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AHO - Adventure Humans Online

mod_thx_rzt by Theoxylo <>

Adds a craftable helicopter



Corail Pillar - Biomes O'Plenty Extension by �9Corail

�eExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Biomes O'Plenty Mod Blocks

IceShard2 by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here

MC ClassWriter by jredfox

ASM Library for writing classes

Name Modifier by Reflxction

A mod which changes your name


add Cassowary In minecraft

Tea And Biscuits

Adds tea and biscuits

Track It Up by leduyquang753

A Forge mod that can track your progresses!

Lucraft: Core by Lucraft

Core mod for all Lucraft mods.

World Primer by masa

Run commands or generate and place structures on world creation

Mob Drop Storage Blocks (Official Millet Mod) by beeshroom

Adds storage blocks for commonly farmed mob drops. They also make good building materials!

Transmutation by Thelazycow1120

A Mod That Lets You transmutate Items Into Other Items.


This is an example mod

Default World Generator by FireBall1725

A small mod to automatically select the default world generator for single player


Linkseyi's ModMaker

OpenEye by boq, Mikee

OpenEye helps mod developers by tracking crashes and analytics to make the game more enjoyable for you!


Forestry Extras by Wasliebob

Forestry Addon

addon bees opensource


add some material

Voyage Ark by Scarecrow

A simple mod.

Mega Chest Mod by Ptolemy Hill, MCreator

Adds a chest with 200 slots

Networks Manager by Java_Power

this mod add management ingame

Simple Protection by Ellpeck

A Minecraft that allows server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain things.

Stained Clay Bricks by LightningZBolt

Purely astetic and 100% Vanilla.

Crafting Harmonics by TarynWinterblade

Mod for managing crafting recipes.