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Mischief & Mayhem by Veshati

Full of ores, items, functional and decorational blocks, etc. This mod is a WIP.

Mining Ore Dimension by imaharupaz, MCreator

World and Chaos!!

Mike Addon by mike_ultimate2

its an addon for kagic mod.

Peaceful Mobs Loots by Adrionixe

Obtenez l'ensemble des loots de mobs en peaceful


DbcHyper criado por Gox113 e SrLyon


This is the last version of IPhoneX (may be updated later)

Fluid Converters by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Declare and convert Fluid groups.

TNT-onlys by CasperThePancake, MCreator

Rail Wand by Keary Parinis

Rail Wand that can make rail paths by right-clicking on start and end points. Secret bonus in the Nether.


This is an example mod

test2 by tatsu, MCreator

Not Enough Resources by hilburn, way2muchnoise

Adds Resources and Mob Drops to NEI

§bMore Blocks Mod by '§bMCE626§f' §bSteve§f

Adds more blocks and items!

TpsCollector by Dogboy21

Sammelt die TPS Daten des Servers und sendet sie an eine globale Datenbank

Not Enoug Food by DarkHorseYT, MCreator

Are you like food? Yes? ENJOY!

mod_MaquinasExpendedoras by Kautro, MCreator


Adds presents to give to your freinds and cash. The cash isn't that good. D:

ReiMinimap - Forge

Forge port for ReiMinimap.

The Cook Mod

§2You want more food,§1 this is your mod !

Extra Achievements

More to Strive for in the world of minecraftia!

Player Progression by 115kino

A mod in which tools, weapons and armor are upgradeable.

KTN-DBC-HUD by Kirdow, ThaUnknown

Addon for DBC adding a neat HUD

Algane by phantamanta44

A laser gun and nothing else.

Weapon_Mod by TinniestJoker82, MCreator

Play Button by ArshiaDPG, Dotu, MCreator

Spider Queen - Reborn

A revival of the popular Spider Queen mod by djoslin.

What Is Its EMC? by Lomeli12

Shows you the EMC of a block and if you can learn it.

BetterTabOverlayMod by Yario

A mod for funcraft with a better tab overlay with ratio kills deaths and ping.

Mob Control by Alexiy

Control creature behaviour, enemies, combat

FenceSlabMod by defeatedcrow


Adding new items, blocks, weapons, tools, etc.

Magician's Artifice by poppypoppop, allout58, Mitchellbrine, kkaylium, MrComputerGhost