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BEMachines by bonin888, MCreator

Adds some cool machines!

ChemLab by Itaros

This mod adds the ability to play with items at molecular level. Hardcore automation experience awaits you!

tech addon worldgen survival

Late OreDict Removal by codetaylor

Post-init removal of OreDict entries.

Singularities by Shadows_of_Fire

Extreme compression

Column by Kerberos


Slender by iChun

Adds the Slender gameplay into Minecraft

QuasarCraft by Nath99000

Utilize Quasars, the most energetic celestial body, in minecraft!

JJ Meteor by JdiJack

this mode adds a meteor that crashes to the ground


Yay I Have Now An Friend!

Diamond Marker

Logs the position of mined ores

More Shears by Kashdeya

Adding shears for a lot of different metals.

SharpBone by An Sar

Use left over parts for tools or weapons


verry herly alpha

Minecoprocessors by ToroCraft

This mods add a programmable block that functions like a microprocessor.

Description Tag Mod by Nichie

Mod, that adds a label for change describe of item/block.

Traffic Control by CSX8600, KillerMapper

Control traffic in Minecraft using signs, railroad crossings, and more!


This is an example mod

The Human Mod by mrnerdman281

Adds hostile enemy humans that will attack you, and friendly humans that will fight monsters with you.

Bio Cristals by Chompzki, Piron

Agriculture with cristaline biotech.

CheaperCraft by Timbo994

This mod is to craft something cheaper

mod_TrollCraft by Raptorking94, MCreator

Troll your freind's in many ways.


This mod adds fast food

DarkMythos by viveleroi

A mod of gods and magic

Malisis Core by Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter

API rendering and ASM transformations.


A region-based player shop plugin.

Ore Registry by Nedelosk, Mezz

Example placeholder mod.

Jukebox Mod by SR2610

Mod that adds an improved jukebox to Minecraft.

Useful Features by oDD1

Различные полезности и не только

PixelCraft by PixeelGaming

This mod is just a mod

EllitopiaBears by ellbristow

Change undead mobs to bears!