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Sync by iChun

Sync mod, made for ModJam 3. Allows multiple player instances.


Adds glockite stuff and applewood bread

Chatot Discord Chatbot by TaigaCait

Designed to link a minecraft server chat and a discord chat room

Powerhouse by Simon Baeg

Minecraft Mod used at the Powerhouse Museum.

Funnels by shadowfacts

Fantastic Fluid funnels

Reliquary by TheMike, x3n0ph0b3

This mod has a lot of 'magical swag', as put by x3n0ph0b3. It contains many magical items, which work well when combined with other mods, and will make them more enjoyable (hopefully).

Styled Blocks by The_Wabbit

Adds missing stairs and slabs for standard Minecraft stone blocks. Add dozens of new block styles for standard block materials! Adds glass half-slabs.

Just Enough Pattern Banners by Lorexe

Add a category to JEI displaying items craftable with banners

warhammer mod by antio789

Staff O' Power by CoolioSauce

Stick go boom boom

Truffle Mod by Sarinsa

A food mod based on the truffle mushroom. Adds weird artifacts, cool artifacts and applies potion effects to food!

IceSquad Guild Mod by TheMadMillenium

The official guild mod of IceSquad and Hailstorm!

Primeval Mod by 45_NICK_45,45_TOBI_45

This mod is dedicated to indescribable things - Anomaly




Mo' Cube is Awesome

Wild plants by biggi107, MCreator

Adds wild carrot, potato and beetroot plant

Wilson by MrAmericanMike

Wilson mod.


Miscelanea para Minecraft

ColorBlocks 2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

MineTweaker 3 Edited by Stan Hebben

Customize your minecraft experience!

Capacitors by 00yoshi

Capacitors for RF

Spartan Weaponry by ObliviousSpartan

Spartan Weaponry adds a variety of new weapons to Minecraft.

MCToolsPlus by Lemon_Juiced

Adds Tools To Minecraft


Epic chain armor and iron swords!

MORE APPLES by hobit, MCreator

MGCore by MrrGingerNinja

A library mod required by all of MGStudios' mods

...(aka Ellipsis) by Leviathan143

Adds several different types of sound muffling blocks and items


Epic Crystal blade!




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