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Mob Ores by spellbyte

A Minecraft mod that allows hostile mobs drops to be found in overworld ore generation.



mod_Spy by Shanedaman112

Be a spy with your full Black Suit and Grenade Sticks, trick your friends with holograms!


This mod adds a hunger snack.


The Ultimate Essentials Plugin.


LastSurvivor mod.

JustItemCleaner by BunnmimiTotem

Added a simplified command to clean up items quickly.

Blood Arsenal Vampire Patcher by UvMidnight

Allows the Vampire Costume from Blood Arsenal to be made year round. About 4 years too late

modao by Administrator, MCreator

Blocks Mod by Hazzawebb

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IngameInfo by bspkrs

Want to know how much score you have without having to die? In need of real time information like weather, light level or your world size as you explore? Then this mod is for you!

clientside HUD opensource

Survival Industry: Flint Chisel by jeffpeng

Adds a chisel to the game that is made of flintstone.


adds superpowers to minecraft


Adds an expansion of cool, crazy, and twisted mobs!

Vortex Mod by Owner

Afk #1 by Taoism DeepLake

A mod trial on afk.

Loenwind's Ore Shards by Henry Loenwind

This mod provides low yield ores for map makers.

Abyss: Voice by EleC0TroN

The deeper you sink, the deeper the abyss becomes...

Tidy Chunk by OreCruncher

Removes EntityItems after chunk generation

Cave Ores by AlexIIL

TombManyPlugins Techguns by M4thG33k

A plugin for Tomb Many Graves 2 adding compatibility with Galacticraft

Mystcraft Turtle Upgrade by zeeZ

Turtle uprades for Mystcraft

Horse Stats by Mr_Little_Kitty

Shows the stats of horses

JointBlockPlus by firis-games

JointBlock Addon mod.

ExcavationMod by hotrodman106, MCreator

This adds a wand of excavation

Dat Modding API by Dem Modders

An API containing useful java stuff for Dem Modders

Container by snowstep115

Simple Infinite Storage.

MekanismInduction by aidancbrady

Induction module of Mekanism.

Invisible Gear by Nugget

A mod with Invisible Gear And Tools

Mob Properties by FatherToast

This mod allows you to customize all mobs, vanilla or otherwise, with completely configurable drops, attributes, equipment, potion effects, and even NBT data.

mobs tweak


Adds various new flowers


Adds missing vanilla minecraft stuff



Hungry Zombies by Icynewyear

Zombies attack wildlife

Old Java Warning by Darkhax

Warns about old Java..


Beta Version!

google ruda by prusak, MCreator


This mod adds cool 3d Weapons in to minecraft

Genarator by code: _Zixel_

Remove ocean biome