Deco by enwash, beeshroom, Merlijn (DutchM/merren2306)

Adds some useful things! And some useless things. Actually, like, a lot of useless things.

MC Paint by ichttt

A mod that lets you paint a bunch of blocks.