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Gliby's Physics by Gliby

Early access physics mod.


This is an example mod

The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!

Retrogen Revamp by Master_Hill_

Adds the content of later versions to your favorite modded jar!


This is an example mod


Addeds new blocks to create traps with, (Fan, Bear Trap, Igniter, Magnetic Chest and Grass Coverings), also a dummy. Plus upgrade your traps with special upgrades!

Stick Of Commander by Noto

Hey commander! It makes what you use world command easy.

§dThe Sub Mod by FatherToast

Creates events within the game when somebody subscribes on Twitch.

§2Simple §aEnhancements §2Mod by Dot_Silver

§8This mod adds some enhancements to the vanilla version. View Documentation for more details.

Server Backup

Backup your server with ease

Auto MyPosition by WaningMatrix

A minecraft mod which does /myposition before every game on the Hypixel Network. Do /automp for help.

EnhancedPortals 2 by Alz454

Create any size and shape portals you want!


it Ads blood to the game

Hearthstone by Xeladaren

The mod adds two useful items, the Hearthstone and the Scroll of Recall, this two items have the same utility, but one is for single use and the other can be used infinitely. These items allow you to teleport to the last recorded bed, but if you don’t have bed, or if your bed is obstructed, the Scroll of Recall and the Hearthstone doesn’t work.

mod_InstantMedievalStructures by Benjerji, MCreator

Instant Medieval Structure!

Mental by Ian "Txuritan/Captain Daro'Ma'Sohni Tavia" Cronkright, yu02241

Tons of ores. Moths too.


Speeds up vanilla minecrafts proccesses

Hearth Well by Wolforce

A mod about making minecraft items from other minecraft items.


Adds random items for a RPG map.

Bulky by Know2Good

Bulky contains vanilla-like blocks and items that enhance and expand your Minecraft experience.



Galacicraft Pixel Earth by RamiLego4Game, Flashy-3, TheUnknownPlayer

Galacticraft 2 Add-on That Adds New Galaxy (Pixel Galaxy)

Dark Souls: Orange Soapstone by Honya

Implementing the Orange Soapstone item from the Dark Souls series.

mod_DarkCraft by InacSlayer, MCreator

nether basics by DominusZork

a mod making nether survival possible

Max Potion ID Extender by ZaBi94

Lifts the potion id limit from 256 to 2B

MekanismOpenPeripheral by Mikeemoo, cybcaoyibo, SinZ, theoriginalbit, Foone

Converts many blocks into ComputerCraft peripherals!

Recipe Tweaking Core by tterrag

Library mod for screwing around with recipes

Kirby Enemies Mod!

Waddle Doo! Wheelie! Waddle Dee! Kracko Jr.! Scarfy!

EP Detector by RagequitByMichel

A mod with some detector features for bedwars.

RandomPatches Integration by TheRandomLabs

An addon for RandomPatches that patches other mods.

AntiXray by Yeregorix

A simple but powerful Anti-Xray

Camouflaged Creepers by GeorgeTsak

This mod changes the default Creeper Texture to the texture of the block that it is standing on.