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This is an example mod


This is an example mod

finalblade by fox



mod, who make lava your best friend!

ExtendPolyphonyLimit by piccho2112

Extends the PolyphonyLimit.


JavalCars is a mod make by TeamJaval that adds in cars that you can use to travel around your world!

akkamaddi's Core API by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Required library of common functions for akkamaddi's Additions

Aquatic Odyssey by Creators: Marioz & Coda, Model, Block, and Texture Curators: Marioz, Coda, Keaka, AaronTV, Anomalocaris, King Vampyre, ,Dino Master, Yamazaki, Carro1. Music/Sound Effects MCreator: Mr. Esuoh,, MCreator

Adds in 1.13 Coral, New Coral, and an array of various Marine Animals. (New name of the mod will be announced in a later update!!! ) Some Revovations in the mod entirely is going to be in the works. Including proper coding and some new mobs to be announced in the future.

Galacticraft Phobians by jasonB221

This Galacticraft addon brings a story line to Galacticraft

FirstMod by Qu Xiangxuan

Just a test!


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Wynncraft Inventory Manager 2 by nbcss

Provide certain utilities for play wynncraft server

Mythology Mod by Wizzard_Lord, MCreator

Friend Namer by Cyb3rwarri0r8

A Mod that you can use to add custom names to your friends

ExplorerCraft by Zeno410

ExplorerCraft allows aligning maps for display and copying overlapping sections between maps.

Wasteland Mod by 115kino

The wasteland mod is a mod that adds a new survival element to Minecraft.

Computer Craft Framework by Edward Yeung (Eyeballcode).

Needed for some mods, by me and other people.

Ice and Shadow I - Enter Nyx by TheRabbitologist

A brutal yet rewarding frozen dimension for the avaricious and masochistic.

Super Alternative Recipes by Xesaniel

Provides several alternative ways to either enhance crafting recipes or gather normally unobtainable items.

Tinkers' Addons by oitsjustjose

Adding back old modifiers to Tinkers' Construct 2.0

Gallifreyan Part Pack

Automobile Engines that are out of this world!


This is an example mod

Cube World by therealergo

Therealergo's Cube World mod. Adds a world type where the entire world is made up of different biomes, broken up into floating glass cubes.


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

AutoPrinter by Lucas_gamer13

Print Automatico

§4§lSomera§2§lMOD by Somera

Um simples MOD com AutoSprint e pequenas utilidades administrativas.

NoXenoByte by ExampleDude



This is an example mod

MusicCraft by Ktos94852

'Note Blocks? Haha, very funny. I've got real instruments!'

mod_quickalchemy by jpbeat, MCreator

Transmutation on the go

More Than A Pickaxe by coolsim

This mod is an add-on to SurvivalPlus that adds a multitool which is a pickaxe, axe, sword, hoe, and shovel.


More Ingots! More Tools! More All!


This is an example mod

Too Many Efficiency Losses by Caffeinated Pinkie

Gives you a much needed break from the ridiculous Extra Utilities 2 power efficiency loss.