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StepAssist Control by BlayTheNinth

Adds a key to toggle step assist provided by other mods, such as Botania.

Project Intelligence by brandon3055


Creative Wand 1.0.1 by Mihai824, MCreator

Enter short description here

Rhaizzing Core by TonRZN

Main framework for Team Rhaizzing Modding's mods

Instant Vape Mod by Erouax

Instantly inject Vape.

Legendary Beasts by Davidee

This mod adds new Legendary Beasts to the game

Lava Furnace by Mierzen

Enables furnaces to be heated using lava fuel blocks (placed below).


Can't go to the nether? No probem! Install this and you won't need to go to the nether again!


Qusta mod aggiunge molto cibo

Mod Name fire by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here


StyleGame's SVP Mod

RoMiMoCo-Ores by the_rooster

Add JSON Defined ores, and associated items

Pokémon: Disciples of Corruption

PkmnMD: Disciples of Corruption is a Pokémon themed Forge mod weakly named after Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

mobs survival


This is for real Doenermen!

CustomSkinLoader by xfl03

Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft

mod_HolyTools by thisISNOTalex26, MCreator

Power Of The Gods

Villager Player by I don't think I have a nickname for myself

A mod that shows villagers as players

Combined Potions by crazysnailboy

Allow crafting of multiple potions into a single potion with multiple effects

Reactor Stuff by EnderiumSmith

An ic2 addon for more nuclear fuels

CarbonTools by DCPlaya

Carbon Tools


These MagicalPods Are Very Useful


This Adds Lots Of Addons To Skyfacotry


Filled ores mod lite version 8

No Nether Needed by KakesRevenge

You dont need to go to nether with this mod !

General Disasters by general223

Adds a range of natural disasters that can appear throughout your world by chance

CraftPresence by CDA_Gaming

Completely Customize the way others see you play in Discord!

Blue Ice Additions by SnowyShiro

Adds Ice Tools, Armor and Shards


This is an example mod

NBS Recorder by leduyquang753

Records note block songs and save them as NBS files!

PortalGun by iChun

Add the portal gun and many other portal elements into Minecraft.


This is an example mod