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Futuristic Robotics 1.12.2 by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Enter short description here

Better Hit Registration by Javlin

Dynamically modifies your connection, optimizing packet transfer for longer hits.

TerraCart by Lime

Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time!

Ender-Thermic Pump Mod by Zandra

A pump that mimics Extra Utilitie's Ender-Thermic Pump

Colorful Armor

Dye all your armor.


Mod adds zombie ores such as coal, iron, gold, diamond and other ores.


Ever wanted a Xbox360 or a PS4 in your mc world?

Minecraft Future by Herobrine

Adds features from future updates.

mod_NarutoCraftppuden by Tailsthefox1129, MCreator

A Naruto Shippuden based mod!

Deep Miner by Meldexun

Some soft vanilla tweaks.

Resizing Potion by Camellias_

It adds 2 potions to resize the player.


Hmmm... a better armor than the royal set?

VMOD by Xx_win10_xX, MCreator

Villager MOD(VMOD)

Zyan Craft by Zyansheep

There Are three parts Zever, Chocolate and Dragon lets see what you can do!

Doomlike Dungeons

Doomlike Dungeons adds dungeons for those who want adventure, danger, and, uh, violence. This was inspired by Oblige, the level generator for Doom and similar games

survival dungeons worldgen

Creeper Queen Revived by Hawktalon

This mod adds the Creeper Queen, a giant creeper boss who spawns in creepers to defend herself.

Virus Mod

Nowhere is safe...


This is an example mod

JABBA by ProfMobius

Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is a storage mod aiming at making a better barrel than what is already out there. It introduces one block (the barrel itself), a set of upgrades and a dolly to move things around.



This mod adds craft eggs the call and spawner

DeltaModMegaBeta by DeltaZeqir, MCreator

Enter short description here


Final copy!

CraftyTweaks by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds crafting recipes.

Deep Mob Learning - Blood Magic Addon by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Need blood? We got ya fam.

Styled Blocks by The_Wabbit

Adds missing stairs and slabs for standard Minecraft stone blocks. Add dozens of new block styles for standard block materials! Adds glass half-slabs.

Stacks on Stacks! by PRIMETOXINZ

A mod that adds ingot piles like those of Terrafirmacraft

ModMenu by Straky04, MCreator

Add menu for your game

Knifez by Eric Creation

This mod adds knifez to the game.

LANBroadcaster by Kneelawk, Ruan942

A mod for the host who wants their server to be visible on lan.