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Deathways by Darkrising

What lurks in the darkness?

Faucets and Filters by Dreadwing93

Adds Hopper Pipes, Filters, and Faucets.

Swords craft by HerobrineMinecraftYout, MCreator

chillerturtle by snooozer

I like Turtelz!


This is an example mod

VanillaDeathChest by TheRandomLabs, OpenMods

Takes the gravestone from OpenBlocks and replaces it with a vanilla chest.

SimplyAutoSwitch by Gods


FoodForYou by Evele, MCreator

This mod add new types of food ^^

Extended Items and Ores Mod by Creares

upgrades minecraft by adding new ores and items to find and create.

mod_IDNTECH by alcide6 (Batch Code), MCreator

The IDN Tech Mod

Minelennium Pets Mod by SoggyMustache

Mini Minecraft Mobs as Pets!?

Pieces of Ore 1.11.2 by MaincrafterDe, MCreator

This mod adds ore generation on the surface

Hadite Coal by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Hadite Coal, a utility ore from the Nether, plus two alloys

Better Actionbar by Cyntheon

Draws a shadow under the actionbar

overpowered Potato by biswop

This mod adds various items made out of potatoes

Minecraft Pi API by kbsriram

Provide Minecraft Pi API for regular Minecraft.

SafeZone by Melonslise

No better way to protect yourself! One of the best server protection tools.


This is an example mod


Adds new quests after the end

Invisible Armor

ArmorBeGone! Limited time offer. Act now!.

Ultra Addons by Andrey96

Some features for UltraMC servers

Star Wars mod by Digital Dragon Studios

The whole StarWars universe in minecraft!

More Commands by MrNobody98

Mod to extend Minecraft Commands

Nylon Players by Reflxction

A mod which gives you the ability to turn players to translucent view.

HardCore Nomad

Example placeholder mod.

AquaTech by NytStalker

Water Tech

VortexPower by appelgebakje22, sandvich2302, TeamS

New machines, tools, ores and more!

LittleMaidDragonRE by yamato(waco), SATO-REI

LittleMaidDragon for 1.12.2