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Convenient Items by HellerTech

A mod for storing items and speeding up smelting

DeathMaps by UpcraftLP

when you die, gives you a treasure map that points to your death location

Explorer's Depot: A Sorting Utility by Longbowrocks

Allows you to drop off inventory from exploring with the press of a button.

mod_iPhone by Sdrogomico, MCreator

This mod add an iPhone

Futurepack Forestry Addon by TheRealM18

Adds Futurepack bees to forestry



absentbydesign Mod by Lothrazar

absentbydesign mod.

Enhanced Energy by just77vs2v

Add's new ways to gain and use your energy. (Or to destroy your neighbours house.)

Mossy Planks by AfoninZ

Adding some green to the planks family since 2017.

TFC_AdvancedBlueprint by anion155

TerraFirmaCraft add-on. The main purpose is to make blueprint item more flexible.


Sun Synthesiser

Food Funk by Stormwind99

What is that funky smell in my backpack? Food spoils over time. Any item can be configured to rot.

TweakCraft by RisingDemon

General miscellaneous tweaks and additions


Linkseyi's ModMaker

CoolTech by MCAdventureCity

An Awesome Tech Mod

Chest Cow by Xyfero

Chest Cow is a mod that adds a cow that can store items.


This mod add some tools, some useful combat,some useful sword...and....some....

Name Changer by Bennay

Change your nameplate and chat handle.

CommandAPI by thislooksfun

An API for adding commands to the game

JourneyMap Unlimited Edition by techbrew (Mark Woodman)

Real-time map in-game or in a web browser as you explore.

Whitelist Sync 2.0 by PotatoSauceVFX

Server side mod to sync whitelists and op lists to a database.

NBT Tracker by allout58

Tracks the NBT data on ItemStacks and logs discrepancies.


HE will find you HAHAHA


An red stone mod

NO!! by NO THANKS!, MCreator

NU UH!!!!

mod_MoreRecipesMod by Eric Amato (Craft_Logic/Stantreac), MCreator

Craft items you've always wanted to, in single player with NO cheats!

Overlord Anime Mod by OnlyALittleCreatorOfMod, MCreator

A mod based on Overlord


Guarulho é faixa de gasa

Thaumcraft Gax Fix by Taelnia

Registers Thaumcraft Flux Gas into the Fluid Registry.

The Tool Charging Mod by mardiff712

In another super OP mod, you can now charge your tools for the simple price of 133 iron and 4 diamonds!

Plethora by SquidDev

Adds gameplay related items to Plethora

Multishot by masa

Automatic screenshots and motion for timelapses or other stuff

recording timelapse opensource

BlockBreaker by DaftPVF, bspkrs

When a configured block is harvested a chain reaction is initiated to break connected blocks of the same type.